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STRANGE THINGS IN THE ANTILLES AIR TASK FORCE; SNAKES SHUN ANTS; DAUGHTER FOR SALE By Sgt. Joe McCarthy YANK Staff Correspondent San Juan, Puerto Rico—A newly-arrived soldier in the Antilles Air Task Force, which sweeps in […]

FOUND: A Junkers 88 lost on May 14, 1943. Spectacular photos by Italian scuba diver Marco Bartolomucci By Pierre Kosmidis of Italian scuba diver Marco Bartolomucci describes his experience diving at a spectacular WW2 aircraft wreck, […]

THE DOG WHO CAME TO DINNER By S/Sgt. Gordon Crowe, AAFTTC, Santa Monica, Calif. When the CO called me into his office the other morning, handed me a baggage tag and told me to pick up […]

THE FORCED INTERNMENT OF CANADIAN JAPANESE DURING WWII The White Man’s War When World War One started, Ryoichi Kobayashi was 23 year years old and a stranger in Canada. The Great War brought out Canada’s strong […]

BANKERS HOURS All the Japanese could draw was a slight draft on lead when GIs took over the Manila branch of New York’s National City Bank By Sgt. Ozzie St. George YANK Staff Correspondent MANILA—The National […]

BULL SESSION IN A CAIRO BASE HOSPITAL ABOUT THE ITALIAN INVASION By Sgt. E. C. Harris YANK Field Correspondent CAIRO, EGYPT—There were five of them in the bull session about the way the war was going […]

ITEMS THAT REQUIRE NO EDITORIAL COMMENT – NEWS FROM THE RUSSIAN FRONT From YANK Magazine Those Last 10 Kilometers When the Red Army broke the siege of Leningrad the German Underground Radio reminded Hitler that as […]

SOLDIERS FROM FORT BLISS TRAVEL TO MEXICO – SOUTH OF THE BORDER By Pvt. Frank Ladner, Fort Bliss, Tex. You hear a lot about the Army being a great leveler. Maybe that explains what happened to […]

ALLIES FIGHT TO CLEAR MEDITERRANEAN SEA As long as the narrow Straits of Sicily are guarded by Axis forces on both sides, the Mediterranean is closed to Allied convoys and invasion of Europe is impossible from […]

Heinrich Steinmeier SS


Posted on February 19th, 2017 by:

FORMER SS SOLDIER LEAVES MONEY TO SCOTTISH TOWN When Heinrich Steinmeier died at age 90,  he made one final trip to Scotland to have his ashes spread over the land that captured his heart as a young […]

NEW FIGHTER PLANE ANNOUNCEMENTS BY THE WAR DEPARTMENT From YANK Magazine A revolutionary propeller less fighter plane soon will be in production, the WD announces. The new plane is powered by two jet-propulsion engines and is […]

THERE’S NO FRONT LINE IN NEW GUINEA – JUNGLE FIGHTING IN BUNA By Sgt. Dave Richardson YANK STAFF CORRESPONDENT AT THE FRONT IN NEW GUINEA [By Radio]—Any school kid can tell you that the equator’s an […]

JUNGLE BEAN – MEN OF THE 3RD MARINE DIVISION PRIZE THEIR GOOD LUCK CHARMS By Sgt. Larry McManus YANK Staff Correspondent GUAM—No servicemen in the Pacific should be without a “jungle bean,” a fabulous charm described […]

Mystery solved! The Greek “kamikaze” who rammed an Italian CANT Z.1007 bomber By Pierre Kosmidis of A front-page of the “Daily Mirror” newspaper, dated November 4, 1940, features the story of Greek fighter pilot “Captain Demetriou, […]

ALASKA AND THE ALEUTIANS SWEAT OUT THE WAR IN THE NORTH PACIFIC Dogfaces on the mainland in the Aleutian Chain watch the war go by on other fronts, stare out toward the Kuriles and wonder if […]

pt boats cherbourg


Posted on February 12th, 2017 by:

PT BOATS TAKE PART IN THE LIBERATION OF CHERBOURG The Navy finds many uses for its speedy little PT boat. At Cherbourg, another role—that of bait—was found for a squadron of torpedo boats commanded by Lt. […]

YOU’RE IN MIAMI NOW – A STUDY OF ARMY HOTEL LIFE ON MIAMI BEACH By Pvt. R.C. Bolton, who claims he prefers a tent, and pictures by Sgt. Ralph Stein, who wants some ice sent up […]

general gerow


Posted on February 11th, 2017 by:

GENERAL GEROW WITNESS ON PEARL HARBOR From the September 25, Edition of Stars and Stripes WASHINGTON, SEPT. 24, 1944—Maj. Gen. Leonard T. Gerow, commander of the V Corps of the First Army, now fighting in Germany, […]

ACHTUNG MINEN! – REMOVING GERMAN LAND MINES FROM THE BATTLEFIELD From YANK Magazine In no other war have land mines been of such importance as in this one. Since mines are purely defensive in character, the […]

Sadaaki Akamatsu, Japan’s “Pappy Boyington” by Henry Sakaida “Akamatsu stunned his superior officers by his conduct. Instead of attending pilot briefings and waiting on the flight line like the other men, he had his own warning […]

Ed Tipper, Easy Company 506th PIR Original Member, Passes Away Edward Tipper, a paratrooper who jumped into Normandy with Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment on D-Day has passed away at age 95. Born in 1921 […]

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