Live WWII Hand Grenade Found at Home in Berkeley, California On Tuesday, a WWII hand grenade was discovered in a planter box at a residence in Berkeley, CA. After receiving a 911 call, officers of the […]

OSS Spy Stephanie Czech Rader Posthumously Given Legion of Merit For nearly 70 years, Stephanie Czech Rader’s wartime past was a highly guarded secret. For decades, she was simply known as the wife of decorated Air […]

Mitsubishi Pays Settlement to WWII Chinese Slaves The Mitsubishi Material Corp. of Japan has just concluded a settlement agreement that will pay 100,000 yuan ($15,190) to former Chinese slave laborers who worked for the company during […]

WWII Veteran Receives $48,000 in Donations After Being Scammed Three months ago, WWII veteran Jack Holder lost nearly his entire life savings in a sweepstakes scam. On Tuesday, the 94-year-old WWII veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor […]

Monuments for Veterans defaced across America before Memorial Day As the nation prepares to remember the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for America, vandals have appeared to deface memorials to them. In at […]

P-47 Thunderbolt Crashes in the Hudson River A WWII P-47 Thunderbolt crashed in New York’s Hudson River on Friday killing the pilot, 56-year-old William Gordon, of Key West, FL. The plane was scheduled to take part in a […]

Wreck of British Submarine HMS P311 Found off the Coast of Italy: On New Year’s Eve 1942, HMS P311 sent her final message off the coast of Sardinia. HMS P311, a British T Class submarine had […]


Hiroshima Visited By President Barack Obama

Posted on May 27th, 2016 by:

Hiroshima Visited By President Barack Obama In Hiroshima, Japan, President Barack Obama paid tribute to victims of the world’s first atomic bombing while hoping to bring attention to his vision of a nuclear free world. On […]

Jim McDonough Builds Giant Ships Out of Legos Jim McDonough loves ships and he loves Lego’s. He has been captivated by them ever since he was five years old. Now at 46, when he isn’t working […]

Marine Comes Home From Tarawa Over 70 Years Later On November 20, 1943, Marine Pfc. James Johnson was killed on the island of Tarawa. He was buried in one of the multiple battlefield cemeteries on the […]

 WASP Pilots Eligible For Burial at Arlington National Cemetery Women of the WASP are now eligible to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery thanks to new bipartisan legislation. After years of debate, President Barack Obama signed […]


Cup from Auschwitz Reveals Hidden Secret

Posted on May 19th, 2016 by:

Cup from Auschwitz Reveals Hidden Secret: More than 70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, objects from the camp are still giving up their secrets. At the camp’s museum collection, a small enamel cup revealed its […]

Concentration Camp Survivor and Liberator Reunite Last week, during a Holocaust remembrance ceremony, Colorado veteran Sid Shafner was reunited with a Holocaust survivor he liberated from a concentration camp over seventy years ago. During an emotional […]

Search for German Soldiers Killed in the Gulf of Finland: A group of German volunteers and Russian military personnel will search for remains of German soldiers on Gogland and Bolshoi Tyuters islands in the Gulf of Finland. The […]

george katzman

Private George Katzman, a Liberator

Posted on May 15th, 2016 by:

Private George Katzman, a Liberator: Private First Class George Katzman had seen the horrors humanity could inflict upon itself. A rifleman in the 16th Armored Division, Katzman had been surrounded by war as his unit traveled […]

Massacre of Ustasha Forces Commemorated by Croatian Nationalists On Saturday, far-right Croatian nationalists gathered in southern Austria to mark the anniversary of the Bleiburg massacre where thousands of Croatians, mostly pro-Nazi Ustasha soldiers, were killed by […]

Fates of two British Channel Island resistance fighters solved: In the summer of 1940, the Nazi’s occupied the British Channel Islands. At first, the Germans were relatively lenient in their rule, but alienated the population over […]

Harry Ferrier, Last Midway Survivor of VT-8 has Passed Away Harry Ferrier enlisted in the Navy on January 28, 1941, three days after his sixteenth birthday.  After boot camp and aviation radio school, he joined Torpedo […]

Frank Levingston the Oldest WWII Veteran Dies at 110 Years old Frank Levingston, the oldest man in the United States and the oldest WWII veteran died on Tuesday May 3, 2016 in Bossier Parish, Louisiana.  He […]

PT Boat Restoration at the National WWII Museum: In New Orleans, Louisiana, a WWII US Navy PT boat is under restoration at the National WWII Museum. The museum’s PT boat, designated by the Navy as PT-305, saw […]

Yasukuni War Museum, at Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine: The Yasukuni Shrine, built after the Boshin War during the Meiji Era, honors Japanese war dead from all its wars including recognized war criminals. Less talked about than the […]

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