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brest 2nd infantry division


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HOW THE BRASSIERE BOYS HELD BREST FRANCE By Tom Bernard Sp(X)1c YANK Staff Correspondent BREST, FRANCE [By Cable]—When American armored columns swept through Brittany in the whirlwind drive that changed the static war into a war […]

WAR IN THE WEST – ROLLING ON TOWARDS THE BELGIAN TOWN OF LIEGE Three stories from the Allied front against the Germans, where units were cleaning out enemy pockets behind the lines as forward columns raced […]

ARTHUR SINGER JR. – THE PROFESSOR AND THE FABLED FIFTEEN By Jonathan Abbott The fighters are first. Their folding wings lock in place, their two thousand horsepower Pratt and Whitney engines rev and kick to life. […]

650 B-17 FLYING FORTRESSES BATTER KASSEL; COAST BOMBED From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Flying through thick clouds which obscured the targets, 650 escorted Fortresses yesterday blasted motor factories, plane plants, locomotive […]

THE SOLDIER SPEAKS: SHOULD THE U.S. GET MIXED UP WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD AFTER THE WAR? Opinions From GIs From All Over the World “Isolationist Way Failed” – Sgt. James Keeley, South Pacific I […]

WHAT’S THE ARMY DOING TO HELP STATE ABSENTEE VOTING? By Sgt. Merle Miller YANK Staff Writer WASHINGTON, D.C.—Back in November 1940, when he was beginning to sweat out the draft in Des Moines, Iowa, George Smith […]

THIRD ARMY BEATS OFF BIG ATTACKS – BRITISH FORCES PUSH TO ARNHEM From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes German soil, already entered by American soldiers, has been invaded by the British. A flash […]

THE M1943 COMBAT UNIFORM – ADVANCEMENTS IN GI CLOTHING In 1943, the U.S. Army developed a new combat uniform to be standardized for all its branches of services. The new uniform was based on the “layering” […]

THE EIGHTH AIR FORCE BATTLES THE LUFTWAFFE IN DAYLIGHT RAIDS Showing the skeptics that Europe can be bombed in daylight with no fighter protection, our flyers in Britain have made a big contribution to the war. […]

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