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Leros Island, 1943: The underwater museum of WW2 aircraft wrecks and shipwrecks By Pierre Kosmidis of WW2Wrecks.com The Eastern Aegean was the setting for a series of German air-sea landings, something not normally associated with the Wehrmacht. […]

TAIL GUNNER ON “ACES AND ATES” A B-17 WITH THE 384TH BOMB GROUP By Edward McDonald During World War II I was a tail gunner on a B-17 named Aces and Ates. I crashed twice before […]

LUCKY KAMIKAZE PILOTS – THE STORY BEHIND THE FAMOUS PHOTO by Henry Sakaida When I was a high school sophomore in 1968, a military collector gave me a  picture of a group of Army Kamikaze pilots […]

“Fix bayonets!” – 11 am, Tuesday 27 May, 1941: The ANZACs ’ charge at “42nd Street” on Crete By Pierre Kosmidis of WW2Wrecks.com On May 27, 1941 the Battle of Crete was lost for the Allied forces, […]

DID ZERO ACE SABURO SAKAI FORCE HIS FOE TO PARACHUTE NEAR PORT MORESBY? By Henry Sakaida Thanks to the Internet and access to old WWII records which were not available decades ago, dedicated historians can now […]

American Commander in Bastogne to German Commander: Nuts Snow fell on the morning of December 22, 1944, covering Belgium in a whiteness that muffled the wooded land in a serene and unworldly silence. Looking out from their […]

ROBERT STAHLHUT – A B-17 TOP TURRET GUNNER’S FATEFUL MISSION Robert Stahlhut was a flight engineer and top turret gunner on a B-17 in the 8th  Air Force’s 384th Bomb Group. In September of 1943, the 8th  Air Force was […]

ISKANDER GALIEV BRINGS THE AFGHANISTAN WAR TO THE RUSSIAN AUDIENCE By Henry Sakaida Proxy wars usually don’t go well. Major international players intervene in a foreign country’s civil war, only to incur massive casualties and financial […]

FRED RAY – A SUPERMAN ARTIST SKETCHES A WAR By Jonathan Abbott In 1944 Frederic E. Ray was twenty four years old. As a kid he took up drawing. He collected works of his favorite illustrators, […]

CAPTURED JAPANESE OFFICERS DIED TO PROTECT THEIR HONOR AT KHALKIN-GOL By Henry Sakaida Honor and saving face is an integral part of Japanese culture, and this was especially true during wars.  The story here happened 77 […]

Japanese interrogation report


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CAPTURED JAPANESE INTERROGATION REPORT By Henry Sakaida This report was long buried in the National Archives, and I happened upon it by mere chance. I did not know the identity of the American pilot then, and […]

ARTHUR SINGER JR. – THE PROFESSOR AND THE FABLED FIFTEEN By Jonathan Abbott The fighters are first. Their folding wings lock in place, their two thousand horsepower Pratt and Whitney engines rev and kick to life. […]

“HANDSOME HARRY” SASAKI –  JAPANESE INTERROGATOR OF “PAPPY” BOYINGTON By Henry Sakaida After decades of interviewing former American POWs held in Japan, one name became very familiar to me: “Handsome Harry.” He was the memorable Japanese […]

WHO WAS THAT CAPTURED JAPANESE PILOT I MET IN 1942? By Henry Sakaida “I didn’t know his name, I don’t know where he was from, I don’t know what happened to him…but I sure would  like […]

THE LUFTWAFFE’S NIGHT PRINCES BATTLE THE ROYAL AIR FORCE At the start of World War Two, aerial combat had been around for less than 30 years. In Germany, like in other countries, flying was believed to be glamorous and pilots were […]

FIGHTING FOR GOD’S COUNTRY – MASATSUGU RIYU – 100TH BATTALION When the Myna birds began to talk as the morning sun cast glimmers on Mauna Kahalawa, that is when Masatsugu Riyu awoke. He was a truck […]

BRIGADIER THE LORD LOVAT: D-DAY COMMANDO HERO By Henry Sakaida I was a kid in 1962 when the movie THE LONGEST DAY came out. It was about the 6 June 1944 D-Day Invasion of Europe by […]

commando kelly


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COMMANDO KELLY- ONE MAN ARMY AT SALERNO Charles Kelly was hailed as the “One man army” and “Commando”. He earned the Congressional Medal of Honor in a far away war and became a hero of America […]

OTTO SKORZENY – OPERATION GREIF AND THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE In October 1944, Adolf Hitler summoned a 6 foot 3 inch Austrian with scars on his face to his lair in East Prussia. The tall […]

WARREN COWEN, AUSTRALIAN HERO THE GOVERNMENT REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE By Henry Sakaida “He was a pilot of extraordinary ability, a real hero!” recalled former Zero pilot Saburo Sakai in 1996. “He taught us a lesson we […]

SOVIET AIRMAN TROFIM  VASILYEVICH GAVRISH REMEMBERED By Henry Sakaida One of the most obscure and shortest wars involving two competing military super powers happened in the summer of 1938.  This action lasted just 2 weeks and […]

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