CAFFEIN FIENDS – SOLDIERS OF THE 5TH INFANTRY DIVISION COMPLAIN ABOUT CHANGES TO ARMY K RATIONS Dear YANK: Who slipped the boullion in the breakfast ration? 81-mm. mortarmen, 30-cal. machine gunners and every rifleman in the […]

PRO STATIONS OPEN IN REICH BUT FRATERNIZING BAN STANDS By Peter Lisagor Stars and Stripes Staff Writer TWELFTH ARMY GROUP HQ., June 5.–Establishment of prophylactic stations in Germany was not regarded “as any relaxation of non-fraternization […]

SAD SPECIMENS – A GI GRIPES ABOUT THE GRIPERS IN THE ARMY Dear YANK: I’ve often wondered where you get all your gripes and where the gripers found time to put their gripes on paper. Most […]

NORTH STALAG III – GRAPHIC PICTURE TAKEN BY YANK PHOTOGRAPHER AT OHRDRUF CONCENTRATION CAMP This picture was taken by YANK photographer Pfc. Pat Coffey inside a shack at Concentration Camp North Stalag Three, in Ohrdruf, Germany. […]

2 RED ARMIES BEGIN ATTACKS IN BOHEMIA AND THE BALTIC COAST From the May 6, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes Two Russian armies launched attacks on a 110-mile front last night against the Bohemian redoubt […]

GERMANS FLEE NORTH IN ITALY IN HEADLONG ROUT Allied Spearheads 18 Mi. From Leghorn; Enemy’s Resistance Collapses From the July 1, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes With the Allies driving forward on an 80-mile front […]

EISENHOWER HOPEFUL SCIENCE WILL FIND ANSWER TO THE FLYING ROBOT BOMBS From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Gen. Eisenhower, in an interview yesterday on the Germans’ robot bomb, which he described as […]

NEARER HOME – GI FROM HAWAII REQUESTS TO BE STATIONED CLOSER TO HOME Dear YANK: There are a number of boys from Hawaii who are stationed in the States. Now that it is all over why […]

THE WAR DEPARTMENT ANNOUNCES A NEW TROOP-ROTATION POLICY From YANK Magazine For the first time since it started to send soldiers overseas the War Department has announced the adoption of a troop-rotation policy. Definite plans are […]

A WEEK OF WAR – CHURCHILL, ROOSEVELT, CASABLANCA, GUADALCANAL AND THE EASTERN FRONT Hitler’s little situation just gets worse and worse all the time, fortunately. The two men who had been taking all the plane trips […]

AWOL…WILLIAM M. KLIEN – TOP TURRET GUNNER 384TH BOMB GROUP By William Klien Jr. Dad Enlisted on 16 Aug ’40. After the War Broke out he was an airplane mechanic (TSgt). His unit was designated to […]

GI WOLVES – ANGER OVER YANK MAGAZINE’S STORIES OF GI’S AND GIRLS IN THE OCCUPATION OF GERMANY AND JAPAN Dear YANK: I am indignant! No woman will want to marry a GI that returns from occupying […]

DISCHARGE CLOTHES – DISCHARGED SOLDIER WANTS TO KEEP ARMY CLOTHES FOR POST WAR LIFE Dear YANK: Everyone is raving about things for the boys who are returning to civilian life, yet the War Department seems to persist […]

ITEMS THAT REQUIRE NO EDITORIAL COMMENT -HITLER, HORSES, TOJO AND HEN-HOUSES From YANK Magazine Whoa, Adolf! Don’t call your horse Adolf Hitler, is the substance of a decree just issued by Gestapo boss Heinrich Himmler and […]

100th Battalion italy


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BOOST FOR THE NISEI (2ND GENERATION JAPANESE AMERICANS) OF THE 100TH BATTALION Dear YANK: Recently there has been much talk about Japanese-Americans. I am a former infantryman of the 133rd Infantry, 34th Division. A year ago attached […]

REDS SEIZE VILNA RAIL STATION, AIRDROME, CLEAR PATH INTO PLAINS OF LITHUANIA Russians Driving Ahead On Front of 500 Miles; Reach Latvia Line From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes A Berlin military […]


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PENICILLIN NO CURE-ALL REPORTS THE WAR DEPARTMENT From YANK Magazine Penicillin is neither a miracle nor a cure-all, says a WD report on the new drug’s usefulness and limitations. The report reveals that penicillin has a […]

YANKS LIBERATING ONCE MORE; GIRLS,CZECHS NOW, WAVE AGAIN By Peter Furst Stars and Stripes Staff Writer WITH A RECON PATROL, Czechoslovakia, April 18 (Delayed)–At 11:15 A.M. an infantry and recon patrol of the 90th Div. crossed […]

ROLLING 2ND ARMORED DIVISION TANK GATHERS NO MOSS—JUST GRAIN From the November 22nd 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes. WITH THE SECOND ARMORED DIVISION—In France, T/4 James C. Shiver, of Brundidge, Ala., and Pvt. Russell Webb, […]

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT – U.S. MILITARY MISSION TO IRAN By Cpl. Ray McGovern YANK Staff Correspondent IRAN—The four GIs who make up the total EM strength of the U.S. Military Mission with the Iranian Army probably would […]

JAPANESE AMERICAN “ NISEI ” OUTFIT FORMED BY THE WAR DEPARTMENT From YANK Magazine American citizens of Japanese ancestry who have no use for Tojo are going to have a chance to get a crack at […]

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