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JAPANESE CARRIER IDENTIFICATION – FROM 1944 RECOGNITION JOURNAL JAPANESE CV’S COME OUT TO FIGHT Through October 1942 the Japanese had proved themselves good carrier men. The handled their ships skillfully and with great imagination. Co-ordination between their recco and […]

THE US NAVY AVIATOR’S SUMMER COTTON JERSEY In early 1944, after requests from fliers for cooler flying clothing for men operating in tropical climates, the US Navy came out with a lightweight cotton jersey for flying […]

SECOND TO LAST SURVIVING DOOLITTLE RAIDER PASSES AWAY: David Jonathan Thatcher, age 94, of Missoula, Montana died of complications from a stroke on Wednesday, June 22, 2016. Thatcher was born on July 31, 1921 in Bridger, […]

Avenger Rear Gunner – “Jitterbug” Goes to War The greatest thrill of his life came as he landed for the first time on the deck of an aircraft carrier at sea. Two years before in 1941, […]

Saburo Sakai Meets the SBD Gunner Who Wounded Him at Guadalcanal By Henry Sakaida It’s not everyday that two men, who tried to kill one another in World War II, would meet and shake hands like […]

Jim McDonough Builds Giant Ships Out of Legos Jim McDonough loves ships and he loves Lego’s. He has been captivated by them ever since he was five years old. Now at 46, when he isn’t working […]


A Talk With Adm. Nimitz-From YANK Magazine

Posted on May 26th, 2016 by:

A Talk With Adm. Nimitz-From YANK Magazine By Sgt. H. N. Oliphant YANK Staff Correspondent PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII—In moments of crisis there is nothing that relaxes Adm. Chester W. Nimitz more than hitting a few bull’s-eyes […]


Shangri-La is Launched by the US Navy

Posted on May 23rd, 2016 by:

Shangri-La is Launched by the US Navy The USS Shangri-La (CV 38) was named after President Franklin Roosevelt’s response to where Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25 bombers were launched from for their April 18, 1942 raid on Japan. The carrier […]

david mccampbell

David McCampbell: The US Navy Ace of Aces

Posted on May 12th, 2016 by:

David McCampbell: The US Navy Ace of Aces David McCampbell started active duty with the US Navy in 1934 serving aboard the cruiser USS Portland. He graduated flying school and served on the carriers USS Ranger […]

Warner Brothers Meet the Fleet (1940) with George Reeves “Meet the Fleet” is a 1940 Warner Brothers color short film about the Navy. It follows 3 recruits as they train for sea deployment to Hawaii. Ironically, […]

Harry Ferrier, Last Midway Survivor of VT-8 has Passed Away Harry Ferrier enlisted in the Navy on January 28, 1941, three days after his sixteenth birthday.  After boot camp and aviation radio school, he joined Torpedo […]

Shoho the First Japanese Carrier Sunk in WWII The Shoho , sunk at the Battle of the Coral Sea, was the first Japanese aircraft carrier sunk during WWII. On June 1, 1935, the Imperial Japanese Navy […]

Navy Uniform Change Proposal from YANK Magazine In 1945, the Navy considered changing from their classic jumper and bellbottoms to a newer more “modern” uniform. Farewell to Bellbottoms Navy Notes By Donald Nugent Sp(X)3c Yank Navy […]

Battle of the Eastern Solomons, View from a Japanese Dive Bomber During the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, Japanese Navy Observer, Keiichi Arima had a front row seat to the third carrier battle of the Pacific […]

John Ford’s The Battle of Midway – A Film Made by Accident: Director John Ford was an accidental witness to one of America’s most important battles of WWII. A Commander in the Navy and later head […]

eastern solomons

Midway Dive Bomber Pilot Turns 100 Years Old

Posted on April 12th, 2016 by:

Midway Dive Bomber Pilot Turns 100 Years Old: Norman Jack “Dusty” Kleiss celebrated his 100th birthday this year amid friends and family and even received a special phone call from the President who thanked him for […]

150 Lost WWII Aircraft Found in the Pacific

Posted on March 22nd, 2016 by:

150 Lost WWII Aircraft Found: A treasure trove of over 150 WWII US aircraft have been found 130 feet underwater in the Marshall Islands. Brandi Mueller of Cameron, Wisconsin discovered the wrecks while diving off the island of Roi-Namur. She […]

Homecoming of a WWII US Navy Corsair

Posted on March 22nd, 2016 by:

Homecoming of a WWII US Navy Corsair: On March 18th, 1945 nineteen F4U Corsairs from Fighter Squadron 10 took off the from the USS Intrepid to bomb a naval base on the island of Kyushu, Japan. […]

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