ALLIES STRIKE SOUTHEAST OF CAEN TO SMASH 7 PANZER DIVISIONS Move Near to Orne River and Flat Land Beyond; Americans Advance From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Allied forces captured five more […]

soviet red army tanks dvishk is2


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SOVIET TANKS PUSH WEDGE BETWEEN VILNA, DVINSK From the July 12, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Powerful Soviet tank columns drove a deep wedge between Vilna and Dvinsk yesterday, and while Red infantry mopped up […]

NAZI GUNS FIRING BLANKS – HIGH PERCENTAGE OF DUDS FIRED BY GERMAN ARTILLERY From the July 12, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes WITH THE BRITISH FORCES IN NORMANDY, July 11 (REUTER)–A high percentage of duds […]

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NAZIS’ RECORDS OF ALLIED POWs ARE CAPTURED From the April 20, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes XII CORPS HQ., Germany, April 19–Germany’s complete records of Allied prisoners of war have been captured by forces of […]

SCHWEINFURT RAID – IT COST PLENTY BUT IT WAS WORTH IT By Sgt. Walter Peters The Eighth Air Force raid on Schweinfurt in southern Germany was probably the most devastating single air battle ever fought. We shot […]

LIBERATING GERMANS – GI REACTS TO ENTERING GERMANY Dear YANK: At a recent company formation we were informed that we were liberating the German people. Now, since were under the impression that we were attempting to […]

THE FIRST YANK WHO DIDN’T MEET THE BRITISH EIGHTH ARMY By Sgt. Milton Lehman Somewhere in Tunisia [By Radio]–If the trip hadn’t gone sour and if I had been able to find the right road, I […]

GABRESKI, TOP ACE WITH 28 KILLS, CAN’T SEEM TO FIND NO. 29 From the July 15, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes AN EIGHTH P47 BASE, July 14 (AP)–Lt. Col. Francis E. Gabreski, top American ace, […]

1,100 BOMBERS BATTER MUNICH; TOULON RAIDED – LUFTWAFFE SHUNS A FIGHT, BUT FLAK OVER REICH IS INTENSE; 20 HEAVIES LOST From the July 12, 1944 edition of Stars and Stripes More than 1,100 American heavy bombers–one […]

ZHUKOV PRAISES EISENHOWER AT VICTORY BANQUET IN BERLIN By Charles F. Kiley Stars and Stripes Staff Writer BERLIN, May 9.—Marshal Zhukov, deputy commander-in-chief of Russian forces and chief instrument in the Red Army’s tactical defeat of […]

CAFFEIN FIENDS – SOLDIERS OF THE 5TH INFANTRY DIVISION COMPLAIN ABOUT CHANGES TO ARMY K RATIONS Dear YANK: Who slipped the boullion in the breakfast ration? 81-mm. mortarmen, 30-cal. machine gunners and every rifleman in the […]

PRO STATIONS OPEN IN REICH BUT FRATERNIZING BAN STANDS By Peter Lisagor Stars and Stripes Staff Writer TWELFTH ARMY GROUP HQ., June 5.–Establishment of prophylactic stations in Germany was not regarded “as any relaxation of non-fraternization […]

SAD SPECIMENS – A GI GRIPES ABOUT THE GRIPERS IN THE ARMY Dear YANK: I’ve often wondered where you get all your gripes and where the gripers found time to put their gripes on paper. Most […]

NORTH STALAG III – GRAPHIC PICTURE TAKEN BY YANK PHOTOGRAPHER AT OHRDRUF CONCENTRATION CAMP This picture was taken by YANK photographer Pfc. Pat Coffey inside a shack at Concentration Camp North Stalag Three, in Ohrdruf, Germany. […]

2 RED ARMIES BEGIN ATTACKS IN BOHEMIA AND THE BALTIC COAST From the May 6, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes Two Russian armies launched attacks on a 110-mile front last night against the Bohemian redoubt […]

GERMANS FLEE NORTH IN ITALY IN HEADLONG ROUT Allied Spearheads 18 Mi. From Leghorn; Enemy’s Resistance Collapses From the July 1, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes With the Allies driving forward on an 80-mile front […]

EISENHOWER HOPEFUL SCIENCE WILL FIND ANSWER TO THE FLYING ROBOT BOMBS From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Gen. Eisenhower, in an interview yesterday on the Germans’ robot bomb, which he described as […]

NEARER HOME – GI FROM HAWAII REQUESTS TO BE STATIONED CLOSER TO HOME Dear YANK: There are a number of boys from Hawaii who are stationed in the States. Now that it is all over why […]

THE WAR DEPARTMENT ANNOUNCES A NEW TROOP-ROTATION POLICY From YANK Magazine For the first time since it started to send soldiers overseas the War Department has announced the adoption of a troop-rotation policy. Definite plans are […]

A WEEK OF WAR – CHURCHILL, ROOSEVELT, CASABLANCA, GUADALCANAL AND THE EASTERN FRONT Hitler’s little situation just gets worse and worse all the time, fortunately. The two men who had been taking all the plane trips […]

AWOL…WILLIAM M. KLIEN – TOP TURRET GUNNER 384TH BOMB GROUP By William Klien Jr. Dad Enlisted on 16 Aug ’40. After the War Broke out he was an airplane mechanic (TSgt). His unit was designated to […]

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