ISKANDER GALIEV BRINGS THE AFGHANISTAN WAR TO THE RUSSIAN AUDIENCE By Henry Sakaida Proxy wars usually don’t go well. Major international players intervene in a foreign country’s civil war, only to incur massive casualties and financial […]

commando kelly


Posted on September 30th, 2016 by:

COMMANDO KELLY- ONE MAN ARMY AT SALERNO Charles Kelly was hailed as the “One man army” and “Commando”. He earned the Congressional Medal of Honor in a far away war and became a hero of America […]

CHINA’S LITTLE DEVILS WWII ERA ANTI-JAPANESE WAR FILM By Henry Sakaida When I was a kid growing up during the era of black & white television, I saw the movie China’s Little Devils. It was produced […]

CHIPS – THE FAMOUS 3RD INFANTRY DIVISION SENTRY DOG In August 1942, Edward J. Wren of Pleasantville, New York, enlisted his dog named Chips into the Army of the United States. Chips, a German shepherd, collie and […]

ROD SERLING, FROM WWII PARATROOPER TO THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Before Rod Serling appeared on television sets across America for his hit show, “The Twilight Zone”, he was a US Army paratrooper fighting for his life in the […]

JOSEPH KENNEDY JR.’S TOP SECRET MISSION IN OPERATION ANVIL: On August 12, 1944, a Navy PB4Y-1 Liberator piloted by Lieutenant Joseph Kennedy Jr. took off from the Fersfield Royal Air Force base on a mission to […]

Saburo Sakai Meets the SBD Gunner Who Wounded Him at Guadalcanal By Henry Sakaida It’s not everyday that two men, who tried to kill one another in World War II, would meet and shake hands like […]

Guy Gabaldon, from East Los Angeles Kid to Pied Piper of Saipan: Guy Gabaldon grew up so poor he didn’t know his family was in poverty. Living on the streets of East Los Angeles in the […]

Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors – By Brad Hoopes: For over a decade, Brad Hoopes has interviewed and recorded the experiences of over 350 WWII veterans. He now has compiled 70 of these incredible experiences into […]

Saving the Lipizzaner Horses – Operation Cowboy: On April 26, 1945, Colonel Charles Reed was in Western Czechoslovakia at the point of General George S. Patton’s advance into Central Europe. Under his command was the 2nd […]

John Basilone – Hero of Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima On the evening of October 24, 1942, Sergeant John Basilone prepared the Marines of his two machine gun sections for a Japanese attack. The night before, through […]

Okinawan Civilians Rescued in “Operation Security”: On April 1, 1945, the American military invaded the Island of Okinawa. Garrisoning the island were over 100,000 Japanese troops and military conscripts. The island also had a large Okinawan civilian […]

A Story of Japanese War Brides: Fall Seven Times Get Up Eight The story of Japanese war brides is beautifully told in the moving film Fall down Seven Times Get Up Eight. Before World War Two, […]

RICHARD LOO THE WWII VILLAIN YOU LOVED TO HATE By Henry Sakaida   If you are a baby boomer, then you may not know his name, but his face is certainly familiar! I grew up watching God […]

Japanese American Families Receive the Purple Heart: The US Army presents Purple Heart medals to families of Japanese American soldiers killed fighting in Italy. The soldiers were from the 100th Infantry Battalion, a unit composed primarily of Nisei […]

Wojtek the Bear Soldier Who Battled the Nazis‏ In spring 1942, a new Polish Army was being created under the British in the Middle East. Polish soldiers and civilians imprisoned by the Soviets since the 1939 […]

5th army

5th Army Advances in Italy Newsreel Footage

Posted on May 13th, 2016 by:

5th Army Advances in Italy Newsreel Footage United News footage of the American 5th Army on the Italian Front. The newsreel features General Dwight Eisenhower and General Mark Clark as they oversee American artillery firing on German […]

Warner Brothers Meet the Fleet (1940) with George Reeves “Meet the Fleet” is a 1940 Warner Brothers color short film about the Navy. It follows 3 recruits as they train for sea deployment to Hawaii. Ironically, […]

Private Snafu: Coming Snafu (1943) by Warner Brothers “Private Snafu” were a series of animated training films for the US Army. Produced by Leon Schlesinger of Warner brothers, many of the films were written by Theodor […]

B-24 Liberators Get Turned into GI Mess Trays in Italy 15th Air Force ground crewmen turning scrapped B-24 Liberators into mess trays for GI’s. The sad fate of many WWII aircraft during and after WWII. The clip is […]

Calvin Graham, 12 Year Old Sailor in WWII

Posted on May 7th, 2016 by:

Calvin Graham, 12 Year Old Sailor in WWII: Calvin Graham started shaving when he was eleven years old. He didn’t have much to cut, but he hoped the act itself would grow hair. Most boys try […]

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