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ISKANDER GALIEV BRINGS THE AFGHANISTAN WAR TO THE RUSSIAN AUDIENCE By Henry Sakaida Proxy wars usually don’t go well. Major international players intervene in a foreign country’s civil war, only to incur massive casualties and financial […]

CAPTURED JAPANESE OFFICERS DIED TO PROTECT THEIR HONOR AT KHALKIN-GOL By Henry Sakaida Honor and saving face is an integral part of Japanese culture, and this was especially true during wars.  The story here happened 77 […]

Japanese interrogation report


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CAPTURED JAPANESE INTERROGATION REPORT By Henry Sakaida This report was long buried in the National Archives, and I happened upon it by mere chance. I did not know the identity of the American pilot then, and […]

“HANDSOME HARRY” SASAKI –  JAPANESE INTERROGATOR OF “PAPPY” BOYINGTON By Henry Sakaida After decades of interviewing former American POWs held in Japan, one name became very familiar to me: “Handsome Harry.” He was the memorable Japanese […]

WHO WAS THAT CAPTURED JAPANESE PILOT I MET IN 1942? By Henry Sakaida “I didn’t know his name, I don’t know where he was from, I don’t know what happened to him…but I sure would  like […]

BRIGADIER THE LORD LOVAT: D-DAY COMMANDO HERO By Henry Sakaida I was a kid in 1962 when the movie THE LONGEST DAY came out. It was about the 6 June 1944 D-Day Invasion of Europe by […]

WARREN COWEN, AUSTRALIAN HERO THE GOVERNMENT REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE By Henry Sakaida “He was a pilot of extraordinary ability, a real hero!” recalled former Zero pilot Saburo Sakai in 1996. “He taught us a lesson we […]

SOVIET AIRMAN TROFIM  VASILYEVICH GAVRISH REMEMBERED By Henry Sakaida One of the most obscure and shortest wars involving two competing military super powers happened in the summer of 1938.  This action lasted just 2 weeks and […]

INTERSTATE TDR, AMERICA’S FIRST GUIDED MISSILE By Henry Sakaida The Interstate TDR was nothing more than a bomb carrying radio-controlled model airplane piloted by remote control from a mother aircraft. This was America’s first “Kamikaze” aircraft […]

Ki-100 VS. HELLCAT – THE DOGFIGHT ROUT THAT NEVER HAPPENED By Henry Sakaida “Of the many fantastic stories told about the Ki-100 Goshikisen, a group of 8 once fought a formation of Hellcats over Japan and […]

LONG LOST LIFE JACKET REUNITED WITH OWNER By Henry Sakaida Extreme curiosity, a challenge, and a quest for answers. This is an affliction I contracted as a kid and there is no cure. It has led me […]

AMERICAN RETURNS CHERISHED FAMILY SAMURAI SWORD TO OWNER’S SON By Henry Sakaida      There are collectors and there are historians. Sometimes, they can be both. A true historian is someone who understands the value of history and […]

MURDER OR ACCIDENT? THE DEATH OF A JAPANESE FIGHTER PILOT 65 YEARS LATER, THE VERDICT IS IN By Henry Sakaida      For 65 years, the family of Japanese fighter pilot Jiro Funakoshi lived with belief that […]

CHINA’S LITTLE DEVILS WWII ERA ANTI-JAPANESE WAR FILM By Henry Sakaida When I was a kid growing up during the era of black & white television, I saw the movie China’s Little Devils. It was produced […]

HIROYOSHI NISHIZAWA: THE TRUTH ABOUT JAPAN’S TOP FIGHTER ACE By Henry Sakaida “Hiroyoshi Nishizawa was Japan’s greatest fighter ace; he shot down over a hundred American planes!” exclaimed Saburo Sakai, the first Japanese fighter pilot to […]

MARIYA DOLINA A REAL HEROINE OF THE SOVIET UNION By Henry Sakaida She is mostly forgotten and her grave is neglected by family members. The only people who come to visit is an old schoolteacher named […]

THE DEMISE OF “PHOTO JOE” BY THE 51ST FIGHTER GROUP By Henry Sakaida Everyone loves a good war story and the demise of “Photo Joe” is one of the best and would have made a great […]

LIEUTENANT WELLMAN HUEY WAS NOT FORGOTTEN By Henry Sakaida This story goes way back to 1989. Actually, it began in 1981 when I journeyed to Japan to visit Zero pilot veterans. One of them was Kenji […]

THE KANEYOSHI MUTO FAMOUS 12 AGAINST 1   COMBAT MYTH   By Henry Sakaida  To the Japanese, a good myth is something that is embellished,  venerated, and passed along to succeeding generations. If a story is good, why […]

MASAHIKO KAZAMA KEPT HIS PROMISE TO RETURN HOME: By Henry Sakaida   “If this thing could talk, what a story it could tell!” I’m sure you’ve heard this adage in antique shops and collector shows. Not everything that […]

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