THE NEW YORK SUBWAY SYSTEM ON THE ITALIAN FRONT –  A SOLDIER ESCAPES THE NAZIS By Sgt. Newton H. Fulbright WITH THE FIFTH ARMY IN ITALY—Perhaps some busy somebody has taken care of the matter—I haven’t been […]

JAPANESE AMERICAN “ NISEI ” OUTFIT FORMED BY THE WAR DEPARTMENT From YANK Magazine American citizens of Japanese ancestry who have no use for Tojo are going to have a chance to get a crack at […]

THREE SOLDIERS GET CAUGHT PLAYING HUMPHREY, FRANCHOT AND VICTOR WHILE ON DUTY By Cpl. C.V. DeVan After five straight days Kelly, Goldstein and Stetson began to get tired of practicing beach landings. So they welcomed the […]


CARIBBEAN ISLAND GARRISON GETS WEEKLY VISIT FROM PRIEST By Sgt. Clyde Biggerstaff Yank Field Correspondent SOMEWHERE IN THE CARIBBEAN—They’re rough and they’re tough but they’re putty in the hands of Father Reginald Barry, unofficial chaplain to […]

SOVIET ACE VIKTOR LOZOVSKI RAMMED A GERMAN ME-109 By Henry Sakaida Intentionally ramming an enemy aircraft in a dogfight took nerves of steel, skill, and a lot of luck. Soviet pilots exhibited extreme hatred toward their […]

MALARIA – IT’S AS DANGEROUS AS THE AXIS Material for this article on malaria comes from Sgts. Mack Morriss at Guadalcanal; Pete Paris, North Africa; Dave Richardson, New Guinea; Merle Miller, Hawaii, Bill O’Hollaren, Puerto Rico; […]

COAST GUARDSMAN’S EYEWITNESS STORY: SALERNO LANDING WAS NO PINK TEA John Folk CPhoM, a Coast Guard moving-picture cameraman from Atlanta, Ga., sent the following report to Washington after he landed with the Fifth Army in Italy. The […]

MORE DOPE FOR OVERAGE SOLDIERS – WAR DEPT NEWS FOR OLDER SOLDIERS HOPING TO GET AN EARLY DISCHARGE From YANK Magazine Here’s the latest from the WD for overseas G.I.s more than 38 years old who […]

REVEILLE IS TOUGH ON THE TONSILS OF THIS FIRST SERGEANT IN ALASKA YANK’S ALASKA CORRESPONDENT SOMEWHERE IN ALASKA—If Top Sergeant Victor G. Bowen of this cold-shouldered soldiering outfit wears a harried look on his face every […]

THE POWER OF MUSIC – ASTP SOLDIER CONS HIS WAY INTO PAINTING A MURAL AT THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA By Pvt. Spencer L. Davidson , ASTP, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. If a contest should ever […]

PATCHES THAT WRIGGLE – SOLDIERS ROUGH IT ON THE ISLAND OF BERMUDA By Cpl. William Pene Du Bois YANK Field Correspondent BERMUDA—“If you don’t think things can be tough in Bermuda,” says Sgt. Floyd Nute of […]

AMG – IT PIECES CONQUERED TOWNS TOGETHER AGAIN – REBUILDING THE SICILIAN TOWN OF MARSALA By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin Stars and Stripes Correspondent Marsala, Sicily [By Cable]—It is a slow job, the rebirth of a dead […]

G.I. Shop Talk – Canines, Runways and Coast Guard Uniforms From YANK Magazine The Army says that whenever possible they’ll put twins in the same outfit, provided they get along with each other…The QMC is now […]

Roald Dahl – WWII Royal Air Force Flying Ace and Spy By Dirk de Klein of dirkdeklein.net For decades I have been enjoying his stories from ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ and ‘BfG’ to the creepy ‘Tales […]

THE WAR TO SAVE LIVES – Today’s Medicine Miracles Bring New Hope; Death Rate Only Half That of the Last War From Stars and Stripes On a clear October day, 1943, an Army plane glided in […]

HERE’S A REPORT ON THE FIGHTING OF EACH U.S. DIVISION IN SICILY – The 1st Division Veterans from Tunisia Distinguished Themselves Again While Others, New to Battle Took the Campaign in Stride. “What kid of battle […]

WHAT A WAC DOES WHEN A GI STARTS TELLING HER WHAT A HOT-SHOT HE WAS BACK HOME Since Some English girls say that the American soldier brags too much about himself and his country, YANK’s photographer […]

JOSEPH VAN DER HAEGHEN THE PERFECT B-17 PILOT By Maxine Van der Haeghen My husband of 63 ½ years, Joe Van der Haeghen, died early in the morning of January 1, 2009. He was 91 ½ […]

HANK PORTER-DISNEY ARTIST CREATES INSIGNIA FOR U.S. ARMED FORCES By Robert L. Schwartz Y2c BURBANK, CALIF.—Seabees at Camp Hueneme, Calif., recently wrote to Hank Porter of the Walt Disney Studios asking for a sketch of a […]

Italian war crimes and atrocities in Greece during WW2 By Pierre Kosmidis of ww2wrecks.com The Italian occupation of Greece, from 1941 up until 1943, when the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini collapsed and the Italians swiftly […]

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