THE LUFTWAFFE’S NIGHT PRINCES BATTLE THE ROYAL AIR FORCE At the start of World War Two, aerial combat had been around for less than 30 years. In Germany, like in other countries, flying was believed to be glamorous and pilots were […]

MITCHELL VS. NELL – TWO FAMOUS PACIFIC BOMBERS ARE DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT IN DETAIL From the War and Navy Department’s Recognition Journal The two medium bombers shown on these pages are famed for scoring spectacular “firsts.” The […]

PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT MOVES THE NATION’S TREASURES When Germany declared war on the United States on December 8, 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt worried about the nations treasures. England had been bombed by the Nazis and bombs […]

GERMAN SUBMACHINE GUN (MP 38 and MP 40) – FROM YANK MAGAZINE Material for this article on enemy weapons was prepared by the War Department’s Military Intelligence Service with the assistance of the Ordnance Intelligence Unit. Although […]

GREECE DEMANDS $260 BILLION IN WAR REPARATIONS FROM GERMANY Greece could take legal action to recover more than $260 billion from Germany for reparations from WWII. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who leads the left-wing Syriza […]

CHINA’S LITTLE DEVILS WWII ERA ANTI-JAPANESE WAR FILM By Henry Sakaida When I was a kid growing up during the era of black & white television, I saw the movie China’s Little Devils. It was produced […]

LAND MINES FROM THE WWII DESERT WAR BEING USED BY ISIS 17 million land mines are buried in the sands of northwest Egypt, remnants of the war between the British, Italian and Nazi Armies that ended […]

pearl harbor


Posted on August 3rd, 2016 by:

PEARL HARBOR ATTACK KIA RETURNED TO FAMILY The U.S. Military’s POW/MIA Accounting Command has identified the remains of Navy Ens. John C. England more than seventy years after he died while saving shipmates on December 7, […]

yelena mazanik


Posted on July 5th, 2016 by:

YELENA MAZANIK – AVENGER OF BELARUS On September 22, 1943, a bomb went off at the GeneralKommissar’s house in the Nazi protectorate of Weissruthenien, now Belarus. The target of the bomb was 55-year-old Wilhelm Kube, the […]

ESCAPE TUNNEL USED BY JEWISH PRISONERS FOUND IN LITHUANIA: A team from Israel, America, Canada and Lithuania used mineral and oil exploration scanning technology to find a 100-foot-long tunnel located in the Ponar forest about 10 kilometers […]

Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors – By Brad Hoopes: For over a decade, Brad Hoopes has interviewed and recorded the experiences of over 350 WWII veterans. He now has compiled 70 of these incredible experiences into […]

M1917A1 Helmet – Head Protection in the Early Days of WWII The M1917A1 helmet was worn by members of the US Armed Forces during the early struggles of WWII. During the First World War, combating nations developed steel […]

George Simmons Returns From the Philippines

Posted on June 13th, 2016 by:

George Simmons Returns From the Philippines: George G. Simmons grew up in the Big Sky Country of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. When he was 18 years old he left home and eventually found his way into the […]

alaska highway

Alaska Highway: Frozen Life-Line to Victory

Posted on May 21st, 2016 by:

Alaska Highway: Frozen Life-Line to Victory Since the 1920’s, ideas for an Alaska Highway connecting mainland America, Canada and Alaska had been proposed by the American and Canadian governments.  However, the financial collapse of Great Depression […]

Wartime Rationing: Eating like there’s a War on By Jonathan Abbott On December 11th 1941,  rubber tires were the first item to be rationed in the United States.  By 1943 almost all consumer goods were rationed […]

Harry Ferrier, Last Midway Survivor of VT-8 has Passed Away Harry Ferrier enlisted in the Navy on January 28, 1941, three days after his sixteenth birthday.  After boot camp and aviation radio school, he joined Torpedo […]

Hank Ketcham in WWII, Ink for Ammunition By Jonathan Abbott In 1942, Henry K. Ketcham, better known as Hank Ketcham, was sworn into the Naval Reserve. Hank was from Washington State, where he had dropped out of college […]

Larry Thorne: Finnish Officer, Nazi Soldier, US Green Beret Larry Thorne was born Lauri Allan Törni  in the Viipuri Province of Finland on May 28th, 1919. In 1938, Törni joined the military and was assigned to the 4th […]

Basic training instructions of WWII an Illustrated Guide: In WWII, giving basic training to soldiers was a massive and unparalleled undertaking. In 1939, the year Hitler’s Armies invaded Poland, the American military numbered 334,000 Army, Navy […]

US Marine Corps Field Scarf, Rare Piece of the Pre-War Uniform: From the 1930’s to the end of WWII, there were dramatic changes in the combat uniform, helmet, equipment and weaponry of the US Marine. But […]

Louisiana Maneuvers, Mistakes to be Made: Written by Jonathan Abbott In two years Nazi Germany had occupied Poland, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, France and Belgium, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Greece. The Axis Powers were pushing […]

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