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B29 Raiders Put to Death; Fate in Store of All, Japanese Say From July 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes New York, July 16—Word that several U.S. fliers who bailed out over Japan in the first Super-Fortress raid […]

alaska highway

Alaska Highway: Frozen Life-Line to Victory

Posted on May 21st, 2016 by:

Alaska Highway: Frozen Life-Line to Victory Since the 1920’s, ideas for an Alaska Highway connecting mainland America, Canada and Alaska had been proposed by the American and Canadian governments.  However, the financial collapse of Great Depression […]

509th Composite Group-Bringers of the Atomic Age The 509th Composite Group was formed on December 17, 1944. The group was formed with the sole purpose of dropping the Atomic Bomb. In 1939, after warnings from leading […]

A Story of Japanese War Brides: Fall Seven Times Get Up Eight The story of Japanese war brides is beautifully told in the moving film Fall down Seven Times Get Up Eight. Before World War Two, […]

Captain Robert Losey-First American KIA IN WWII In February 1940, Captain Robert Losey was sent to Finland as the air assistant to the American military attaché with the US Embassy. His mission was to report how […]


Cup from Auschwitz Reveals Hidden Secret

Posted on May 19th, 2016 by:

Cup from Auschwitz Reveals Hidden Secret: More than 70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, objects from the camp are still giving up their secrets. At the camp’s museum collection, a small enamel cup revealed its […]


Pullam’s Pillbox-From YANK Magazine

Posted on May 19th, 2016 by:

Pullam’s Pillbox-From YANK Magazine The troop shelter was concrete, reinforced and four feet thick. The GI who blew it open picked up an unexpected decoration. By Sgt. Earl Anderson YANK Staff Correspondent WITH THE 102ND DIVISION […]

Concentration Camp Survivor and Liberator Reunite Last week, during a Holocaust remembrance ceremony, Colorado veteran Sid Shafner was reunited with a Holocaust survivor he liberated from a concentration camp over seventy years ago. During an emotional […]

RICHARD LOO THE WWII VILLAIN YOU LOVED TO HATE By Henry Sakaida   If you are a baby boomer, then you may not know his name, but his face is certainly familiar! I grew up watching God […]

Bazooka Face Mask-Blast Protection for a GI’s Face With the success of Hitler’s armored Blitzkriegs in Poland, France and the Low Countries in 1939 and 1940, the US Army realized it needed an effective and reliable […]

Search for German Soldiers Killed in the Gulf of Finland: A group of German volunteers and Russian military personnel will search for remains of German soldiers on Gogland and Bolshoi Tyuters islands in the Gulf of Finland. The […]

Japanese American Families Receive the Purple Heart: The US Army presents Purple Heart medals to families of Japanese American soldiers killed fighting in Italy. The soldiers were from the 100th Infantry Battalion, a unit composed primarily of Nisei […]

WAS FAMOUS P-38 ACE TOM LYNCH EXECUTED? By Henry Sakaida A few months ago, I came across a report on an interrogation of a Javanese prisoner captured in New Guinea. It concerned the execution of an […]

Ernie Pyle Comes Home From the Wars By Charles F. Kiley Stars and Stripes U.S. Bureau NEW YORK, Sept. 24.—Like any man in uniform who has been in the war business for 2 ½ years, Ernie […]

george katzman

Private George Katzman, a Liberator

Posted on May 15th, 2016 by:

Private George Katzman, a Liberator: Private First Class George Katzman had seen the horrors humanity could inflict upon itself. A rifleman in the 16th Armored Division, Katzman had been surrounded by war as his unit traveled […]

A13 Oxygen Mask – The Mask of Army Air Force Photo Recon Pilots The A13 Oxygen mask was developed by the US Army Air Force for use by high altitude photo reconnaissance pilots and crew. During […]

Massacre of Ustasha Forces Commemorated by Croatian Nationalists On Saturday, far-right Croatian nationalists gathered in southern Austria to mark the anniversary of the Bleiburg massacre where thousands of Croatians, mostly pro-Nazi Ustasha soldiers, were killed by […]

Wojtek the Bear Soldier Who Battled the Nazis‏ In spring 1942, a new Polish Army was being created under the British in the Middle East. Polish soldiers and civilians imprisoned by the Soviets since the 1939 […]

5th army

5th Army Advances in Italy Newsreel Footage

Posted on May 13th, 2016 by:

5th Army Advances in Italy Newsreel Footage United News footage of the American 5th Army on the Italian Front. The newsreel features General Dwight Eisenhower and General Mark Clark as they oversee American artillery firing on German […]

101st is First to Get Award of President By Jules B. Grad Stars and Stripes Staff Writer 101ST AIRBORNE DIV. Mar. 15—There’s a hallowed place in the United Nations’ hall of fame today for the “Battered […]

War Paint: The Filthy Thirteen Jump into Normandy War Paint: The Filthy Thirteen Jump into Normandy by Richard Killblane and Brian Miller and published by Victory Publishing, is a beautiful and comprehensive look into the history […]

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