CAFFEIN FIENDS – SOLDIERS OF THE 5TH INFANTRY DIVISION COMPLAIN ABOUT CHANGES TO ARMY K RATIONS Dear YANK: Who slipped the boullion in the breakfast ration? 81-mm. mortarmen, 30-cal. machine gunners and every rifleman in the […]

SAD SPECIMENS – A GI GRIPES ABOUT THE GRIPERS IN THE ARMY Dear YANK: I’ve often wondered where you get all your gripes and where the gripers found time to put their gripes on paper. Most […]

IN AGAIN, OUT AGAIN – AN AMERICAN GI IS RESCUED BY THE RUSSIANS FROM CAPTIVITY AND EXECUTION From YANK Magazine TORGAU, GERMANY—When Russians overran this town, two days before the link-up with the 1st U.S. Army, […]

EISENHOWER HOPEFUL SCIENCE WILL FIND ANSWER TO THE FLYING ROBOT BOMBS From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Gen. Eisenhower, in an interview yesterday on the Germans’ robot bomb, which he described as […]

American GI soldier Paris WWII


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GI SKETCH ARTIST ILLUSTRATES LIFE IN PARIS From YANK Magazine T-5 Anatol Kovarsky, a GI who studied art in Paris before the war, takes you on a sketchbook tour through the City of Light. For More […]

NEARER HOME – GI FROM HAWAII REQUESTS TO BE STATIONED CLOSER TO HOME Dear YANK: There are a number of boys from Hawaii who are stationed in the States. Now that it is all over why […]

THE WAR DEPARTMENT ANNOUNCES A NEW TROOP-ROTATION POLICY From YANK Magazine For the first time since it started to send soldiers overseas the War Department has announced the adoption of a troop-rotation policy. Definite plans are […]

NINTH AIR FORCE P47S HIT NAZIS IN FRANCE TO AID INFANTRY From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Striking four miles in front of advancing American troops in France, Ninth Air Force Thunderbolt […]

CHARLES DE GAULLE PLEDGES NATIONAL ELECTION SOON AS POSSIBLE From the April 26, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes Gen. de Gaulle president of the French provisional government, in a radio talk last night promised that […]

100th Battalion italy


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BOOST FOR THE NISEI (2ND GENERATION JAPANESE AMERICANS) OF THE 100TH BATTALION Dear YANK: Recently there has been much talk about Japanese-Americans. I am a former infantryman of the 133rd Infantry, 34th Division. A year ago attached […]

FIGHTER PILOTS OF THE NINTH AIR FORCE IN FRANCE ARE DECORATED From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes A NINTH AIR FORCE ADVANCED HQ, France, July 10–Sixteen fighter pilots were awarded 15 DFCs […]

ROLLING 2ND ARMORED DIVISION TANK GATHERS NO MOSS—JUST GRAIN From the November 22nd 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes. WITH THE SECOND ARMORED DIVISION—In France, T/4 James C. Shiver, of Brundidge, Ala., and Pvt. Russell Webb, […]

THREE SUNDAYS –  FROM DIARY OF A SOLDIER FIGHTING IN FRANCE By Pvt. Michael Pinkosky In the mail the other day, YANK received from Pvt. Michael Pinkosky a copy of a hastily scribbled diary which he had […]

FRENCH FORCES OF THE INTERIOR–The tough, courageous Maquis who drove the Germans from Paris are a disciplined army of 500,000 men and women at all ages and walks of life. By Sgt. Bill Davidson YANK Staff […]

WIDOW OF GEN. THEODORE ROOSEVELT GIVEN HIS MEDAL OF HONOR WASHINGTON, Sept. 24, 1944—Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt Jr., eldest, son of the late President, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously yesterday for gallantry in […]


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GEN. THEODORE ROOSEVELT DIES IN FRANCE FIRST U.S. ARMY HQ, Normandy July 14—Brig Gen. Theodore Roosevelt, son of the late president Theodore Roosevelt and veteran of four campaigns of this war, died in his tent Wednesday […]

NEW 8-TON M22 LOCUST TANK FLOWN TO HOLLAND IN INVASION From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes NEW YORK, Sept. 24,—a new Army ordnance eight-ton airborne tank—M22—Was used in the invasion of Holland, […]

19TH TACTICAL AIR COMMAND GETS THANKS FOR AID FROM 3RD ARMY NINTH AIR FORCE HQ, FRANCE, Sept. 24—For their “tireless efforts” in harassing and obliterating large numbers of enemy vehicles and troop concentrations ahead of Lt. […]

liberation of cherbourg


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OBSERVER STATES ALLIES COULD HAVE HELD CHERBOURG From the July 1, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Larry Lesueur, Columbia Broadcasting System commentator, said in a broadcast from Normandy yesterday that the Cherbourg defenses were so […]

TALKS WITH PRESIDENT FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT OVER, DE GAULLE QUITS CAPITAL From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes WASHINGTON, July 10 — Gen. Charles de Gaulle, who has been conferring here with President Roosevelt, […]

TAX-FREE DOUGHS? IDEAS ON HELPING OUT THE INFANTRY AND OTHER FIGHTING MEN AFTER THE WAR Dear YANK: While reading the latest poop on our staggering national debt and the tax measures that will be necessary to […]

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