PRO STATIONS OPEN IN REICH BUT FRATERNIZING BAN STANDS By Peter Lisagor Stars and Stripes Staff Writer TWELFTH ARMY GROUP HQ., June 5.–Establishment of prophylactic stations in Germany was not regarded “as any relaxation of non-fraternization […]

DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE – A GI QUESTIONS THE FUTURE OF SOLDIERS WHO RECEIVED THEM Dear YANK: It has been said that the military prisoner may become the forgotten soldier. Now we’re not considering the man who is […]

I COULD’VE BEEN A LIEUTENANT COLONEL AND A DOCTOR By Sgt. Ray Duncan, Camp Davis, N.C. In the spring of ’42, when my friends and neighbors began breathing hot on my neck, I wrote a hasty […]

THOSE MPs IN THE PERSIAN GULF COMMAND ARE REMARKABLE GUYS, YEA VERILY By Sgt. Al Hine YANK Staff Correspondent PERSIAN GULF COMMAND —It happened in Iran. It actually happened. I seen it. It was about 8 […]

AMPUTATING REVEILLE – ROOSTER TROUBLE IN THE PANAMA CANAL ZONE By Sgt. William Tusher YANK Field Correspondent PANAMA CANAL ZONE—Immortalized in Irving Berlin’s “Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning,” the secret ambition […]

COMBAT TRAINING -AFTER BASIC TRAINING GI’S READY FOR OVERSEAS DEPLOYMENT Dear YANK: We have finished our 17 weeks of basic training. Good enough, we didn’t mind that at all. Then they send us down here for […]

FIRST G.I. REPORT FROM IRAN: IT’S COLD, EXPENSIVE AND STRANGE By Sgt. Al Hine YANK Staff Correspondent SOMEWHERE IN IRAN —If there’s any truth to the old proverb, “Early to bed, early to rise,” G.I.s in […]

WHATEVER BECAME OF TAKEO TANIMIZU’S ZERO FIGHTER 03-09? By Henry Sakaida “I flew the most famous Zero fighter during the war, but no one knows me!” chuckled former Zero pilot Takeo Tanimizu. Photographs of Tanimizu’s A6M5 […]

THE WAR DEPARTMENT ANNOUNCES A NEW TROOP-ROTATION POLICY From YANK Magazine For the first time since it started to send soldiers overseas the War Department has announced the adoption of a troop-rotation policy. Definite plans are […]

MPs KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU IF YOU TIPPLE IN BRITISH GUIANA YANK Field Correspondent GEORGETOWN, BRITISH GUIANA —U.S. Army MPs in this British colonial town take good care of G.I.s who go out in search […]

DISCHARGE CLOTHES – DISCHARGED SOLDIER WANTS TO KEEP ARMY CLOTHES FOR POST WAR LIFE Dear YANK: Everyone is raving about things for the boys who are returning to civilian life, yet the War Department seems to persist […]

CHANGING DIAPERS Dear YANK: …Every now and then someone lampoons advertising. In the Feb. 25 issue of YANK T-4 Ross Donaldson marshalled his hyperboles and joined the battle. He did so with some justification. But his […]

PIPE-SMOKING WOMEN – AN AMERICAN VOICES HIS COMPLAINT Dear YANK: In the past few months I have seen a couple of articles concerning girls who are now smoking pipes. Maybe I am old fashioned but I […]

HOW TO GET A WEEK-END PASS FROM YOUR COMPANY COMMANDER By Sgt. F.A. Peterson Walk boldly up to the office of the first sergeant. Catch him off guard, especially when he is busy figuring out pay […]

GI SHOP TALK – Spiders, Pilot Training, Shoes, Portable Hospital From YANK Magazine A deadly black widow spider is kept at the Army’s precision instrument shop at Columbus, Ohio, to spin its web for the hair […]

GEISHA GIRL – The geisha is not a prostitute, though GIs in Japan use the term to cover female entertainers generally. She has a long tradition behind her stylized routine. By Sgt. Knox Burger YANK Staff […]


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PENICILLIN NO CURE-ALL REPORTS THE WAR DEPARTMENT From YANK Magazine Penicillin is neither a miracle nor a cure-all, says a WD report on the new drug’s usefulness and limitations. The report reveals that penicillin has a […]

A GI’S WIFE WORRIES ABOUT POST- WORLD WAR II INFLATION Dear YANK: I am the wife of a sergeant who has had the extreme good fortune to be stationed in the United States during the entire […]

SUGGESTIONS FOR A FAIR COURT TRIAL FOR ARMY ENLISTED MEN Dear YANK: I should like to suggest some changes in the Articles of War and other punitive military regulations which are required for the protection of […]

THREE SOLDIERS GET CAUGHT PLAYING HUMPHREY, FRANCHOT AND VICTOR WHILE ON DUTY By Cpl. C.V. DeVan After five straight days Kelly, Goldstein and Stetson began to get tired of practicing beach landings. So they welcomed the […]

CARIBBEAN ISLAND GARRISON GETS WEEKLY VISIT FROM PRIEST By Sgt. Clyde Biggerstaff Yank Field Correspondent SOMEWHERE IN THE CARIBBEAN—They’re rough and they’re tough but they’re putty in the hands of Father Reginald Barry, unofficial chaplain to […]

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