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THE DEMISE OF “PHOTO JOE” BY THE 51ST FIGHTER GROUP By Henry Sakaida Everyone loves a good war story and the demise of “Photo Joe” is one of the best and would have made a great […]

MANILA MYRTLE – RADIO MANILA’S VERSION OF TOKYO ROSE – FROM YANK MAGAZINE: Manila Myrtle By Sgt. Ozzie St. George YANK Staff Correspondent MANILA—Myrtle, a kind of poor man’s Tokyo Rose, used to broadcast over Radio […]

US NAVY TALKER HELMET – PROTECTION FOR THE NERVES OF THE SHIP During WWII, the US Navy utilized a sound-powered Interior Communications (I.C.) system for internal communications within a ship. The system allowed the Captain to […]

LIEUTENANT WELLMAN HUEY WAS NOT FORGOTTEN By Henry Sakaida This story goes way back to 1989. Actually, it began in 1981 when I journeyed to Japan to visit Zero pilot veterans. One of them was Kenji […]

YANKS CAPTURE PORT OF LEGHORN Dock Facilities Wrecked By Germans; Ancona Is Seized by Poles From the July 20, 1944 edition of Stars and Stripes: Two prize Italian seaports—Leghorn on the Tyrrhenian Sea and Ancona on […]

THE KANEYOSHI MUTO FAMOUS 12 AGAINST 1   COMBAT MYTH   By Henry Sakaida  To the Japanese, a good myth is something that is embellished,  venerated, and passed along to succeeding generations. If a story is good, why […]

CHIPS – THE FAMOUS 3RD INFANTRY DIVISION SENTRY DOG In August 1942, Edward J. Wren of Pleasantville, New York, enlisted his dog named Chips into the Army of the United States. Chips, a German shepherd, collie and […]

HUSTLING HITLER THE STORY OF FREEMAN BERNSTEIN Hustling Hitler is the story of Freeman Bernstein, a failed business man, vaudeville manager, carnival barker, boxing promoter, stock swindler, card sharp, self-proclaimed “Jade King of China” and all […]

MASAHIKO KAZAMA KEPT HIS PROMISE TO RETURN HOME: By Henry Sakaida   “If this thing could talk, what a story it could tell!” I’m sure you’ve heard this adage in antique shops and collector shows. Not everything that […]

MINORU WADA – JAPANESE OFFICER WHO BOMBED HIS OWN HEADQUARTERS: In 1945, Lieutenant Minoru Wada was part of the Japanese 100th Infantry Division fighting for its life on the Philippine island of Mindanao. Fighting on the island had […]

82ND AIRBORNE DIVISION GENERAL JAMES GAVIN -YANK MAGAZINE Airborne CG By Sgt. Robert Debnam YANK Staff Correspondent WITH THE 82ND AIRBORNE DIVISION—Maj. Gen. James M. Gavin, the one-time private who now commands the 82nd Airborne Division, […]



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ARMY PARATROOPERS PREPARE FOR BATTLE: In 1940, the U.S. Army formed an experimental platoon of paratroopers to test the new concept of parachuting soldiers onto the battlefield. The parachute test platoon under the command of 1st Lieutenant […]

UNIS MARKINGS OF THE 4TH AND 5TH MARINE DIVISIONS: Like their US Army counterparts, the US Marines needed the ability for their units to be able find their own personnel quickly. This was essential for a […]

HOW TO CATCH A DISGUISED NAZI OFFICER – FROM YANK MAGAZINE: Nobody Here but Us Sergeants By Sgt. Ray Duncan The unmasking of Sgt. Hitzinger, by Allied G-2, was a smooth piece of military super-sleuthing. London […]

Art of the Flight Jacket First published in 1995, John A. Maguire and John P. Conway’s book Art of the Flight Jacket: Classic Leather Jackets of World War II, still remains a seminal work on the subject […]


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JOSEPH LAFLEUR- CHAPLAIN, POW, HERO: Chaplain Joseph Lafleur heroically gave his life to save his fellow soldiers while he was a prisoner of the Japanese. Joseph Verbis Lafleur was born on January 24, 1912 in Ville […]

ROD SERLING, FROM WWII PARATROOPER TO THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Before Rod Serling appeared on television sets across America for his hit show, “The Twilight Zone”, he was a US Army paratrooper fighting for his life in the […]

WAC FLIGHT ENGINEER IS KILLED AFTER BALKING AT ‘FLYING A DESK’ By Jim Russell Stars and Stripes Staff Writer LONDON, May 1 (Delayed).—Pfc. Jane B. Windham who considered flying for Air Transport Command as a flight […]

yelena mazanik


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YELENA MAZANIK – AVENGER OF BELARUS On September 22, 1943, a bomb went off at the GeneralKommissar’s house in the Nazi protectorate of Weissruthenien, now Belarus. The target of the bomb was 55-year-old Wilhelm Kube, the […]

JAPANESE CARRIER IDENTIFICATION – FROM 1944 RECOGNITION JOURNAL JAPANESE CV’S COME OUT TO FIGHT Through October 1942 the Japanese had proved themselves good carrier men. The handled their ships skillfully and with great imagination. Co-ordination between their recco and […]

WULFE HOUND – THE FIRST B-17 CAPTURED BY THE NAZIS: On December 12, 1942, twenty B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 303rd Bomb Group took off to join other Eighth Air Force bombers in a strike against […]

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