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BARNEY ROSS RETURNS FROM GUADALCANAL STILL ON HIS FEET. THAT’S THE WAY HE LEFT THE RING, TOO By Sgt. Dan Polier Cpl. Barney Ross came home from the wars the other day. He hobbled down the […]

MY WAR WITH JOHN JARVIE – A WAR CORRESPONDENT RECALLS THE BATTLE OF SENED, TUNISIA By Sgt. James Burchard YANK Staff Correspondent SOMEWHERE ON THE TUNISIAN FRONT—If, after all this is over, anybody ever asks me […]

BULL SESSION IN NEW CALEDONIA WITH VETERANS OF THE 25TH DIVISION The veterans of the Solomons who pass through this replacement center in the South Pacific, on their way back and forth from combat areas, give […]

THE SWEETEST THING – SOLDIER SEARCHES FOR LOVE NEAR CAMP SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA By Pvt. R. Friedman – Camp San Luis Obispo, Calif. In the town near my camp there are 50 soldiers to every girl. […]

Leros Island, 1943: The underwater museum of WW2 aircraft wrecks and shipwrecks By Pierre Kosmidis of The Eastern Aegean was the setting for a series of German air-sea landings, something not normally associated with the Wehrmacht. […]

ONE OF THREE SHELLS A DUD, DUE TO SLAVE LABOR NAZI DOCUMENT ADMITS From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes SUPREME ALLIED HQ, Sept. 23—A captured German document shows that the enemy high […]

AIR TRANSPORT COMMAND SOLDIER WANTS TO KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO EARN A UNIT CITATION Dear YANK: The men here in the Air Transport Command would like to know what it takes to earn a Unit […]

A YEAST IS WORKING – A SOLDIER TRIES TO FIND OUT WHAT OTHER SOLDIERS ARE THINKING By Sgt. Ray Duncan I asked for “Horrible Harper,” my favorite comic book, but the PX girl gave me Harper’s […]

TAIL GUNNER ON “ACES AND ATES” A B-17 WITH THE 384TH BOMB GROUP By Edward McDonald During World War II I was a tail gunner on a B-17 named Aces and Ates. I crashed twice before […]

WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM? – SOLDIERS AND SAILORS SHARE THEIR TROUBLES IN THE SERVICE Undesirable Discharge Dear YANK: Prior to my Army induction over three years ago I was an enlisted man in our Navy. My service […]

PHOTOS OF THE OLD ANZIO-NETTUNO BEACHHEAD – TAKEN ONE YEAR AFTER THE BATTLE Over a year ago Allied Soldiers broke out of the Anzio-Nettuno beachhead to join forces advancing from the south to capture Rome. YANK’s […]

anzio beachhead


Posted on January 20th, 2017 by:

ALLIED SOLDIERS DIG IN ON THE ANZIO FRONT With the Allied drive in Italy halted on the heavily defended German Gustav Line, Prime Minister Winston Churchill devised a plan to invade the resort town of Anzio […]

LUCKY KAMIKAZE PILOTS – THE STORY BEHIND THE FAMOUS PHOTO by Henry Sakaida When I was a high school sophomore in 1968, a military collector gave me a  picture of a group of Army Kamikaze pilots […]

wwii aircraft carrier accident


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ACCIDENTAL BLOW-UP ON AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER From YANK Magazine It was an accident, but the results were as bad as if the Japanese had caused it. YANK’S Sgt. Lon Wilson took these pictures as it happened. […]

“Fix bayonets!” – 11 am, Tuesday 27 May, 1941: The ANZACs ’ charge at “42nd Street” on Crete By Pierre Kosmidis of On May 27, 1941 the Battle of Crete was lost for the Allied forces, […]

FLYING AIRPORT MAKERS Here is the first picture story of the Army’s new Airborne Aviation Engineers who played a leading role in the North African invasion By a YANK Staff Correspondent WESTOVER FIELD, MASS.—The Airborne Aviation […]

NO NOON STUFF FOR WAC SINGER LEOTA LANE OF THE LANE SISTERS By Pvt. Art Rhodes SECOND AIR FORCE, COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.—“Dry mouth” is an “occupational disease” among professional singers that means simply that a thrush, […]

PINCH HITTING IN BELGIUM Meeting the German thrust, the 82nd Airborne Division turned the Nazis’ own guns against them and then went on to retake the village of Cheneaux By Sgt. Ed Cunningham YANK Staff Correspondent […]

GI COOK AT CAMP REYNOLDS MAKES VIOLINS ON THE SIDE By Cpl. Tom Shehan CAMP REYNOLDS, PA.—Making violins, some of which have been described by Alexander Blackman, former conductor of the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra, as possessing […]

THE NEW CHINESE FIGHTING MAN Stilwell’s American noncoms streamline Chiang Kai-Shek’s veterans with latest U.S. weapons and training methods By Sgt. Ed Cunningham Yank Staff Correspondent SOMEWHERE IN INDIA—An entire company of Chinese soldiers, all veterans […]

100TH DIVISION SERGEANT GETS EMERGENCY FURLOUGH TO PACIFY AN APE From YANK Magazine FORT BRAGG, N.C.—COs have become accustomed to unusual requests for emergency furloughs that not even a demand from a GI for five days […]

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