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D-Day Plus 365 – From YANK Magazine

Posted on June 5th, 2016 by:

D-Day Plus 365 – From YANK Magazine By Sgt. Dewitt Gilpin YANK Staff Correspondent OMAHA BEACH, NORMANDY—Only the sun and the wind now rake the long beaches of Normandy, and kids with toy shovels play in […]

Gilbert Erb – WWII Pilot Who Landed on a Car By Henry Sakaida Back in November of this year, my historian friend Justin Taylan blew into Los Angeles to give a TV interview. Since he had […]

5th army

5th Army and the Liberation of Rome

Posted on June 4th, 2016 by:

5th Army and the Liberation of Rome After landing on the bloody beaches of Salerno, battling across the mountainous Winter Line and enduring the costly stalemates at Monte Cassino and Anzio, the 5th Army was poised […]

Exercise Tiger, the Allied Disaster at Slapton Sands Before D-Day: Weeks before D-Day, at a place called Slapton Sands in Devon, England, a training maneuver called Operation Tiger or Exercise Tiger was set into motion. It would […]

Joseph Balkoski’s “Beyond the Beachhead” Joseph Balkoski’s Beyond the Beachhead is a gripping historical account of the US 29th Infantry Division in Normandy. As one of the spearheading units to land on bloody Omaha Beach, the […]

SIG’s Daring Commando Raids in North Africa In March 1942, the man who would found one of the most unusual groups of WWII, the Special Interrogation Group (SIG), staggered out of the Libyan Desert before the […]

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