NAMES FROM JAPANESE BIOLOGICAL WARFARE UNIT 731 REVEALED In April 2018, the National Archives of Japan disclosed the names of 3,607 members Unit 731. Behind the innocuous sounding name, Unit 731 was responsible for some of […]

NORTH STALAG III – GRAPHIC PICTURE TAKEN BY YANK PHOTOGRAPHER AT OHRDRUF CONCENTRATION CAMP This picture was taken by YANK photographer Pfc. Pat Coffey inside a shack at Concentration Camp North Stalag Three, in Ohrdruf, Germany. […]

MEMORY – A NAZI FEMALE GESTAPO AGENT HAS TROUBLE REMEMBER HER PAST From YANK Magazine GERMANY—Among the prize catches of the 102d Infantry Division in the last days of the war was an attractive and much-married […]

A LETTER TO THE EDITOR FROM BUCHENWALD CONCENTRATION CAMP…The following was written as a report to Sgt. Merle Miller, managing editor of YANK’s Continental Edition, by Cpl. Howard Katzander, YANK Staff Correspondent, and was not intended […]

102ND INFANTRY DIVISION FINDS “GOOD GERMANS” IN GARDELEGEN GERMANY By Sgt. Allan Ecker YANK Staff Correspondent GARDELEGEN, GERMANY—GIs of the 102nd Division who saw the bodies of 1,016 foreign workers burned alive in a barn here […]

The German American Bund – History of the Nazi Party in America By Dirk de Klein of dirkdeklein.net Supposedly 22,000 Nazi supporters attended a German American Bund rally at New York’s Madison Square Garden in February 1939, under […]

NEWS FROM HOME – A JEWISH, AUSTRIAN-BORN GI LIBERATES BUCHENWALD AND DISCOVERS THE FATE OF HIS FAMILY From YANK MAGAZINE BUCHENWALD, GERMANY—When the Sixth Armored Division overran the infamous concentration camp here, 2d Lt. Frederick Praeger […]

98 year old Minnesota man accused of being Nazi War criminal Poland is seeking the arrest and extradition of a retired carpenter in Minnesota accused of taking part in wartime atrocities against civilians. The Associated Press […]

ONE OF THREE SHELLS A DUD, DUE TO SLAVE LABOR NAZI DOCUMENT ADMITS From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes SUPREME ALLIED HQ, Sept. 23—A captured German document shows that the enemy high […]



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BAVARIAN PUB OWNER FACES JAIL FOR HITLER WINE In Augsburg, Bavaria, a pub owner could face jail time after police raids found four bottles of wine with pictures of Adolf Hitler. The police reports state that […]

THE COUNTESS HENRY DE MADUIT RISKED HER LIFE TO SAVE ALLIED FLIERS The American-born Countess Henry de Maduit risked her life to help downed Allied flyers escape Nazi occupied France. Born Roberta (Betty) Laurie on September […]



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HUMAN REMAINS FOUND NEAR OLD NAZI RESEARCH SITE Researchers became interested when a small number of human bones were found during road work in 2014. The bones were discovered in Berlin’s upscale Dahlem neighborhood on property belonging to […]

GERMAN CIVILIANS BURY MURDERED JEWISH SLAVE LABORERS – YANK MAGAZINE German woman, as well as men, were unwilling pallbearers at the mass burial of 161 Jewish slave laborers who were killed by Nazi guards at Neunburg, Bavaria. […]

BRUNHILDE POMSEL: 105 YEAR OLD FORMER SECRETARY TO JOSEPH GOEBBELS Brunhilde Pomsel is 105 years old. Besides a long life she has another small claim to fame. During World War Two she was one of six […]

GREECE DEMANDS $260 BILLION IN WAR REPARATIONS FROM GERMANY Greece could take legal action to recover more than $260 billion from Germany for reparations from WWII. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who leads the left-wing Syriza […]

Hermann Göring’s Pistol up for Auction One of Hermann Göring’s pistols will be auctioned off in September with an estimated price tag of $250,000 to $400,000. The Rock Island Auction Company in Illinois is putting the gold-plated, semiautomatic Walther […]

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DIARIES OF SS LEADER HEINRICH HIMMLER FOUND The diaries of Heinrich Himmler, leader of the dreaded SS and architect of the Holocaust, have recently surfaced revealing the Nazi leaders last days. The 1,000 pages comprehensively chronicle […]

ORADOUR-SUR-GLANE – A VILLAGE DESTROYED BY THE NAZIS The afternoon of Saturday June 10, 1944 started out like any other in the small French village of Oradour-sur-Glane in the Limousin region of France. Children were attending […]

GRANVILLE HEARN JR. – 98 YEAR OLD WITNESS TO NUREMBERG Granville Hearn Jr. celebrated his 98th birthday Saturday. He is one of the few people alive who witnessed the trial at Nuremberg. His time there only […]

yelena mazanik


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YELENA MAZANIK – AVENGER OF BELARUS On September 22, 1943, a bomb went off at the GeneralKommissar’s house in the Nazi protectorate of Weissruthenien, now Belarus. The target of the bomb was 55-year-old Wilhelm Kube, the […]

ELIE WIESEL, FAMED HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR, HAS DIED AT AGE 87: Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner has died on Saturday in his Manhattan home. Mr. Wiesel was 87. Wiesel first gained international attention […]

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