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102ND INFANTRY DIVISION FINDS “GOOD GERMANS” IN GARDELEGEN GERMANY By Sgt. Allan Ecker YANK Staff Correspondent GARDELEGEN, GERMANY—GIs of the 102nd Division who saw the bodies of 1,016 foreign workers burned alive in a barn here […]

ONE OF THREE SHELLS A DUD, DUE TO SLAVE LABOR NAZI DOCUMENT ADMITS From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes SUPREME ALLIED HQ, Sept. 23—A captured German document shows that the enemy high […]

GERMAN CIVILIANS BURY MURDERED JEWISH SLAVE LABORERS – YANK MAGAZINE German woman, as well as men, were unwilling pallbearers at the mass burial of 161 Jewish slave laborers who were killed by Nazi guards at Neunburg, Bavaria. […]

henrich himmler


Posted on August 2nd, 2016 by:

DIARIES OF SS LEADER HEINRICH HIMMLER FOUND The diaries of Heinrich Himmler, leader of the dreaded SS and architect of the Holocaust, have recently surfaced revealing the Nazi leaders last days. The 1,000 pages comprehensively chronicle […]


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JOSEPH LAFLEUR- CHAPLAIN, POW, HERO: Chaplain Joseph Lafleur heroically gave his life to save his fellow soldiers while he was a prisoner of the Japanese. Joseph Verbis Lafleur was born on January 24, 1912 in Ville […]

ELIE WIESEL, FAMED HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR, HAS DIED AT AGE 87: Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner has died on Saturday in his Manhattan home. Mr. Wiesel was 87. Wiesel first gained international attention […]

ESCAPE TUNNEL USED BY JEWISH PRISONERS FOUND IN LITHUANIA: A team from Israel, America, Canada and Lithuania used mineral and oil exploration scanning technology to find a 100-foot-long tunnel located in the Ponar forest about 10 kilometers […]



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POLICE RETURN VETERAN’S MEDALS TO FAMILY Police in Oregon have returned the World War II medals of Lt. Colonel Frank Brad Wilson to his family after finding them at his home in Gladstone. The medals included […]

MYSTERY BIDDER PAYS $676,000 FOR NAZI ITEMS IN AUCTION: A man from Argentina paid more than $676,000 this weekend for personal belongings of Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering. According to Reuters, the anonymous buyer showed up […]

Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors – By Brad Hoopes: For over a decade, Brad Hoopes has interviewed and recorded the experiences of over 350 WWII veterans. He now has compiled 70 of these incredible experiences into […]

Reinhold Hanning, SS Auschwitz Guard Found Guilty Reinhold Hanning, a former SS man and Auschwitz concentration camp guard, was found guilty of 170,000 counts of accessory to murder by a German court on Friday. The 94-year-old […]


Tea Canister That Held a Family Secret

Posted on June 5th, 2016 by:

Tea Canister That Held a Family Secret In 1939, as the Nazis invaded Poland, Guta and Mayer Rak fled their home in Warsaw. The young Jewish couple packed up whatever belongings they could and fled east. […]


An Auschwitz Forbidden Romance Story

Posted on May 28th, 2016 by:

 An Auschwitz Forbidden Romance Story In 1942, Helena Citrónová arrived in Auschwitz. She came from Slovakia, a country that declared its independence from Czechoslovakia when the Nazi’s divided the country. Helena worked in Auschwitz II, called Birkenau, […]


Cup from Auschwitz Reveals Hidden Secret

Posted on May 19th, 2016 by:

Cup from Auschwitz Reveals Hidden Secret: More than 70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, objects from the camp are still giving up their secrets. At the camp’s museum collection, a small enamel cup revealed its […]

Concentration Camp Survivor and Liberator Reunite Last week, during a Holocaust remembrance ceremony, Colorado veteran Sid Shafner was reunited with a Holocaust survivor he liberated from a concentration camp over seventy years ago. During an emotional […]

Massacre of Ustasha Forces Commemorated by Croatian Nationalists On Saturday, far-right Croatian nationalists gathered in southern Austria to mark the anniversary of the Bleiburg massacre where thousands of Croatians, mostly pro-Nazi Ustasha soldiers, were killed by […]

Fates of two British Channel Island resistance fighters solved: In the summer of 1940, the Nazi’s occupied the British Channel Islands. At first, the Germans were relatively lenient in their rule, but alienated the population over […]

Peter Kubicek’s  Memories of Evil, a childhood in the Holocaust In March 1939 the Nazis marched into the remaining free part of Czechoslovakia absorbing it into the Third Reich. That month in 1939 would destroy the […]

General John DeWitt and the Internment of the Japanese in America. Lieutenant General John L. DeWitt was one of the men most responsible for the forced evacuation of over 110,000 people of Japanese ethnicity from the […]

martin sommer

Walter Gerhard Martin Sommer, the Face of Evil

Posted on April 25th, 2016 by:

Walter Gerhard Martin Sommer, the Face of Evil Of all the brutal and inhumane guards who served at Buchenwald, one of the most cruel and evil was a man named Walter Gerhard Martin Sommer. Gerhard Martin […]

tank battalions

American Tank Battalions in Defense of Bataan

Posted on April 24th, 2016 by:

American Tank Battalions in Defense of Bataan: The Beginning The men of the 192nd and 194th Tank Battalions were the first American tankers to see action in WWII. Both Tank Battalions were composed of National Guard […]

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