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The M1 and M2 Jungle First Aid Kit – A Collectors Guide Late 1942 saw America makes its first offensives against the Japanese in the jungles of the Pacific. Although tropical islands like the Philippines, Hawaii and […]

Relics from the forgotten battlefield: Italians against Germans in Rodos island, September 1943 By Pierre Kosmidis of WW2Wrecks.com Photos by Panagiotis Mprokos Following the Italian capitulation in September 1943, the Dodecanese (a word deriving from Greek, meaning […]

The USS Ranger and USS Wasp: America’s early carriers in the Battle of the Atlantic Of the US Navy’s pre-war force of eight aircraft carriers, only two, the USS Ranger and the USS Wasp, were to see […]

combat medic badge


Posted on March 23rd, 2017 by:

WAR DEPARTMENT ISSUES A COMBAT MEDIC’S BADGE The War Department has authorized a badge for medics who have served with the medical detachments of Infantry regiments or smaller units since the war started. The award carries […]

protective gas cover


Posted on February 4th, 2017 by:

THE US ARMY INDIVIDUAL PROTECTIVE GAS COVER From YANK Magazine Latest wrinkle in protection against gases is a cellophane wrapper guaranteed to make G.I.s feel like a package of cigarettes. For protection against burning gasses like […]

THE M1943 COMBAT UNIFORM – ADVANCEMENTS IN GI CLOTHING In 1943, the U.S. Army developed a new combat uniform to be standardized for all its branches of services. The new uniform was based on the “layering” […]

26th infantry regiment ike field jacket


Posted on October 6th, 2016 by:

PLAN NEW TYPE OF FIELD JACKET FOR ETO MEN Army Orders 4,600,000, Forces 6 Manufacturers To Accept Contract Stars and Stripes U.S. Bureau WASHINGTON, July 24, 1944—A rarely used section of the Selective Service Act has […]

D-DAY TO ST. LO – CERTIFICATE FROM THE 29TH INFANTRY DIVISION At 6:30am on June 6, 1944, advance elements of the 29th Infantry Division landed on the western side of Omaha Beach under a tremendous hail […]

104th infantry division


Posted on September 13th, 2016 by:

104TH INFANTRY DIVISION- THE TIMBERWOLVES IN WWII The 104th Infantry Division arrived in France on September 7, 1944 after nearly two years of stateside training. The division, nicknamed “Timberwolf” was under the command of Major General […]

GERMAN SUBMACHINE GUN (MP 38 and MP 40) – FROM YANK MAGAZINE Material for this article on enemy weapons was prepared by the War Department’s Military Intelligence Service with the assistance of the Ordnance Intelligence Unit. Although […]

8TH INFANTRY DIVISION HELMET AND LINER DECALS OF WWII The 8th Infantry Division landed on Utah Beach in Normandy on July 4, 1944. The division entered combat three days later and fought through the hedgerows and […]

US NAVY TALKER HELMET – PROTECTION FOR THE NERVES OF THE SHIP During WWII, the US Navy utilized a sound-powered Interior Communications (I.C.) system for internal communications within a ship. The system allowed the Captain to […]

UNIS MARKINGS OF THE 4TH AND 5TH MARINE DIVISIONS: Like their US Army counterparts, the US Marines needed the ability for their units to be able find their own personnel quickly. This was essential for a […]

THE US NAVY AVIATOR’S SUMMER COTTON JERSEY In early 1944, after requests from fliers for cooler flying clothing for men operating in tropical climates, the US Navy came out with a lightweight cotton jersey for flying […]

M1917A1 Helmet – Head Protection in the Early Days of WWII The M1917A1 helmet was worn by members of the US Armed Forces during the early struggles of WWII. During the First World War, combating nations developed steel […]

Ceramic Grenades – Japan’s Last Ditch Weapon In late 1944, as Japan’s war came to a conclusion, precious war materials like metal became scarce, making Japan’s ability to equip her fighting men a difficult task. To […]

german prisoners

German Prisoners of War Living in America

Posted on May 30th, 2016 by:

German Prisoners of War Living in America: During WWII, 425,000 German prisoners of war were held in prison camps across the United States. After the surrender of the German Afrika Korps in Tunisia on May 13, […]

509th Composite Group-Bringers of the Atomic Age The 509th Composite Group was formed on December 17, 1944. The group was formed with the sole purpose of dropping the Atomic Bomb. In 1939, after warnings from leading […]

Bazooka Face Mask-Blast Protection for a GI’s Face With the success of Hitler’s armored Blitzkriegs in Poland, France and the Low Countries in 1939 and 1940, the US Army realized it needed an effective and reliable […]

A13 Oxygen Mask – The Mask of Army Air Force Photo Recon Pilots The A13 Oxygen mask was developed by the US Army Air Force for use by high altitude photo reconnaissance pilots and crew. During […]

26th Infantry Regiment in the Occupation of Germany The 26th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division was known as the “Blue Spaders” from their distinctive unit insignia. The Regiment had seen combat in Algeria, Tunisia, […]

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