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“SAFE HAND” DELIVERY – A LOST WEDDING RING TRAVELS AROUND THE WORLD By Sgt. Ed Cunningham YANK Staff Correspondent CALCUTTA, INDIA—In the spring of 1943, Lt. Patrick J. McFaul received a letter from his wife in […]

THE NAZI ARMY HAS 30 WORDS FOR IT But no matter how thin you slice them, they all mean that the boys are taking it on the lam Like the woman Dorothy Parker used to tell […]

TEXAS TANKER – TANK ACE LAFAYETTE POOL OF THE 3RD ARMORED DIVISION By Sgt. Frank Woolner BEYOND THE SIEGFRIED LINE IN GERMANY—Here in the mud and wind of approaching autumn, in a town which is clamorous […]

The USS Ranger and USS Wasp: America’s early carriers in the Battle of the Atlantic Of the US Navy’s pre-war force of eight aircraft carriers, only two, the USS Ranger and the USS Wasp, were to see […]

SOLDIERS ON LONELY BARGES TEND SMOKE POTS TO PROTECT PANAMA CANAL By Sgt. Robert Ryan YANK Staff Correspondent QUARRY HEIGHTS, PANAMA CANAL ZONE—“Smoke gets in your eyes” is more than a lovely tune in these parts; it’s […]

BOUGAINVILLE PATROL – ARMY SCOUTS OPERATE BEHIND JAPANESE LINES By Cpl. Barrett McGurn YANK Staff Correspondent BOUGAINVILLE, THE SOLOMONS—Our Higgins landing boat drones along parallel to shore and 1,000 feet off the breakers. Its mission is […]

SCHOOL FOR GUNNERS Our “Gun-running” Correspondent Learns to Operate The Armament on a Bomber; and God Help Hitler. By Sgt. Denton Scott YANK Staff Correspondent SOMEWHERE IN THE MUD—The B-17 looked like an angry bear attacked by […]

PVT. ONNIE OF THE ENGINEERS HAS SERIAL NUMBER ZERO By Sgt. Dave Richardson YANK Staff Correspondent NEW GUINEA—Pfw. Hee Onana Gona has been in New Guinea for nine years, but he’s just a rookie in an […]

combat medic badge


Posted on March 23rd, 2017 by:

WAR DEPARTMENT ISSUES A COMBAT MEDIC’S BADGE The War Department has authorized a badge for medics who have served with the medical detachments of Infantry regiments or smaller units since the war started. The award carries […]

COBLENZ WAS DIFFERENT When the Third Army pulled into town, there were some who remembered the entry in ’18. By Sgt. Robert McBrinn YANK Staff Correspondent WITH THE FOURTH ARMORED IN GERMANY—There was something different about […]

wwii afrika korps uniforms


Posted on March 21st, 2017 by:

UNIFORMS FOR NAZIS MADE BY THE WAR DEPARTMENT Dear YANK: During the cold weather I read in the Stars and Stripes that all frontline soldiers would receive “arctic tested” clothing. No such clothing came. I was […]

A MAJOR AND A PRIVATE DESCRIBE THEIR TWO DAYS ON AN ITALIAN PRISON SHIP IN TUNIS HARBOR By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin Yank Field Correspondent TUNISIA—When the British Eighth Army drove toward Tunis, there were 691 […]

uss franklin


Posted on March 18th, 2017 by:

BIG BEN – SAGA OF THE USS FRANKLIN (CV-13) By Sgt. Larry McManus YANK Staff Correspondent PEARL HARBOR—When the battered Big Ben, listed in official Navy records as the 27,000-ton Essex-class carrier USS FRANKLIN, nosed her […]

SUNDAY AT SANANANDA – MEMORIES OF THE HORRORS OF FIGHTING ON NEW GUINEA By T-5 Don E. Rohrig – New Guinea This is the Huggins perimeter. As you are standing, Gona’s ahead of you. The green […]

LYDIA LITVYAK SOVIET FEMALE ACE DIDN’T DIE IN COMBAT By Henry Sakaida Blonde, bold, and brave. Lydia Vladimirovna Litvyak was one of only two female fighter aces in history. She disappeared during aerial combat in August […]

98 year old Minnesota man accused of being Nazi War criminal Poland is seeking the arrest and extradition of a retired carpenter in Minnesota accused of taking part in wartime atrocities against civilians. The Associated Press […]

oris turner new guinea wwii


Posted on March 15th, 2017 by:

PVT. ORIS TURNER ANSWERS A COLLECTION AGENCY By Pvt. Oris Turner Pvt. Oris Turner, 39168771, APO 000, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.   Dear sir: Re: [Creditor’s name]–$14.80 You have had an opportunity to settle this […]

HERE IS ONE PLACE A MARINE CORPS PRIVATE CAN TELL A MAJOR WHERE TO GET OFF By Sgt. Gene Ward Marine Corps Correspondent PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII-Eight Marine Corps privates are teaching combat tactics to members of […]

captured japanese zero


Posted on March 13th, 2017 by:

THEY KNOW ALL ABOUT THE ZERO — THEY MADE ONE By Cpl. Ralph Boyce YANK Staff Correspondent SOMEWHERE IN AUSTRALIA—If the Nips ever capture M/Sgt. Tom Butler of Phoebus, Va., or any of his buddies, the […]

THE KID IN LOWER D – AN UNFORTUNATE SITUATION IN ARMY BARRACKS By Pvt. Lawrence Feigenbaum I have the worst bed in Co. D. No, wait—the bed itself is all right; it’s just that it’s in […]

FORGOTTEN BY THE BRASS – GI’S ON THE STILLWELL ROAD ARE OVERLOOKED BY THE ARMY Dear YANK: Our organization has been on the Stillwell Road for more than two years, and much of that time was […]

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