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Bazooka Face Mask-Blast Protection for a GI’s Face With the success of Hitler’s armored Blitzkriegs in Poland, France and the Low Countries in 1939 and 1940, the US Army realized it needed an effective and reliable […]

Search for German Soldiers Killed in the Gulf of Finland: A group of German volunteers and Russian military personnel will search for remains of German soldiers on Gogland and Bolshoi Tyuters islands in the Gulf of Finland. The […]

Japanese American Families Receive the Purple Heart: The US Army presents Purple Heart medals to families of Japanese American soldiers killed fighting in Italy. The soldiers were from the 100th Infantry Battalion, a unit composed primarily of Nisei […]

Ernie Pyle Comes Home From the Wars By Charles F. Kiley Stars and Stripes U.S. Bureau NEW YORK, Sept. 24.—Like any man in uniform who has been in the war business for 2 ½ years, Ernie […]

george katzman

Private George Katzman, a Liberator

Posted on May 15th, 2016 by:

Private George Katzman, a Liberator: Private First Class George Katzman had seen the horrors humanity could inflict upon itself. A rifleman in the 16th Armored Division, Katzman had been surrounded by war as his unit traveled […]

A13 Oxygen Mask – The Mask of Army Air Force Photo Recon Pilots The A13 Oxygen mask was developed by the US Army Air Force for use by high altitude photo reconnaissance pilots and crew. During […]

Massacre of Ustasha Forces Commemorated by Croatian Nationalists On Saturday, far-right Croatian nationalists gathered in southern Austria to mark the anniversary of the Bleiburg massacre where thousands of Croatians, mostly pro-Nazi Ustasha soldiers, were killed by […]

Wojtek the Bear Soldier Who Battled the Nazis‏ In spring 1942, a new Polish Army was being created under the British in the Middle East. Polish soldiers and civilians imprisoned by the Soviets since the 1939 […]

5th army

5th Army Advances in Italy Newsreel Footage

Posted on May 13th, 2016 by:

5th Army Advances in Italy Newsreel Footage United News footage of the American 5th Army on the Italian Front. The newsreel features General Dwight Eisenhower and General Mark Clark as they oversee American artillery firing on German […]

101st is First to Get Award of President By Jules B. Grad Stars and Stripes Staff Writer 101ST AIRBORNE DIV. Mar. 15—There’s a hallowed place in the United Nations’ hall of fame today for the “Battered […]

War Paint: The Filthy Thirteen Jump into Normandy War Paint: The Filthy Thirteen Jump into Normandy by Richard Killblane and Brian Miller and published by Victory Publishing, is a beautiful and comprehensive look into the history […]

david mccampbell

David McCampbell: The US Navy Ace of Aces

Posted on May 12th, 2016 by:

David McCampbell: The US Navy Ace of Aces David McCampbell started active duty with the US Navy in 1934 serving aboard the cruiser USS Portland. He graduated flying school and served on the carriers USS Ranger […]

Warner Brothers Meet the Fleet (1940) with George Reeves “Meet the Fleet” is a 1940 Warner Brothers color short film about the Navy. It follows 3 recruits as they train for sea deployment to Hawaii. Ironically, […]

Private Snafu: Coming Snafu (1943) by Warner Brothers “Private Snafu” were a series of animated training films for the US Army. Produced by Leon Schlesinger of Warner brothers, many of the films were written by Theodor […]

B-24 Liberators Get Turned into GI Mess Trays in Italy 15th Air Force ground crewmen turning scrapped B-24 Liberators into mess trays for GI’s. The sad fate of many WWII aircraft during and after WWII. The clip is […]

Rene Dussaq: OSS Agent, Resistance Leader, Man of Legend: All men are created but some men create themselves. So it was with Rene Alexander Dussaq. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a Cuban diplomat in 1911, […]

Frances Slanger – 1st ETO Nurse Killed in Action From Stars and Stripes By Arthur W. White Stars and Stripes Staff Writer. Just over a month ago, Frances Slanger, a nurse in a U.S. Army Field […]

Fates of two British Channel Island resistance fighters solved: In the summer of 1940, the Nazi’s occupied the British Channel Islands. At first, the Germans were relatively lenient in their rule, but alienated the population over […]

26th Infantry Regiment in the Occupation of Germany The 26th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division was known as the “Blue Spaders” from their distinctive unit insignia. The Regiment had seen combat in Algeria, Tunisia, […]

Fred Rochlin, B-24 navigator who became a master storyteller Nothing about Fred Rochlin was usual. Son of Russian Jewish immigrants, he grew up in Nogales, Arizona raised by a Mexican Indian girl. He spoke English, Spanish […]

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