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NO QUARTER GIVEN – ATHEIST SOLDIERS LOOKED DOWN ON Dear YANK: It is tragic to read a letter such as I have just read in YANK (25 Feb. 1945) in which the writer complains that he […]

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1945 REPORT FROM ARMY AIR FORCE GENERAL ARNOLD Fighter pilots and bomber crews may soon have to dodge bullets while they’re in training for combat. A new plastic .30-caliber frangible bullet that breaks up harmlessly upon […]

A SERGEANT AND HIS ADAM’S APPLE START A SENSATION IN CHINA By Sgt. Marion Hargrove YANK Staff Correspondent SOMEWHERE IN CHINA—Their post is hundreds of miles off any beaten track, and they don’t see even an […]

MEXICAN MUDDLE – A SOLDIER HAS MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE PROBLEMS Dear YANK: I’ll start from the very beginning. I’m 27 years old and I entered the Army in ’41. While I was at Fort Sam Houston, Tex., […]

ANTIPERSONNEL BOMBS DRIVE YOU NUTS IN THE SOLOMON ISLANDS By Sgt. Barret McGurn YANK STAFF CORRESPONDENT SOLOMON ISLANDS—Coconut plantations are often used for military encampments in these islands because there is no jungle undergrowth, there is […]

H FOR HAIR – SOLDIERS VOW TO GROW FACIAL HAIR UNTIL H HOUR By Cpl. William Carpenter Good YANK Field Correspondent YAKUTAT, ALASKA—Although the men at this Alaska base probably won’t participate in any Allied attack […]

SOVIET “MEDALS OF HONOR” FIND THEIR WAY BACK TO THEIR FAMILIES BY HENRY SAKAIDA I’m sure that many of you have lost something very dear to you…perhaps a family ring, a special souvenir or keepsake, a […]

NOTHING LIKE A LITTLE SURPRISE TO BREAK THE MONOTONY ON SAIDOR, NEW GUINEA By Cpl. Ralph Boyce YANK Staff Correspondent SAIDOR, NEW GUINEA — An Ordnance mechanic’s life is supposed to be pretty dull, and generally […]

VARIETY SHOW – Produced by the cameras of the world For Further Reading Check Out: Invasion Diary A Travel Guide to World War II Sites in Italy: Museums, Monuments, and Battlegrounds For Related Articles See:

WHEN YOU MEET THE RUSSIANS – US ARMY GUIDE TO SOVIET UNIFORMS AND RANK From YANK Magazine The first Russian soldier you will meet will come from one of the 16 countries in the USSR and he […]

LOUSY LOVERS? A BRITISH WOMAN WRITES ABOUT GI LOVE-MAKING Dear YANK: I am in the mood for passing a few comments on the following clipping from a London paper: GIs HAVE LOST THE ART OF LOVE […]

WASTED MONEY – A GI EXPOSES MILITARY BUDGET WASTE Dear YANK: Practically every man in this Army has witnessed incidents where the armed forces have squandered public funds to no end. One of the more outstanding […]

102ND INFANTRY DIVISION FINDS “GOOD GERMANS” IN GARDELEGEN GERMANY By Sgt. Allan Ecker YANK Staff Correspondent GARDELEGEN, GERMANY—GIs of the 102nd Division who saw the bodies of 1,016 foreign workers burned alive in a barn here […]

Relics from the forgotten battlefield: Italians against Germans in Rodos island, September 1943 By Pierre Kosmidis of Photos by Panagiotis Mprokos Following the Italian capitulation in September 1943, the Dodecanese (a word deriving from Greek, meaning […]

MERCHANT MARINE RIBBONS – AN EX-MERCHANT MARINE SAILOR QUESTIONS ARMY RIBBONS Dear YANK, This being in London is almost like being home, especially since so many guys are dazzling the natives with their chesty array of […]

SKETCHBOOK OF A REDEPLOYED GI – DRAWINGS FROM AN ARTILLERYMAN WITH THE 8TH ARMORED DIVISION Cpl. Ralph E. Carlson of the 8th Armored Division made these drawings during the months he was moving up to combat […]

ONE GOOD TURN…A GI WHO SENDS GIFTS HOME TO HIS DRAFT BOARD By Sgt. Irving Caress YANK Field Correspondent TRINIDAD, BWI—The milk of human kindness apparently flows both ways. Pvt. Arnold Fullmer of the Fort Read […]

HOLLYWOOD TO NEW GUINEA – CONCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR LEW AYRES IN THE ARMY By Sgt. Dick Hanley YANK Staff Correspondent WAKDE ISLAND, NETHERLANDS NEW GUINEA—It’s a long way from “All Quiet on the Western Front,” the anti-war […]

The German American Bund – History of the Nazi Party in America By Dirk de Klein of Supposedly 22,000 Nazi supporters attended a German American Bund rally at New York’s Madison Square Garden in February 1939, under […]

HELLO HONEY! – A GI FINDS UNEXPECTED LOVE AT A LONELY BASE CAMP I dropped by bags on the barracks floor, walked outside and looked around. The place seemed pretty dismal, right in the middle of […]

The salvage and restoration of Bf 109 G-2 “Yellow 3” By Pierre Kosmidis of On March 24th 1943, German pilot  Günther Seraphim of the JG 5, suddenly experienced engine failure on his Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2 […]

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