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GENERAL DOLLMAN DIES IN FRANCE, TENTH GENERAL LOST TO GERMANS SINCE D-DAY From the July 1, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes The death of Col. Gen. Friedrich Dollman, 62, one of the top Nazi commanders […]

GUAM, PHILIPPINES, JAPAN NEXT, KING HINTS–Fleet Chief Foreshadows New Blows; U.S. Losses Believed Moderate From the July 24, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes American troops broadened their beachheads on Guam and were landing more troops […]

WHAT A WAC DOES WHEN A GI STARTS TELLING HER WHAT A HOT-SHOT HE WAS BACK HOME Since Some English girls say that the American soldier brags too much about himself and his country, YANK’s photographer […]

MORE CHICKEN – SOLDIERS WRITE TO YANK MAGAZINE WITH GRIPES ABOUT ARMY UNFAIRNESS Dear YANK: If you think that cutting the grass with bayonets is bad, what do you think of the great Mohave Desert, with […]

VISITING DUCKY LOUIE, “CHINA’S LITTLE DEVIL” By Henry Sakaida In September 2016, I made a road trip up to the San Francisco Bay Area with friends to meet and interview Dr. Lawrence Louie, a retired dentist. […]

YANK PLAYS POSSUM RIGHT UNDER NOSE OF NAZI PANZER GUN From the July 24, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes WITH U.S. FORCES IN NORMANDY, July 23 (AP)–Pfc. John H. Howard, of Bradford, Ill., was so […]

JOSEPH VAN DER HAEGHEN THE PERFECT B-17 PILOT By Maxine Van der Haeghen My husband of 63 ½ years, Joe Van der Haeghen, died early in the morning of January 1, 2009. He was 91 ½ […]

HEARTBROKEN GI’s – HERE’S HOW TO START A BRUSH-OFF CLUB BRANCH At the request of several overseas soldiers, YANK asked the Parent Chapter of the Brush-Off Club in India if it had any objections to extending […]

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GREEK ISLAND IN DODECANESE RAIDED BY ALLIES From the July 24, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes CAIRO, July 23, (AP)–Anglo-Greek troops have raided the Dodecanese islands of Simi, near Rhodes, and “liquidated the entire German […]

TERRIFFIC ALLIED ACK-ACK BARRAGE PROTECTS NORMANDY BEACHHEAD By Ernie Pyle SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE—One of the most vital responsibilities during these opening weeks of our war in the continent of Europe has been the protection of our […]

2ND BLOOD BATH ON IN GERMANY–1,000 OFFICERS REPORTED SHOT; SCHACHT BELIEVED ARRESTED OR DEAD; STAUFFENBERG SHOT From the July 24, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Information reaching Stockholm yesterday indicated that “Hangman” Heinrich Himmler and […]

83rd INFANTRY DIVISION RADIOS TO RUSSIANS EAST OF THE ELBE By Wade Jones Stars and Stripes Staff Writer From the April 26, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes WITH 83rd INFANTRY DIVISION EAST OF ELBE. April […]

HOME FROM ITALY AND ALL HE CAN SAY IS HOT DOG From the May 22, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Geneseo, N.Y., May 26–T/Sgt. Arthur Hasler, who got a special furlough to come home from […]

GIANT BLOW IS STRUCK BY EIGHTH AND NINTH AIR FORCE PLANE FLEETS 2,000 U.S. Craft Alone Batter Nazis: French Fields Now in Use From the July 15, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes The greatest single […]

FRENCHIE COMES HOME – A POLITICAL PRISONER ESCAPES FRANCE AND RETURNS A U.S. ARMY RIFLEMAN By Pfc. Debs Myers YANK Staff Correspondent LE HAVRE, FRANCE—Frenchie was coming home. He had left, in the nick of time, almost five […]

AMERICAN ARMED FORCES ETO CASUALTIES TOP 750,000 From the May 10, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes WASHINGTON, May 9, (AP)—The war against Germany cost the U.S. more than three quarters of a million casualties—about 150,000 […]

The last Samurai: Sakae Ōba and the largest banzai charge of the war in the Pacific 大場 栄 By Pierre Kosmidis of Thousands of Japanese soldiers and civilians lost their lives during the Battle of Saipan […]

MAJOR CASHIERED, IMPRISONED FOR FLOGGING MILITARY PRISONERS From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes ATLANTA, Ga., July 10–Maj. Louis Lefkoff, of Atlanta, has been sentenced to a year at hard labor after being […]

AMERICAN SOLDIERS ASK TO CONTINUE THE DRAFT AFTER WWII Dear YANK: We, the undersigned soldiers, feeling deep concern for the security of our country and for the welfare of all who wear its uniform, wish to […]

SAIPAN BATTLE ENDS IN TOTAL DEFEAT OF JAPANESE From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes The battle for Saipan, stepping-stone to Japan and the Philippines, is over. Adm. Chester W. Nimitz announced in […]

SHORT MEMORIES & NICE PEOPLE -GIs CHANGING ATTITUDES IN THE OCCUPATION OF GERMANY AND JAPAN From YANK Magazine In 1935, in the period of comparative quiet between World War I and World War II, an advertisement […]

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