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PEARL HARBOR USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL CLOSED INDEFINATELY On May 6th, vessel operators to the USS Arizona memorial noticed a crack on the outside of the memorial, although tourists were allowed to disembark and crews completed interim […]

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RUSSIANS ENTER BERLIN TUNNELS TO ROUT NAZIS From the May 1, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes Russian troops with tanks blasted a path before them, yesterday hemmed the remnants of Berlin’s suicide garrison into ten […]

STARS AND STRIPES ORPHAN S’ FUND PASSES £62,000 From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes With a bomb group represented by Chaplain Clarence R. Comfort Jr. sending in £100 to complete the sponsorship of […]

NAMES FROM JAPANESE BIOLOGICAL WARFARE UNIT 731 REVEALED In April 2018, the National Archives of Japan disclosed the names of 3,607 members Unit 731. Behind the innocuous sounding name, Unit 731 was responsible for some of […]

HUMAN TORPEDO ATTACK! THE JAPANESE NAVY’S KAITEN SUICIDE TORPEDO PROGRAM By Henry Sakaida In the desperate final year of WWII in the Pacific, very few people on both sides knew of the existence of the Japanese […]

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