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AN INDIAN BOY IN IRAN – A SGT. KNOWN AS “CHIEF” BECOMES A PATRON SAINT TO A KURDISH VILLAGE The Chief was just an American Sergeant who hailed from the Sioux reservation near Poplar, Montana. But […]

SMILES ARE DIRTY, GIRTY – GI COMMENTS ON ADVICE GIVEN BY GERTRUDE STEIN By Sgt. David H. Appenzellar In recent news magazines there was a fascinating bit about Gertrude Stein (pigeons on the grass, alas) giving […]

HIS TURRET GUNS JAMMED, SO ERNO BLUFFED JAPANESE OVER WAKE By Sgt. Hobert Skidmore YANK Field Correspondent AN AIR BASE IN THE PACIFIC—When Sgt. Erno Kovacs of Stratford, Conn., went on his first raid, against Japanese-occupied […]

NAVY SKY PILOT -FATHER CUNNINGHAM WATCHES OVER SAILORS IN PUERTO RICO By Sgt. Joe McCarthy YANK Staff Writer SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO—When a couple of hundred sailors are stranded here without pay for six weeks, waiting […]

11th airborne division luzon war dog


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AMERICAN SOLDIERS ON LUZON ACCUMLATE DOGS By Sgt. Dale Kramer YANK Staff Correspondent LUZON, THE PHILIPPINES—None of the Form 20s in the files of the 90th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company (Tank) say anything about dogs, but […]

RIGA IS GOAL; EAST PRUSSIA DRIVE GAINS Soviets 35 Mi. From Line; Threaten to Outflank Kaunas in Lithuania From the July 14, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes A new Soviet offensive aimed at Riga from […]

STRAIGHT LINE, CHINESE GI FINDS, NOT SHORTEST DISTANCE BETWEEN POINTS By Sgt. Ken Abbott YANK Field Correspondent CENTRAL AFRICA—Every time Sgt. Wing Lee, former grocery clerk from San Francisco, Calif., writes to his wife, the letter […]

GERMANS ATTEST SNAFU IN SUPPLY – ATTACKED RELENTLESSLY BY ALLIED BOMBERS From the July 14, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Significant accounts of the devastating disruption caused to the Germans’ military supply lines by Allied […]

FATHER AND SON IN AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCES, ANOTHER SON SERVES IN U.S. NAVY By Pvt. John MacLeod YANK Staff Correspondent AUSTRALIA—The Guy family of Dayton, Ohio, certainly gets around. Sgt. Robert T. Guy, an American citizen […]

American Commander in Bastogne to German Commander: Nuts Snow fell on the morning of December 22, 1944, covering Belgium in a whiteness that muffled the wooded land in a serene and unworldly silence. Looking out from their […]

rangoon b29 superfortress india


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TRIPLE TS – AN UNLUCKY B-29 PILOT IN RANGOON By Sgt. Dave Richardson YANK Staff Correspondent INDIA—Among American POWs released when the British captured Rangoon, 1st Lt. Robert E. Derrington enjoys a rare though dubious distinction. […]

wally powers radio controlled battleship


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MODEL BATTLESHIP BUILT BY A MODEL SAILOR By Cpl. Richard Douglass Yank Staff Correspondent PANAMA—You might expect a sailor to build a ship for a hobby, but you would hardly expect him to build a battleship […]

NEW ATTACK PLANE: DOUGLAS A-26 INVADER LIGHT BOMBER From Recognition Journal In the A-26, a new Douglas light bomber, the Army Air Forces are confident that they have the most versatile attack aircraft in the world. […]

CHOWHOUND – WAR DOG WITH THE 96TH INFANTRY DIVISION Sgt. Barret McGurn YANK Staff Correspondent DULAG, LEYTE, THE PHILIPPINES—Back in the States, the 23 war dogs of the 96th Infantry Division enjoyed a special diet of […]

ROBERT STAHLHUT – A B-17 TOP TURRET GUNNER’S FATEFUL MISSION Robert Stahlhut was a flight engineer and top turret gunner on a B-17 in the 8th  Air Force’s 384th Bomb Group. In September of 1943, the 8th  Air Force was […]

34th infantry division


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FRONT-LINE EDISONS WITH THE 34TH INFANTRY DIVISION YANK Field Correspondent WITH THE FIFTH ARMY IN ITALY—When it comes to making something take the place of something else—and in Italy that is often—men of the 34th (Red […]

CARRIER IN THE PACIFIC- NEW FLAT-TOPS HAVE MADE OUR RECENT SERIES OF BLOWS INTO JAPANESE TERRITORY POSSIBLE The increasing tempo of the war in the Pacific—our invasion of the Gilbert and Marshall Islands and our astonishing […]

STORY OF MAURICE BRITT CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER By Sgt. Dan Polier ATLANTA, GA.—The right side of the Detroit Lions’ line is doing all right in this war. Tackle Jon Tripson, USNR won the Silver […]

U.S. GAL’S ANGRY OVER FRENCH GIRLS KISSING AMERICAN SOLDIERS MADEMOISELLES CREASE U.S. GAL’S BROWS Stars and Stripes U.S. Bureau NEW YORK, September 24, 1944—When Johnny comes marching home he’s going to have a lot of explaining […]

STARS AND STRIPES STORY OF PARACHUTE AIR BRAKES BRINGS CRIPPLED B17 FLYING FORTRESS IN SAFE Pilot recalls, orders ‘em set up in the Stage Door Canteen A FORTRESS BASE, May 26, 1944—Recollection of a story he […]

THEY WANT TO GO – WOMEN APPLY TO THE OSS FOR OVERSEAS DUTY If man bites dog is news, what is it when civilian girls like these start pleading for tours of duty in overseas war […]

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