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JOSEPH KENNEDY JR.’S TOP SECRET MISSION IN OPERATION ANVIL: On August 12, 1944, a Navy PB4Y-1 Liberator piloted by Lieutenant Joseph Kennedy Jr. took off from the Fersfield Royal Air Force base on a mission to […]

ALLIED DRIVE TO CAEN AND ST. LO – FROM STARS AND STRIPES 30 PANZERS ARE KO’D IN YANK DRIVE British, Canadians Open New Offensive in Caen Sector: American troops fought their way yesterday into the outskirts […]

ALLIED SAILORS INDULGE IN WINTER SPORTS IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest military campaign of World War II. It lasted from September 3, 1941 until Germany’s surrender on May 8, […]

JAPANESE BALLOON BOMBS ATTACK THE WEST COAST OF AMERICA: On May 5, 1945 Elsie (Elyse) Mitchell and five children from her husband’s Sunday school class left their church and headed for a picnic. Elsie’s husband, Archie […]

FRENCH AMBULANCE GIRLS IN ITALY – YANK MAGAZINE When Going is Tough, French Ambulance Girls in Italy Dream of Paris Days: By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin Africa Stars & Stripes Correspondent WITH THE FIFTH ARMY IN ITALY—The […]

Avenger Rear Gunner – “Jitterbug” Goes to War The greatest thrill of his life came as he landed for the first time on the deck of an aircraft carrier at sea. Two years before in 1941, […]

Saburo Sakai Meets the SBD Gunner Who Wounded Him at Guadalcanal By Henry Sakaida It’s not everyday that two men, who tried to kill one another in World War II, would meet and shake hands like […]

Guy Gabaldon, from East Los Angeles Kid to Pied Piper of Saipan: Guy Gabaldon grew up so poor he didn’t know his family was in poverty. Living on the streets of East Los Angeles in the […]

Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors – By Brad Hoopes: For over a decade, Brad Hoopes has interviewed and recorded the experiences of over 350 WWII veterans. He now has compiled 70 of these incredible experiences into […]

Prostitutes and Black Marketers Not Allowed in Paris Nightclubs – From April 27, 1945 Stars and Stripes Army Warns Paris Hot Spots; No Prostitutes, Black Markets By Paul Green Stars and Stripes Staff Writer Paris night […]

M1917A1 Helmet – Head Protection in the Early Days of WWII The M1917A1 helmet was worn by members of the US Armed Forces during the early struggles of WWII. During the First World War, combating nations developed steel […]

Luftwaffe Fighters Shot down by the Eighth Air Force In early 1944, General Jimmy Doolittle, the newly appointed commander of the American Eighth Air Force, made a critical policy change that would hasten the destruction of […]

GERTIE THE B-29 BOMBER BEAR WHO FLEW COMBAT OVER JAPAN By Henry Sakaida During World War II, many crazy and unusual events took place which never made it into the history books. “Gertie” is a prime […]

Saving the Lipizzaner Horses – Operation Cowboy: On April 26, 1945, Colonel Charles Reed was in Western Czechoslovakia at the point of General George S. Patton’s advance into Central Europe. Under his command was the 2nd […]


Invasion of Kiska From YANK Magazine

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Invasion of Kiska From YANK Magazine THESE JAPANESE GAVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers YANK Staff Correspondent KISKA—If any Japanese dared to come back to Kiska today, they would be blown out of the […]

John Basilone – Hero of Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima On the evening of October 24, 1942, Sergeant John Basilone prepared the Marines of his two machine gun sections for a Japanese attack. The night before, through […]

Russian Soldiers Surrender in Normandy-From YANK Magazine About the Russians in Normandy By Sgt. Reg. Kenny YANK Staff Correspondent NORMANDY—Two American medics, the motor of their jeep opened wide as they approached the railroad crossing near […]

PRESIDENT GEORGE  BUSH SAVED BY FATE FROM JAPANESE CAPTURE By Henry Sakaida Back in 1982, I read a small newspaper account of then Vice President George Bush in World War II. He was shot down over […]

25 Heroes of the 101st Airborne Division Awarded DSC’s 17, Including Division General Decorated by Bradley. 8 Sent Back From Continent Also Are Honored From Stars and Stripes WITH U.S. FORCES IN NORMANDY, July 13—The Distinguished […]

Louis Curdes, American Ace who Shot Down an American Plane When Louis Curdes graduated flight school in 1942, he thought he was invincible. The instructors and officers had taught the men that they were too good […]

Ceramic Grenades – Japan’s Last Ditch Weapon In late 1944, as Japan’s war came to a conclusion, precious war materials like metal became scarce, making Japan’s ability to equip her fighting men a difficult task. To […]

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