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THE 78th INFANTRY DIVISION AND THE “RUHR POCKET” Toward the end of March, while the 78th continued to hold and strengthen its position along the Sieg River line, First and Ninth Army units began to pour […]

WHO IS REALLY EXCESS BAGGAGE IN A B-24 LIBERATOR AND B-17 FLYING FORTRESS By T/Sgt. Joseph T. Capossela The aircrew boys don’t argue any more about whether a Lib is a better plane than a Fort. […]

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PAPUAN INFANTRY IN THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY Photographs by Sgt. Dick Hanley Many able and colorful combat outfits have fought in the New Guinea campaign. Not the least of these, on both counts, is the PIB—Papuan Infantry […]

DOWN ON THE RIVIERA – GI’S RELAX IN NICE, FRANCE By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin YANK Staff Correspondent At headquarters of the U.S. Riviera Recreational Area in Nice is a sign that describes the setup. “GI paradise,” […]

PVT. JIM MCQUIRE, E. CO. – PRISONER OF WAR – NAZI SLAVE A rifleman from the 34th Division, who was captured near the Faid Pass in Tunisia, talks about his two years and three months as […]

TAIL GUNNER, TRAPPED IN B17, PLUNGES 13,500 FT.- AND LIVES From the April 25, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes U.S. EIGHTH AF HQ, April 25 –“Tail-End Charley,” a 19-year-old gunner, calmly lit a cigarette as he plunged […]

PIPER CUB ARTILLERY SPOTTERS ESCAPE FROM THE GERMANS IN BELGIUM: NIGHT OF RETREAT By Sgt. Bill Davidson YANK Staff Correspondent LIEGE, BELGIUM—This was the night of our first big retreat in Western Europe, when the Germans […]

SKETCHES AND NOTES ON THE USS TENNESSEE OFF IWO JIMA -YANK MAGAZINE By Sgt. Jack Ruge, YANK Staff Artist ABOARD THE USS TENNESSEE OFF IWO JIMA—Big T was one of the wagons at Pearl Harbor that Sunday […]

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BING CROSBY CROONS A SWATHE THROUGH FRANCE Crosby and His Show Go Over With a Tuneful Bang By S/Sgt. Ed Stone Stars and Stripes Unit Correspondent From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes […]

GENERAL PATTON’S SPEECH TO THE AMERICAN ARMY IN ENGLAND – 29 MAY 1944 Men this story we hear about America wanting to stay out of this war, not wanting to fight, is a lot of bullshit. […]

THE INFANTRY SOLDIER – THE HEART AND BACKBONE OF THE AMERICAN ARMY From the T-Patch 36th Division News By Clarence Lasky 141st Infantry Regiment The veteran and much publicized 36th “Texas” Division have pushed the Krauts around […]

ARMY AIR FORCE BATTERS REICH – FROM STARS AND STRIPES REICH BATTERED BY 2,700 PLANES 1,200 Heavies from U.K., Force From Italy Join In Smashing Blows July 20, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Unloosing the […]



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ORDEAL AT OKINAWA – FROM YANK MAGAZINE By Evan Wylie SP1c (PR) USCGR YANK Staff Correspondent OKINAWA, RYUKUS—The G-2 captain was leery about calling it a typical night on Okinawa. But on the other hand, it […]

CANDY JONES – USO TOUR OF THE PACIFIC – YANK MAGAZINE By Sgt. Al Hine YANK Staff Writer Candy Jones was just back from a USO tour of the Pacific when I saw her, and with […]



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PANIC-STRICKEN BERLINERS REPORTED FLEEING Rumor Goebbels Deserted As Defense Chief Adds to Fear From the April 23, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes Thousands of panic-stricken German men, women and children fled northwest and west from embattled […]

YANK BULLETS SMASH NAZI TRICK, BUT 6 U.S. CAPTIVES FALL VICTIM From the July 20, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes A grim account of how a U.S. armored platoon wiped out a group of about […]

MITCHELL VS. NELL – TWO FAMOUS PACIFIC BOMBERS ARE DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT IN DETAIL From the War and Navy Department’s Recognition Journal The two medium bombers shown on these pages are famed for scoring spectacular “firsts.” The […]



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TROOPS VANISH; FRATERNIZING IN REICH TABOOED WITH THE FIRST U.S. ARMY, Germany, Sept. 24.—Lt. Gen. Courtney Hodges clamped down stricter discipline on his troops today, re-emphasizing orders forbidding fraternizing with German civilians, after several officers and […]

U.S.-BORN COUNTESS FORCED TO UNDRESS BEFORE SS TROOPS By Andy Rooney Stars and Stripes Staff Writer LEIPZIG, Germany, April 21 (Delayed).—An American-born countess, jailed by the Gestapo for hiding American fliers in her French chateau, said […]

A YANK FLIES WITH A POLISH RAF SQUADRON – YANK MAGAZINE MINES FROM THE SKY By Sgt. Walter Peters YANK Staff Correspondent The first correspondent to fly with the RAF’s Polish Squadron learns how our allies […]

GERMAN CIVILIANS BURY MURDERED JEWISH SLAVE LABORERS – YANK MAGAZINE German woman, as well as men, were unwilling pallbearers at the mass burial of 161 Jewish slave laborers who were killed by Nazi guards at Neunburg, Bavaria. […]

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