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BRITISH IGNORE RECOGNITION OF AUSTRIAN REGIME From the May 1, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes LONDON, April 30.–A British Foreign Office commentator said today that the British government does not recognize the Austrian Provisional Government […]

IRAN RADIO WAS ON THE AIR BEFORE YOU COULD SAY ‘TAINTON-POTTBERG’ By Sgt. Al Hine YANK Staff Correspondent NORTHERN IRAN—Behind the rather terrifying moniker of T-4 Alaric Clifton Tainton-Pottberg lies a career of radio-script writing in […]

OKINAWA YANKS REACT CALMLY TO NEWS OF ETO VICTORIES From The May 7, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes OKINAWA, May 6 (ANS)—The reported death of Adolf Hitler and the word of surrender of the German […]

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UNKNOWN AMERICAN PILOT NOW IDENTIFIED By Henry Sakaida On 1 August 1945, the war with Japan was in its final days. Riyogi Honda was walking along the beach of Saeki Bay on the east coast of […]

CAEN IS DOLLED UP IN ITS SUNDAY BEST TO WELCOME ALLIES By Doon Campbell Reuter War Correspondent From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes CAEN, July 10–The people of Caen dressed in their […]

A GI COMPLAINS ABOUT THE VALUE OF THE DISCHARGE BUTTON Dear YANK: The purpose of this letter is a protest against the present veterans’ discharge lapel button now being issued, which in my opinion is entirely […]

IRAN DUCKS GO GARRISON – A GI GIVES WATERFOWL LESSONS IN CLOSE ORDER DRILL From YANK Magazine IRAN—Watching a platoon of ducks (mallards and redheads, Persian variety) doing close-order drill twice a day under the direction […]

FIFTH, EIGHTH ARMIES GAIN FROM PO RIVER BRIDGEHEAD From the April 26 Edition of Stars and Stripes (UP).–From a 50-mile bridgehead on the north bank of the Po River, Allied Fifth and Eighth Army troops today […]

YANKS GAIN ON OKINAWA: IE SHIMA CONQUERED BY 77TH INFANTRY DIVISION From the April 23rd Edition of Stars and Stripes GUAM, April 22 (ANS).—Three U.S. Army divisions, in fighting officially described as the “bitterest kind,” have […]

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NAZIS’ RECORDS OF ALLIED POWs ARE CAPTURED From the April 20, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes XII CORPS HQ., Germany, April 19–Germany’s complete records of Allied prisoners of war have been captured by forces of […]

CHRISTMAS ON THE ROCK – WHAT SOLDIERS WANT FOR CHRISTMAS ON IWO JIMA Mother Nature was in a nasty mood when Jack Frost reported in, “Look, Jack,” she said, “I don’t often complain when you goof […]

LIBERATING GERMANS – GI REACTS TO ENTERING GERMANY Dear YANK: At a recent company formation we were informed that we were liberating the German people. Now, since were under the impression that we were attempting to […]

ZHUKOV PRAISES EISENHOWER AT VICTORY BANQUET IN BERLIN By Charles F. Kiley Stars and Stripes Staff Writer BERLIN, May 9.—Marshal Zhukov, deputy commander-in-chief of Russian forces and chief instrument in the Red Army’s tactical defeat of […]

MUSSOLINI BEGGED FOR LIFE BEFORE ITALIAN PATRIOT COURT From the May 1, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes The broken and disfigured body of Benito Mussolini remained on exhibition in a Milan public square yesterday, as […]

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JAPANESE CUT OFF U.S. BATTALION ON MINDANAO From the May 10, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes MANILA, May 9 (ANS).–Japanese troops. in their first show of strength since the 24th Div. landing on Mindanao April […]

CAFFEIN FIENDS – SOLDIERS OF THE 5TH INFANTRY DIVISION COMPLAIN ABOUT CHANGES TO ARMY K RATIONS Dear YANK: Who slipped the boullion in the breakfast ration? 81-mm. mortarmen, 30-cal. machine gunners and every rifleman in the […]

PRO STATIONS OPEN IN REICH BUT FRATERNIZING BAN STANDS By Peter Lisagor Stars and Stripes Staff Writer TWELFTH ARMY GROUP HQ., June 5.–Establishment of prophylactic stations in Germany was not regarded “as any relaxation of non-fraternization […]

DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE – A GI QUESTIONS THE FUTURE OF SOLDIERS WHO RECEIVED THEM Dear YANK: It has been said that the military prisoner may become the forgotten soldier. Now we’re not considering the man who is […]

SAD SPECIMENS – A GI GRIPES ABOUT THE GRIPERS IN THE ARMY Dear YANK: I’ve often wondered where you get all your gripes and where the gripers found time to put their gripes on paper. Most […]

NORTH STALAG III – GRAPHIC PICTURE TAKEN BY YANK PHOTOGRAPHER AT OHRDRUF CONCENTRATION CAMP This picture was taken by YANK photographer Pfc. Pat Coffey inside a shack at Concentration Camp North Stalag Three, in Ohrdruf, Germany. […]

THE TRAGIC STORY OF MERLIN PADDOCK AS REMEMBERED BY AN ENEMY PILOT AND HIS WIDOW By Henry Sakaida “I think it was around May 1945 when I met that American,” remembered Takeo Tanimizu, a former Zero […]

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