A SERVICE FLAG ON A FLYING FORTRESS CAUSES A STIR By Sgt. Thernon J. Rice Marine Corps Correspondent SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC—When Calamity Jane, the famous Flying Fortress landed at this island outpost not so long […]

The USS Ranger and USS Wasp: America’s early carriers in the Battle of the Atlantic Of the US Navy’s pre-war force of eight aircraft carriers, only two, the USS Ranger and the USS Wasp, were to see […]

A MAJOR AND A PRIVATE DESCRIBE THEIR TWO DAYS ON AN ITALIAN PRISON SHIP IN TUNIS HARBOR By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin Yank Field Correspondent TUNISIA—When the British Eighth Army drove toward Tunis, there were 691 […]

SUNDAY AT SANANANDA – MEMORIES OF THE HORRORS OF FIGHTING ON NEW GUINEA By T-5 Don E. Rohrig – New Guinea This is the Huggins perimeter. As you are standing, Gona’s ahead of you. The green […]

COME GRIND AND BUMP WITH ME – BURLESQUE SHOWS REMIND A GI OF HOME By Pfc. Len Zineberg, Topeka AAB, Kans. Soon as we hit Los Angeles Joe disappeared. The other guys were kind of sore. […]

OFFICERS PLEASE NOTE – GENERAL MONTGOMERY SPEAKS TO MEN OF THE EIGHTH ARMY From YANK Magazine Before the British Eighth Army moved on El Alamein and routed Rommel’s Afrika Korps, Montgomery called his staff officers together […]

A SOLDIER HOPES TO GIVE ADVICE TO HIS NEPHEW- MY NEPHEW AND I By Pfc. Martin Weldon, Camp Upton, N.Y. My nephew David is 8 ½ years old, a healthy, average kid who kicks cans and […]

THE DOG WHO CAME TO DINNER By S/Sgt. Gordon Crowe, AAFTTC, Santa Monica, Calif. When the CO called me into his office the other morning, handed me a baggage tag and told me to pick up […]

THE FORCED INTERNMENT OF CANADIAN JAPANESE DURING WWII The White Man’s War When World War One started, Ryoichi Kobayashi was 23 year years old and a stranger in Canada. The Great War brought out Canada’s strong […]

SOLDIERS FROM FORT BLISS TRAVEL TO MEXICO – SOUTH OF THE BORDER By Pvt. Frank Ladner, Fort Bliss, Tex. You hear a lot about the Army being a great leveler. Maybe that explains what happened to […]

THERE’S NO FRONT LINE IN NEW GUINEA – JUNGLE FIGHTING IN BUNA By Sgt. Dave Richardson YANK STAFF CORRESPONDENT AT THE FRONT IN NEW GUINEA [By Radio]—Any school kid can tell you that the equator’s an […]

Mystery solved! The Greek “kamikaze” who rammed an Italian CANT Z.1007 bomber By Pierre Kosmidis of WW2Wrecks.com A front-page of the “Daily Mirror” newspaper, dated November 4, 1940, features the story of Greek fighter pilot “Captain Demetriou, […]

Sadaaki Akamatsu, Japan’s “Pappy Boyington” by Henry Sakaida “Akamatsu stunned his superior officers by his conduct. Instead of attending pilot briefings and waiting on the flight line like the other men, he had his own warning […]

FIT FOR COMBAT, UNFIT FOR INSURANCE – LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dear YANK: Before I came overseas I passed a physical for a $10,000 life insurance policy. Upon my arrival in the China theater I received […]

protective gas cover


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THE US ARMY INDIVIDUAL PROTECTIVE GAS COVER From YANK Magazine Latest wrinkle in protection against gases is a cellophane wrapper guaranteed to make G.I.s feel like a package of cigarettes. For protection against burning gasses like […]

FACTS AND FIGURES – THE PRE-ARMY OCCUPATION FACTS OF DOGFACES IN THE WWII CITIZEN ARMY From YANK Magazine Out of every thousand dogfaces, 106 drove trucks or tractors in civilian life, and another 38 were mechanics, chauffeurs […]

BARNEY ROSS RETURNS FROM GUADALCANAL STILL ON HIS FEET. THAT’S THE WAY HE LEFT THE RING, TOO By Sgt. Dan Polier Cpl. Barney Ross came home from the wars the other day. He hobbled down the […]

MY WAR WITH JOHN JARVIE – A WAR CORRESPONDENT RECALLS THE BATTLE OF SENED, TUNISIA By Sgt. James Burchard YANK Staff Correspondent SOMEWHERE ON THE TUNISIAN FRONT—If, after all this is over, anybody ever asks me […]

Leros Island, 1943: The underwater museum of WW2 aircraft wrecks and shipwrecks By Pierre Kosmidis of WW2Wrecks.com The Eastern Aegean was the setting for a series of German air-sea landings, something not normally associated with the Wehrmacht. […]

A YEAST IS WORKING – A SOLDIER TRIES TO FIND OUT WHAT OTHER SOLDIERS ARE THINKING By Sgt. Ray Duncan I asked for “Horrible Harper,” my favorite comic book, but the PX girl gave me Harper’s […]

LUCKY KAMIKAZE PILOTS – THE STORY BEHIND THE FAMOUS PHOTO by Henry Sakaida When I was a high school sophomore in 1968, a military collector gave me a  picture of a group of Army Kamikaze pilots […]

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