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1ST RANGER BATTALION RAIDS AN ITALIAN OUTPOST IN TUNISIA American Commandos, who first saw action with the Canadians at Dieppe, run a show of their own and score a clean knockout blow. By Sgt. Ralph G. […]

FRED RAY – A SUPERMAN ARTIST SKETCHES A WAR By Jonathan Abbott In 1944 Frederic E. Ray was twenty four years old. As a kid he took up drawing. He collected works of his favorite illustrators, […]

THE BRITISH HAVE A WORD FOR IT – EXPLANING AMERICAN BASEBALL TO THE ENGLISH From YANK Magazine We mangled a pinkie while catching our first fly ball of the season and consequently have been out of […]

TWO RIFLEMEN FROM THE 84TH INFANTRY DIVISION HAVE A CHANGE OF PLANS YANK Staff Correspondent WITH THE NINTH ARMY—Two riflemen of the 334th Infantry of the 84th Infantry Division wish that all the Jerries they encounter could be […]

SAIDOR LANDING WAS A DIFFERENT STORY FOR 32nd DIVISION’S BUNA VETERANS By Cpl. Ralph Boyce YANK Staff Correspondent SAIDOR, NEW GUINEA [By Cable]—Shouts and laughter ran up and down the line as the men of the […]

BROOKLYN GI’S SAY PLAYWRIGHT NOEL COWARD IS A STINKER By Jimmy Cannon Stars and Stripes Staff Writer WITH THE 35TH INF. DIV., Nov. 21, 1944—Playwright Noel Coward, the British theater’s fashionable dramatist of decadence who peopled […]

AFTER THREE YEARS IN ALASKA “FIGHTING” 4th INFANTRY GOES HOME By Corporals Allan Merritt and Tom Love YANK Field Correspondents AN ALASKA ARMY BASE—The “Fighting” 4th Infantry finally went back to the States after just about […]



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PHOTOGRAPHS OF ALLIED FIGHTERS IN TUNISIA YANK’s Cameramen click on the Americans and British who battle the Axis armies in North Africa. Photographs by Sgt. Pete Paris and Sgt. George Aarons. For Related Articles See:

CAPTURED JAPANESE OFFICERS DIED TO PROTECT THEIR HONOR AT KHALKIN-GOL By Henry Sakaida Honor and saving face is an integral part of Japanese culture, and this was especially true during wars.  The story here happened 77 […]

SINGLE ‘CHUTE BRINGS 2 FLIERS SAFELY DOWN FROM BURNED LIBERATOR One-Way Piggyback Ride From the July 12, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes A LIBERATOR BASE—Two members of a Liberator crew recently leaped from their burning […]

naples allied liberation


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LATEST QM FASHIONS ON DISPLAY IN NAPLES ITALY By Cpl. Tom Shehan YANK Staff Correspondent NAPLES, ITALY—They may not know it, but the men who set the standards for Quartermaster issue in Washington exert as powerful […]

aachen 26th infantry regiment 1st division


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GERMAN GARRISON SURRENDER AT AACHEN The Battle of Aachen took place from 2-21 October 1944. It was the first Germany city to be captured by the Allies. Protected by Hitler’s Siegfried Line, Aachen and its surrounding […]

RUNWAY ARTIST – AN ENGLISH GIRL PAINTS NOSE ART ON FLYING FORTRESSES Our honey for this week is Ann Josephine Haywood, a 24-year-old blonde and blue-eyed English miss, whose drawings of curvesome lovelies on fuselages of […]

WAR HINGES ON BATTLE AT RHINE—REPORTS GEN. EISENHOWER By Jules B. Grad Stars and Stripes Staff Writer From the November 22, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes. The Battle of Germany is likely to be fought […]

Security Mission A dozen Rangers set out on a routine assignment in Italy. Then the Germans attacked. By Pvt. Justin Gray *Pvt. Gray’s Story is a true report on one of his combat experiences with the […]

Japanese interrogation report


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CAPTURED JAPANESE INTERROGATION REPORT By Henry Sakaida This report was long buried in the National Archives, and I happened upon it by mere chance. I did not know the identity of the American pilot then, and […]

14 YEAR OLD JIMMY CLARK MADE SIX PARACHUTE JUMPS; WON’T LAND IN 5TH GRADE McKEESPORT, PA., November 21, 1944—(ANS).—Fourteen-year-old Jimmy Clark, honorably discharged as he was about to go overseas with a paratroop contingent, won’t have […]

WITH  THE FLAG OF FREE CHINA UPON HIS BACK, HE DIED IN A GREAT SKY BATTLE By Sgt. Marion Hargrove YANK Staff Correspondent SOMEWHERE IN CHINA—There was a great battle in the sky and the people […]

NINE WOUNDED VETERANS ARE SKETCHED BY HOWARD BRODIE Sgt. Howard Brodie, YANK staff artist, drew these portraits of convalescing veterans from Africa, the South Pacific, Burma and Bataan in the Army’s Halloran General hospital, Staten Island, […]

BARGAIN COUNTER – A CORPORAL STRIKES IT RICH IN PICCADILLY From YANK Magazine Some Joes have all the luck. We’re thinking of a T/5 we ran into the other day who told us about a find […]

COMBAT PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE SECOND BATTLE OF BOUGAINVILLE War, as soldiers learn, is not all fighting, but a good part traveling to fight and a good part waiting for the fight to begin. Therefore, pictures of […]

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