NEWS FROM HOME – A JEWISH, AUSTRIAN-BORN GI LIBERATES BUCHENWALD AND DISCOVERS THE FATE OF HIS FAMILY From YANK MAGAZINE BUCHENWALD, GERMANY—When the Sixth Armored Division overran the infamous concentration camp here, 2d Lt. Frederick Praeger […]

THE NAZI ARMY HAS 30 WORDS FOR IT But no matter how thin you slice them, they all mean that the boys are taking it on the lam Like the woman Dorothy Parker used to tell […]

A MAJOR AND A PRIVATE DESCRIBE THEIR TWO DAYS ON AN ITALIAN PRISON SHIP IN TUNIS HARBOR By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin Yank Field Correspondent TUNISIA—When the British Eighth Army drove toward Tunis, there were 691 […]

LYDIA LITVYAK SOVIET FEMALE ACE DIDN’T DIE IN COMBAT By Henry Sakaida Blonde, bold, and brave. Lydia Vladimirovna Litvyak was one of only two female fighter aces in history. She disappeared during aerial combat in August […]

98 year old Minnesota man accused of being Nazi War criminal Poland is seeking the arrest and extradition of a retired carpenter in Minnesota accused of taking part in wartime atrocities against civilians. The Associated Press […]

FOUND: A Junkers 88 lost on May 14, 1943. Spectacular photos by Italian scuba diver Marco Bartolomucci By Pierre Kosmidis of Italian scuba diver Marco Bartolomucci describes his experience diving at a spectacular WW2 aircraft wreck, […]

ALLIES FIGHT TO CLEAR MEDITERRANEAN SEA As long as the narrow Straits of Sicily are guarded by Axis forces on both sides, the Mediterranean is closed to Allied convoys and invasion of Europe is impossible from […]

Heinrich Steinmeier SS


Posted on February 19th, 2017 by:

FORMER SS SOLDIER LEAVES MONEY TO SCOTTISH TOWN When Heinrich Steinmeier died at age 90,  he made one final trip to Scotland to have his ashes spread over the land that captured his heart as a young […]

Leros Island, 1943: The underwater museum of WW2 aircraft wrecks and shipwrecks By Pierre Kosmidis of The Eastern Aegean was the setting for a series of German air-sea landings, something not normally associated with the Wehrmacht. […]

brest 2nd infantry division


Posted on November 9th, 2016 by:

HOW THE BRASSIERE BOYS HELD BREST FRANCE By Tom Bernard Sp(X)1c YANK Staff Correspondent BREST, FRANCE [By Cable]—When American armored columns swept through Brittany in the whirlwind drive that changed the static war into a war […]

THE SOLDIER SPEAKS: SHOULD THE U.S. GET MIXED UP WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD AFTER THE WAR? Opinions From GIs From All Over the World “Isolationist Way Failed” – Sgt. James Keeley, South Pacific I […]

THIRD ARMY BEATS OFF BIG ATTACKS – BRITISH FORCES PUSH TO ARNHEM From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes German soil, already entered by American soldiers, has been invaded by the British. A flash […]

A BROOKLYN GI AND EX-CHOIR BOY SINGS AT OLD FRENCH RITUAL By Richard E. Jones Stars and Stripes Special Writer PLOERMEL, Brittany, Sept 24, 1944—A lone Yank, who fought on the African beaches until a Nazi […]

THE LUFTWAFFE’S NIGHT PRINCES BATTLE THE ROYAL AIR FORCE At the start of World War Two, aerial combat had been around for less than 30 years. In Germany, like in other countries, flying was believed to be glamorous and pilots were […]

OTTO SKORZENY – OPERATION GREIF AND THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE In October 1944, Adolf Hitler summoned a 6 foot 3 inch Austrian with scars on his face to his lair in East Prussia. The tall […]

ARMY AIR FORCE BATTERS REICH – FROM STARS AND STRIPES REICH BATTERED BY 2,700 PLANES 1,200 Heavies from U.K., Force From Italy Join In Smashing Blows July 20, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Unloosing the […]



Posted on September 15th, 2016 by:

PANIC-STRICKEN BERLINERS REPORTED FLEEING Rumor Goebbels Deserted As Defense Chief Adds to Fear From the April 23, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes Thousands of panic-stricken German men, women and children fled northwest and west from embattled […]

YANK BULLETS SMASH NAZI TRICK, BUT 6 U.S. CAPTIVES FALL VICTIM From the July 20, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes A grim account of how a U.S. armored platoon wiped out a group of about […]



Posted on September 9th, 2016 by:

BAVARIAN PUB OWNER FACES JAIL FOR HITLER WINE In Augsburg, Bavaria, a pub owner could face jail time after police raids found four bottles of wine with pictures of Adolf Hitler. The police reports state that […]

THE COUNTESS HENRY DE MADUIT RISKED HER LIFE TO SAVE ALLIED FLIERS The American-born Countess Henry de Maduit risked her life to help downed Allied flyers escape Nazi occupied France. Born Roberta (Betty) Laurie on September […]



Posted on September 2nd, 2016 by:

HUMAN REMAINS FOUND NEAR OLD NAZI RESEARCH SITE Researchers became interested when a small number of human bones were found during road work in 2014. The bones were discovered in Berlin’s upscale Dahlem neighborhood on property belonging to […]

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