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anzio beachhead


Posted on January 20th, 2017 by:

ALLIED SOLDIERS DIG IN ON THE ANZIO FRONT With the Allied drive in Italy halted on the heavily defended German Gustav Line, Prime Minister Winston Churchill devised a plan to invade the resort town of Anzio […]

aachen 26th infantry regiment 1st division


Posted on November 19th, 2016 by:

GERMAN GARRISON SURRENDER AT AACHEN The Battle of Aachen took place from 2-21 October 1944. It was the first Germany city to be captured by the Allies. Protected by Hitler’s Siegfried Line, Aachen and its surrounding […]

US FORCES BATTLE THE JAPANESE FOR BOUGAINVILLE AND THE GILBERT ISLANDS American Army, Navy and Marine forces battle the Japanese for control of forward bases in the Gilbert and Solomon islands. US Army Air Force B-24 Liberators and […]

THE AIR FORCE STORY: SEPTEMBER 1943 – JUNE 1944 The Air Force Story chronicles the USAAF’s contribution to the Italian Front from the beaches of Salerno to the Liberation of Rome. From September 1943 to June […]



Posted on July 15th, 2016 by:

ARMY PARATROOPERS PREPARE FOR BATTLE: In 1940, the U.S. Army formed an experimental platoon of paratroopers to test the new concept of parachuting soldiers onto the battlefield. The parachute test platoon under the command of 1st Lieutenant […]

ALLIED SAILORS INDULGE IN WINTER SPORTS IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest military campaign of World War II. It lasted from September 3, 1941 until Germany’s surrender on May 8, […]

Luftwaffe Fighters Shot down by the Eighth Air Force In early 1944, General Jimmy Doolittle, the newly appointed commander of the American Eighth Air Force, made a critical policy change that would hasten the destruction of […]

5th army

5th Army and the Liberation of Rome

Posted on June 4th, 2016 by:

5th Army and the Liberation of Rome After landing on the bloody beaches of Salerno, battling across the mountainous Winter Line and enduring the costly stalemates at Monte Cassino and Anzio, the 5th Army was poised […]

Super Jeep Passes Army Trials-Newsreel Footage The Super Jeep was developed by the Army as a larger and more powerful big brother to the already popular Jeep. It was capable of transporting 10 men at high speed and […]

Okinawan Civilians Rescued in “Operation Security”: On April 1, 1945, the American military invaded the Island of Okinawa. Garrisoning the island were over 100,000 Japanese troops and military conscripts. The island also had a large Okinawan civilian […]


Shangri-La is Launched by the US Navy

Posted on May 23rd, 2016 by:

Shangri-La is Launched by the US Navy The USS Shangri-La (CV 38) was named after President Franklin Roosevelt’s response to where Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25 bombers were launched from for their April 18, 1942 raid on Japan. The carrier […]

Japanese American Families Receive the Purple Heart: The US Army presents Purple Heart medals to families of Japanese American soldiers killed fighting in Italy. The soldiers were from the 100th Infantry Battalion, a unit composed primarily of Nisei […]

5th army

5th Army Advances in Italy Newsreel Footage

Posted on May 13th, 2016 by:

5th Army Advances in Italy Newsreel Footage United News footage of the American 5th Army on the Italian Front. The newsreel features General Dwight Eisenhower and General Mark Clark as they oversee American artillery firing on German […]

Warner Brothers Meet the Fleet (1940) with George Reeves “Meet the Fleet” is a 1940 Warner Brothers color short film about the Navy. It follows 3 recruits as they train for sea deployment to Hawaii. Ironically, […]

Private Snafu: Coming Snafu (1943) by Warner Brothers “Private Snafu” were a series of animated training films for the US Army. Produced by Leon Schlesinger of Warner brothers, many of the films were written by Theodor […]

B-24 Liberators Get Turned into GI Mess Trays in Italy 15th Air Force ground crewmen turning scrapped B-24 Liberators into mess trays for GI’s. The sad fate of many WWII aircraft during and after WWII. The clip is […]

Bill Genaust: Marine Cameraman Filmed Flag Raising on Iwo Jima Bill Genaust enlisted in the US Marine Corps on February 11, 1943 with plans to become a combat cameraman. By June 1944, Genaust was filming Marines […]

walt disney

Walt Disney: Animation for the War Effort

Posted on April 16th, 2016 by:

Walt Disney: Animation for the War Effort In 1942, Walt Disney was approached by the government to produce animated educational training and propaganda films for civilians and servicemen of the Armed Forces. Disney was no stranger […]

John Ford’s The Battle of Midway – A Film Made by Accident: Director John Ford was an accidental witness to one of America’s most important battles of WWII. A Commander in the Navy and later head […]

The Memphis Belle and William Wyler, the Story of the Story In 1943, Wilhelm Wyler returned to his native Germany flying at 25,000 feet in a B-17 Flying Fortress named the Memphis Belle. As a Major […]

The Battle of San Pietro: The John Huston Wartime Classic: The Battle of San Pietro Infine was fought from December 8 to December 17, 1943 as part of the Allied plan to breach the Bernhardt/Reinhard in […]

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