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LAND MINES FROM THE WWII DESERT WAR BEING USED BY ISIS 17 million land mines are buried in the sands of northwest Egypt, remnants of the war between the British, Italian and Nazi Armies that ended […]

8TH INFANTRY DIVISION HELMET AND LINER DECALS OF WWII The 8th Infantry Division landed on Utah Beach in Normandy on July 4, 1944. The division entered combat three days later and fought through the hedgerows and […]



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THE AUGUST PLOT TO OVERTHROW EMPEROR HIROHITO On August 9, 1945, Emperor Hirohito met with his top ministers to discuss the Allied terms of surrender outlined in The Potsdam Declaration. Since the 1930’s, Japan had been […]

Hermann Göring’s Pistol up for Auction One of Hermann Göring’s pistols will be auctioned off in September with an estimated price tag of $250,000 to $400,000. The Rock Island Auction Company in Illinois is putting the gold-plated, semiautomatic Walther […]

HIROYOSHI NISHIZAWA: THE TRUTH ABOUT JAPAN’S TOP FIGHTER ACE By Henry Sakaida “Hiroyoshi Nishizawa was Japan’s greatest fighter ace; he shot down over a hundred American planes!” exclaimed Saburo Sakai, the first Japanese fighter pilot to […]

HIROSHIMA SURVIVOR REMEMBERS U.S. POW’S WHO DIED IN ATOMIC BOMBING With Saturday being the 71st anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, atomic bomb survivor and historian Shigeaki Mori, now 79, prayed the […]

FRANCIS J. CLARKE – 28TH INFANTRY DIVISION HERO In the early morning hours of September 12, 1944, Technical Sergeant Francis J. Clarke and his fellow soldiers of Company K, 109th Infantry Regiment, crossed the Our River […]

QUARTERMASTER DEPARTMENT GUIDE TO SHOVEL CARRYING – YANK MAGAZINE How to Carry a Shovel Without Banging the Back of Your Knees By Sgt. Joe McCarthy The other morning I was opening the mail, hoping wildly for […]



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LUZON YANKS ATTACKING LAST JAPANESE STRONGHOLD From Stars and Stripes June 6, 1945 Edition MANILA, June 5 (ANS) – U.S. infantry battled today with Japanese delaying parties along Highway Five leading into northern Luzon Cagayan Valley, last […]

HOTEL DREYEROORD SURVIVED OPERATION MARKET GARDEN NOW HOPES A PETITION CAN SAVE IT The Hotel Dreyeroord survived an intense battle between Allied and German forces during Operation Market Garden. Now the famous Dutch hotel is facing […]

MARIYA DOLINA A REAL HEROINE OF THE SOVIET UNION By Henry Sakaida She is mostly forgotten and her grave is neglected by family members. The only people who come to visit is an old schoolteacher named […]

pearl harbor


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PEARL HARBOR ATTACK KIA RETURNED TO FAMILY The U.S. Military’s POW/MIA Accounting Command has identified the remains of Navy Ens. John C. England more than seventy years after he died while saving shipmates on December 7, […]

henrich himmler


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DIARIES OF SS LEADER HEINRICH HIMMLER FOUND The diaries of Heinrich Himmler, leader of the dreaded SS and architect of the Holocaust, have recently surfaced revealing the Nazi leaders last days. The 1,000 pages comprehensively chronicle […]

ORADOUR-SUR-GLANE – A VILLAGE DESTROYED BY THE NAZIS The afternoon of Saturday June 10, 1944 started out like any other in the small French village of Oradour-sur-Glane in the Limousin region of France. Children were attending […]

29TH DIVISION TAKES JULICH’S SPORTSPALAST – YANK MAGAZINE TAKING THE SPORTSPALAST By Sgt. Earl Anderson YANK Staff Correspondent WITH THE NINTH ARMY—Anything remotely resembling an ark would have been more than welcome to T/Sgt. Noah J. Carter […]

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