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GERTIE THE B-29 BOMBER BEAR WHO FLEW COMBAT OVER JAPAN By Henry Sakaida During World War II, many crazy and unusual events took place which never made it into the history books. “Gertie” is a prime […]

PRESIDENT GEORGE  BUSH SAVED BY FATE FROM JAPANESE CAPTURE By Henry Sakaida Back in 1982, I read a small newspaper account of then Vice President George Bush in World War II. He was shot down over […]

Gilbert Erb – WWII Pilot Who Landed on a Car By Henry Sakaida Back in November of this year, my historian friend Justin Taylan blew into Los Angeles to give a TV interview. Since he had […]

Adolf Galland Meets the Pilot Who Almost Killed Him FOE AND FRIEND, NO HARD FEELINGS! By Henry Sakaida On 26 April 1945, German ace Lt/Gen Adolf Galland led his jets against a flight of American B-26 bombers. […]

A Fighter Pilot’s Visit From Beyond By Henry Sakaida        Lt(jg) Yukihiro Watabe woke up from a fitful sleep on the morning of 16 March 1945. He had a disturbing premonition that he only had 3 […]

Two P-38 Pilots’ Deadly Jungle Encounter with a Japanese Flyer By Henry Sakaida      I should have been a police detective, but I cannot stand the sight of blood. However, I do enjoy solving real life […]

RICHARD LOO THE WWII VILLAIN YOU LOVED TO HATE By Henry Sakaida   If you are a baby boomer, then you may not know his name, but his face is certainly familiar! I grew up watching God […]

WAS FAMOUS P-38 ACE TOM LYNCH EXECUTED? By Henry Sakaida A few months ago, I came across a report on an interrogation of a Javanese prisoner captured in New Guinea. It concerned the execution of an […]

Khalkin-Gol Air Battles: Ivan Krasnoyurchenko vs Taro Kobayashi By Henry Sakaida What I am about to reveal will interest those of you who are into the Khalkin-Gol air battles. This was a story that I researched […]

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