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WAKE RAID IS REVEALED BY THE NAVY- It Followed Marcus Blow, Reported by Japs; Both Bases Hit Heavily From the May 27, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes The U.S. Navy yesterday broke its silence on […]

STARS AND STRIPES ORPHAN S’ FUND PASSES £62,000 From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes With a bomb group represented by Chaplain Clarence R. Comfort Jr. sending in £100 to complete the sponsorship of […]

sadamu komachi


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ZERO ACE SADAMU KOMACHI NEEDED CLOSURE By Henry Sakaida I received the strangest request over a cup of coffee in a Tokyo café back in 1975 when I was a starving college student. I was visiting […]

wwii navy pilot


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UNKNOWN AMERICAN PILOT NOW IDENTIFIED By Henry Sakaida On 1 August 1945, the war with Japan was in its final days. Riyogi Honda was walking along the beach of Saeki Bay on the east coast of […]

THE TRAGIC STORY OF MERLIN PADDOCK AS REMEMBERED BY AN ENEMY PILOT AND HIS WIDOW By Henry Sakaida “I think it was around May 1945 when I met that American,” remembered Takeo Tanimizu, a former Zero […]

NEARER HOME – GI FROM HAWAII REQUESTS TO BE STATIONED CLOSER TO HOME Dear YANK: There are a number of boys from Hawaii who are stationed in the States. Now that it is all over why […]

JAPANESE REPORT U.S. NAVY BOMBERS RAID IN CENTRAL PHILIPPINES From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Two hundred Allied planes yesterday raided several cities in the central Philippines, including Legaspi and Cebu, the […]

COLOR-BLIND COLORIST  – A NAVY PAINTER AIRS HIS GREIVANCES Dear YANK: Back in 1942 the Regular Navy refused my enlistment in aviation mechanics because I’m color-blind but I was physically fit for the Seabees. After two […]

G.I. Shop Talk – Canines, Runways and Coast Guard Uniforms From YANK Magazine The Army says that whenever possible they’ll put twins in the same outfit, provided they get along with each other…The QMC is now […]

The USS Ranger and USS Wasp: America’s early carriers in the Battle of the Atlantic Of the US Navy’s pre-war force of eight aircraft carriers, only two, the USS Ranger and the USS Wasp, were to see […]

uss franklin


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BIG BEN – SAGA OF THE USS FRANKLIN (CV-13) By Sgt. Larry McManus YANK Staff Correspondent PEARL HARBOR—When the battered Big Ben, listed in official Navy records as the 27,000-ton Essex-class carrier USS FRANKLIN, nosed her […]

wwii aircraft carrier accident


Posted on January 18th, 2017 by:

ACCIDENTAL BLOW-UP ON AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER From YANK Magazine It was an accident, but the results were as bad as if the Japanese had caused it. YANK’S Sgt. Lon Wilson took these pictures as it happened. […]

RUBBER RAFT TEST – AIR FORCE MEN VOLUNTEER FOR SIX DAY EXPERIMENT IN THE GULF OF MEXICO By S/Sgt. Gregor Duncan Eight Air Force men drifted on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico for six […]

CARRIER IN THE PACIFIC- NEW FLAT-TOPS HAVE MADE OUR RECENT SERIES OF BLOWS INTO JAPANESE TERRITORY POSSIBLE The increasing tempo of the war in the Pacific—our invasion of the Gilbert and Marshall Islands and our astonishing […]

WAR WITHOUT SLOGANS – FIGHTING THE JAPANESE FLEET OFF SAMAR By Sgt. Larry McManus YANK Staff Correspondent PACIFIC FLEET HEADQUARTERS—Although the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea* was one of America’s major naval victories, it failed […]

ARTHUR SINGER JR. – THE PROFESSOR AND THE FABLED FIFTEEN By Jonathan Abbott The fighters are first. Their folding wings lock in place, their two thousand horsepower Pratt and Whitney engines rev and kick to life. […]

WHO WAS THAT CAPTURED JAPANESE PILOT I MET IN 1942? By Henry Sakaida “I didn’t know his name, I don’t know where he was from, I don’t know what happened to him…but I sure would  like […]



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WWII FIGHTER PLANE WRECK FOUND OFF JAPAN The wreck of a fighter plane shot down during World War II was discovered in the Oshima Strait off the coast of Setouchi, Kagoshima Prefecture. The area used to be […]

US NAVY TALKER HELMET – PROTECTION FOR THE NERVES OF THE SHIP During WWII, the US Navy utilized a sound-powered Interior Communications (I.C.) system for internal communications within a ship. The system allowed the Captain to […]

THE KANEYOSHI MUTO FAMOUS 12 AGAINST 1   COMBAT MYTH   By Henry Sakaida  To the Japanese, a good myth is something that is embellished,  venerated, and passed along to succeeding generations. If a story is good, why […]

WWII BOMBER RAISED FROM LAKE MICHIGAN TO BE RESTORED: A WWII bomber recovered from Lake Michigan has found a new home at the Air Zoo in Portage, MI and will be restored. The Kalamazoo Gazette states that […]

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