NOTHING CAN STOP THE….COMICAL STORY OF ARMY AIR FORCE CENSORSHIP By Sgt. Ray Duncan You’ve heard of the Army Air Forces, of course, but someday soon you may not. In China, according to an Associated Press […]

SCHOOL FOR GUNNERS Our “Gun-running” Correspondent Learns to Operate The Armament on a Bomber; and God Help Hitler. By Sgt. Denton Scott YANK Staff Correspondent SOMEWHERE IN THE MUD—The B-17 looked like an angry bear attacked by […]

PUERTO RICAN SOLDIER Pvt. Fulano de Tal, the typical GI, is proud of his island, fights well and likes rice, beans and the rumba. By Sgt. Lou Stoumen YANK Staff Correspondent SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO—As Jerry […]

TAIL GUNNER ON “ACES AND ATES” A B-17 WITH THE 384TH BOMB GROUP By Edward McDonald During World War II I was a tail gunner on a B-17 named Aces and Ates. I crashed twice before […]

GERMANS ATTEST SNAFU IN SUPPLY – ATTACKED RELENTLESSLY BY ALLIED BOMBERS From the July 14, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Significant accounts of the devastating disruption caused to the Germans’ military supply lines by Allied […]

ROBERT STAHLHUT – A B-17 TOP TURRET GUNNER’S FATEFUL MISSION Robert Stahlhut was a flight engineer and top turret gunner on a B-17 in the 8th  Air Force’s 384th Bomb Group. In September of 1943, the 8th  Air Force was […]

STARS AND STRIPES STORY OF PARACHUTE AIR BRAKES BRINGS CRIPPLED B17 FLYING FORTRESS IN SAFE Pilot recalls, orders ‘em set up in the Stage Door Canteen A FORTRESS BASE, May 26, 1944—Recollection of a story he […]

RUNWAY ARTIST – AN ENGLISH GIRL PAINTS NOSE ART ON FLYING FORTRESSES Our honey for this week is Ann Josephine Haywood, a 24-year-old blonde and blue-eyed English miss, whose drawings of curvesome lovelies on fuselages of […]

BARGAIN COUNTER – A CORPORAL STRIKES IT RICH IN PICCADILLY From YANK Magazine Some Joes have all the luck. We’re thinking of a T/5 we ran into the other day who told us about a find […]

650 B-17 FLYING FORTRESSES BATTER KASSEL; COAST BOMBED From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Flying through thick clouds which obscured the targets, 650 escorted Fortresses yesterday blasted motor factories, plane plants, locomotive […]

THE EIGHTH AIR FORCE BATTLES THE LUFTWAFFE IN DAYLIGHT RAIDS Showing the skeptics that Europe can be bombed in daylight with no fighter protection, our flyers in Britain have made a big contribution to the war. […]

WHO IS REALLY EXCESS BAGGAGE IN A B-24 LIBERATOR AND B-17 FLYING FORTRESS By T/Sgt. Joseph T. Capossela The aircrew boys don’t argue any more about whether a Lib is a better plane than a Fort. […]

TAIL GUNNER, TRAPPED IN B17, PLUNGES 13,500 FT.- AND LIVES From the April 25, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes U.S. EIGHTH AF HQ, April 25 –“Tail-End Charley,” a 19-year-old gunner, calmly lit a cigarette as he plunged […]

US FORCES BATTLE THE JAPANESE FOR BOUGAINVILLE AND THE GILBERT ISLANDS American Army, Navy and Marine forces battle the Japanese for control of forward bases in the Gilbert and Solomon islands. US Army Air Force B-24 Liberators and […]

ARMY AIR FORCE BATTERS REICH – FROM STARS AND STRIPES REICH BATTERED BY 2,700 PLANES 1,200 Heavies from U.K., Force From Italy Join In Smashing Blows July 20, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Unloosing the […]

THE AIR FORCE STORY: SEPTEMBER 1943 – JUNE 1944 The Air Force Story chronicles the USAAF’s contribution to the Italian Front from the beaches of Salerno to the Liberation of Rome. From September 1943 to June […]



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B-17G GROUNDED DUE TO ENGINE TROUBLE The “Yankee Lady” a B-17G owned by the Yankee Air Museum of Van Buren Township, Michigan has suffered engine problems and will be cancelling its stop at the Muskegon County […]


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WWII BOMB FOUND IN BERLIN NEIGHBORHOOD Construction workers in the Berlin neighborhood of Rummelsburg have uncovered an unexploded American WWII 550-pound bomb with its fuse intact during midday work. German police have evacuated homes within a […]

WAC FLIGHT ENGINEER IS KILLED AFTER BALKING AT ‘FLYING A DESK’ By Jim Russell Stars and Stripes Staff Writer LONDON, May 1 (Delayed).—Pfc. Jane B. Windham who considered flying for Air Transport Command as a flight […]

ARKANSAS VETERANS RECEIVE THE FRENCH LEGION OF HONOR: The French government has awarded 12 World War II veterans the French Legion of Honor Medal in a ceremony in Little Rock. Beatrice Moore of Batesville, honorary consul of […]

AIR SHOW IN BEAUMONT, TX BRINGS WARPLANES AND MEMORIES: Clyde DeFrates Jr., a 90-year-old World War II veteran from Beaumont was hoping to see a B-17 Flying Fortress last month at Jack Brooks Regional Airport. DeFrates flew 33 […]

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