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ERNIE PYLE CALLS 9TH DIVISION’S JOB IN CHERBOURG BATTLE ‘BEAUTIFUL’ By Ernie Pyle NORMANDY–During the Cherbourg peninsula campaign I spent nine days with the Ninth Infantry Division–the division that cut the peninsula and one of the […]

MUNICH AREA BOMBED – 1,200 Forts and Libs Paste Reich Targets; Mediums attack in France. From the July 13, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Boosting the weight of bombs dropped on the area of southern […]

JERRY LEWIS GUN COLLECTION TO BE AUCTIONED OFF Iconic comedian Jerry Lewis apparently was also a huge gun collector. TMZ is reporting that everything from shotguns to civil war pistols owned by the comedian will be […]

FORD EAGLE SQUADRON MUSTANG GT TO BE AUCTIONED OFF Ford created a special Mustang in honor of the American fighter pilots who served in the Royal Air Force in the opening days of World War II. […]

BAND OF BROTHERS DAVID KENYON WEBSTER’S JUMP INTO NORMANDY David Kenyon Webster used to fantasize about war. When he was ten, he and his friends dug trenches near the brook behind his house and pretended they […]

PEARL HARBOR USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL CLOSED INDEFINATELY On May 6th, vessel operators to the USS Arizona memorial noticed a crack on the outside of the memorial, although tourists were allowed to disembark and crews completed interim […]

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RUSSIANS ENTER BERLIN TUNNELS TO ROUT NAZIS From the May 1, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes Russian troops with tanks blasted a path before them, yesterday hemmed the remnants of Berlin’s suicide garrison into ten […]

STARS AND STRIPES ORPHAN S’ FUND PASSES £62,000 From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes With a bomb group represented by Chaplain Clarence R. Comfort Jr. sending in £100 to complete the sponsorship of […]

NAMES FROM JAPANESE BIOLOGICAL WARFARE UNIT 731 REVEALED In April 2018, the National Archives of Japan disclosed the names of 3,607 members Unit 731. Behind the innocuous sounding name, Unit 731 was responsible for some of […]

NAZI PLAN TO INVADE U.S. FROM MEXICO UNFOLDED TO SENATORS From the July 12, 1944 edition of Stars and Stripes WASHINGTON, July 11–Adolf Hitler had a complete plan in 1940 for attacking the U.S. from Mexico, […]

LINE OF DUTY – SOLDIER ACCIDENTLY FALLS ON HIS BAYONET By Pfc. Raymond Boyle They brought in this tech, a kid of 20, with a penetrating wound–a bayonet thrust in the right upper quadrant of the […]

WILLIAM HITLER – THE NEPHEW OF A NAZI DICTATOR In 1944, a man in his early thirties enlisted in the US Navy. There was nothing unusual about the event except that the man’s name was William […]

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NAZI BOOBY-TRAP HIDES THERMITE IN CANDY BAR From the July 15, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes WASHINGTON, July 14 (AP)–Army authorities told today of a new and diabolical booby-trap being used by the Germans–candy with […]

AS THEY SAY IN SOUTHERN PART OF RUSSIA – A YANK IN THE ETO GRIPES ABOUT NOT GETTING FURLOUGHS Dear YANK: We’re a comparatively new outfit in the ETO as we left the States in January, […]

NUDGE IN REAR CAME TO SOON, SO MITCHELL GUNNER BOMBED WRONG TARGET IN CHINA By Sgt. Marion Hargrove SOMEWHERE IN CHINA–This story has been held back for a while because the fellow was mighty sensitive about […]

P51 ACE JAMES GOODSON MISSING SINCE JUNE 20, AF REVEALS From the July 15, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes AN EIGHTH P51 BASE, July 14 (AP)–Maj. James Goodson, credited with destruction of 30 German planes–15 […]

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WATCH YOUR STEP, GENTS, WACs ARE OUT GUNNING By Selma Chapmond Stars and Stripes Staff Writer From the July 12, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes WITH THE WACS ON THE RIFLE RANGE, July 11–A group […]

A GREAT DAY FOR CORPORAL ROBERT STENKER, FROM YANK MAGAZINE By Cpl. Len Zinberg ITALY–Cpl. Robert Stenker was a quiet, mild-mannered man, about 34, with thin blond hair and soft brown eyes. He was just beginning […]

What Do We Think Of The British Soldiers From The Eighth Army? By Sgt. Burgess Scott CAIRO–The medium-sized figure of this story is the average buck private I’ve met in the British Desert Army-British in this […]

MISSION CONCEIVED, DELIVERED OF BOMBS ALL WITHIN 10 MINUTES From the July 12, 1944 edition of Stars and Stripes NINTH AIR FORCE HQ, FRANCE July 11 (AP)–What may likely have been the fastest bombing mission ever […]

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