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GEN. THEODORE ROOSEVELT DIES IN FRANCE FIRST U.S. ARMY HQ, Normandy July 14—Brig Gen. Theodore Roosevelt, son of the late president Theodore Roosevelt and veteran of four campaigns of this war, died in his tent Wednesday […]

MALARIA – IT’S AS DANGEROUS AS THE AXIS Material for this article on malaria comes from Sgts. Mack Morriss at Guadalcanal; Pete Paris, North Africa; Dave Richardson, New Guinea; Merle Miller, Hawaii, Bill O’Hollaren, Puerto Rico; […]

US MILITARY FORCES CELEBRATE “MONTANA DAY” ON GUAM By Pvt. Bob Block YANK Field Correspondent GUAM—“It was just like the good ol’ meeting in the general store back home,” said Sgt. Don Keith of Chinook, Mont., […]

COAST GUARDSMAN’S EYEWITNESS STORY: SALERNO LANDING WAS NO PINK TEA John Folk CPhoM, a Coast Guard moving-picture cameraman from Atlanta, Ga., sent the following report to Washington after he landed with the Fifth Army in Italy. The […]

MORE DOPE FOR OVERAGE SOLDIERS – WAR DEPT NEWS FOR OLDER SOLDIERS HOPING TO GET AN EARLY DISCHARGE From YANK Magazine Here’s the latest from the WD for overseas G.I.s more than 38 years old who […]

COLOR-BLIND COLORIST  – A NAVY PAINTER AIRS HIS GREIVANCES Dear YANK: Back in 1942 the Regular Navy refused my enlistment in aviation mechanics because I’m color-blind but I was physically fit for the Seabees. After two […]

NEW 8-TON M22 LOCUST TANK FLOWN TO HOLLAND IN INVASION From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes NEW YORK, Sept. 24,—a new Army ordnance eight-ton airborne tank—M22—Was used in the invasion of Holland, […]

REVEILLE IS TOUGH ON THE TONSILS OF THIS FIRST SERGEANT IN ALASKA YANK’S ALASKA CORRESPONDENT SOMEWHERE IN ALASKA—If Top Sergeant Victor G. Bowen of this cold-shouldered soldiering outfit wears a harried look on his face every […]

eisenhower nazi war crimes


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CHURCHILL TELLS OF IKE’S HORROR AT NAZI CRIMES From the April 20, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes LONDON, April 19 (AP)–Prime Minister Churchill revealed today to the House of Commons that Gen. Eisenhower had told […]

WHAT’S COOKING IN POST WWII AMERICA – MAXSON SKY PLATE DINNER Some bright new dreams for the post-war world are in operation even now. One of them is a meal you can buy as a unit, […]

19TH TACTICAL AIR COMMAND GETS THANKS FOR AID FROM 3RD ARMY NINTH AIR FORCE HQ, FRANCE, Sept. 24—For their “tireless efforts” in harassing and obliterating large numbers of enemy vehicles and troop concentrations ahead of Lt. […]

THE OUTER GARMENT – OFFICERS REACT TO THE FIELD JACKET ALLOWED TO BE WORN OUTSIDE OF CAMP By Sgt. Ray Duncan “Put the flag at half-staff,” muttered our CO, “and call a special formation.” There were […]

liberation of cherbourg


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OBSERVER STATES ALLIES COULD HAVE HELD CHERBOURG From the July 1, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Larry Lesueur, Columbia Broadcasting System commentator, said in a broadcast from Normandy yesterday that the Cherbourg defenses were so […]

wwii brenner pass italy austria


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FIFTH CROSSES INTO AUSTRIA AT TWO POINTS From the May 7, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes Moving rapidly through surrendering German forces in northern Italy, the Allied Fifth Army yesterday crossed into Austria at two […]

A LETTER TO THE EDITOR FROM BUCHENWALD CONCENTRATION CAMP…The following was written as a report to Sgt. Merle Miller, managing editor of YANK’s Continental Edition, by Cpl. Howard Katzander, YANK Staff Correspondent, and was not intended […]

TALKS WITH PRESIDENT FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT OVER, DE GAULLE QUITS CAPITAL From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes WASHINGTON, July 10 — Gen. Charles de Gaulle, who has been conferring here with President Roosevelt, […]

THE POWER OF MUSIC – ASTP SOLDIER CONS HIS WAY INTO PAINTING A MURAL AT THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA By Pvt. Spencer L. Davidson , ASTP, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. If a contest should ever […]

PATCHES THAT WRIGGLE – SOLDIERS ROUGH IT ON THE ISLAND OF BERMUDA By Cpl. William Pene Du Bois YANK Field Correspondent BERMUDA—“If you don’t think things can be tough in Bermuda,” says Sgt. Floyd Nute of […]

Ernie Pyle ie shima 77th infantry division


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THE DEATH OF ERNIE PYLE FROM YANK MAGAZINE By Evans Wylie Sp1c YANK Staff Correspondent OKINAWA, RYUKYUS–Ernie Pyle covered the Okinawa D-Day with the Marines. Many did not recognize him at first and stared curiously at […]

CHINESE SOLDIERS DRIVE, MAKE IMPORTANT GAINS IN BURMA From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes CHUNGKING, July 10–Chinese soldiers have reached the city wall of Tengchung, main objective of the Salween River drive […]

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