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WAR DEPARTMENT ISSUES A COMBAT MEDIC’S BADGE The War Department has authorized a badge for medics who have served with the medical detachments of Infantry regiments or smaller units since the war started. The award carries […]

HERE IS ONE PLACE A MARINE CORPS PRIVATE CAN TELL A MAJOR WHERE TO GET OFF By Sgt. Gene Ward Marine Corps Correspondent PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII-Eight Marine Corps privates are teaching combat tactics to members of […]

BANKERS HOURS All the Japanese could draw was a slight draft on lead when GIs took over the Manila branch of New York’s National City Bank By Sgt. Ozzie St. George YANK Staff Correspondent MANILA—The National […]

Sadaaki Akamatsu, Japan’s “Pappy Boyington” by Henry Sakaida “Akamatsu stunned his superior officers by his conduct. Instead of attending pilot briefings and waiting on the flight line like the other men, he had his own warning […]

PUERTO RICAN SOLDIER Pvt. Fulano de Tal, the typical GI, is proud of his island, fights well and likes rice, beans and the rumba. By Sgt. Lou Stoumen YANK Staff Correspondent SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO—As Jerry […]

BULL SESSION IN NEW CALEDONIA WITH VETERANS OF THE 25TH DIVISION The veterans of the Solomons who pass through this replacement center in the South Pacific, on their way back and forth from combat areas, give […]

RUBBER RAFT TEST – AIR FORCE MEN VOLUNTEER FOR SIX DAY EXPERIMENT IN THE GULF OF MEXICO By S/Sgt. Gregor Duncan Eight Air Force men drifted on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico for six […]

TREASURE HUNTING IN JAPANESE CAVES ON ZAMBOANGA, MINDANAO From YANK Magazine ZAMBOANGA, MINDANAO—Digging Japanese out of caves and tunnels is a grim business, but there is one compensation. You never know what else you’ll find. Sometimes […]

CHOWHOUND – WAR DOG WITH THE 96TH INFANTRY DIVISION Sgt. Barret McGurn YANK Staff Correspondent DULAG, LEYTE, THE PHILIPPINES—Back in the States, the 23 war dogs of the 96th Infantry Division enjoyed a special diet of […]

WAR WITHOUT SLOGANS – FIGHTING THE JAPANESE FLEET OFF SAMAR By Sgt. Larry McManus YANK Staff Correspondent PACIFIC FLEET HEADQUARTERS—Although the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea* was one of America’s major naval victories, it failed […]

NINE WOUNDED VETERANS ARE SKETCHED BY HOWARD BRODIE Sgt. Howard Brodie, YANK staff artist, drew these portraits of convalescing veterans from Africa, the South Pacific, Burma and Bataan in the Army’s Halloran General hospital, Staten Island, […]

ARTHUR SINGER JR. – THE PROFESSOR AND THE FABLED FIFTEEN By Jonathan Abbott The fighters are first. Their folding wings lock in place, their two thousand horsepower Pratt and Whitney engines rev and kick to life. […]

THE SOLDIER SPEAKS: SHOULD THE U.S. GET MIXED UP WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD AFTER THE WAR? Opinions From GIs From All Over the World “Isolationist Way Failed” – Sgt. James Keeley, South Pacific I […]

“HANDSOME HARRY” SASAKI –  JAPANESE INTERROGATOR OF “PAPPY” BOYINGTON By Henry Sakaida After decades of interviewing former American POWs held in Japan, one name became very familiar to me: “Handsome Harry.” He was the memorable Japanese […]

SWEDE’S 6X6 – A TRUCK WITH THE 32ND DIVISION IN THE PACIFIC No. 435907 went from Camp Livingston, La., to Luzon and is still going strong. By Sgt. Ozzie St. George YANK Staff Correspondent WITH THE […]

CANDY JONES – USO TOUR OF THE PACIFIC – YANK MAGAZINE By Sgt. Al Hine YANK Staff Writer Candy Jones was just back from a USO tour of the Pacific when I saw her, and with […]

MITCHELL VS. NELL – TWO FAMOUS PACIFIC BOMBERS ARE DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT IN DETAIL From the War and Navy Department’s Recognition Journal The two medium bombers shown on these pages are famed for scoring spectacular “firsts.” The […]

HIROYOSHI NISHIZAWA: THE TRUTH ABOUT JAPAN’S TOP FIGHTER ACE By Henry Sakaida “Hiroyoshi Nishizawa was Japan’s greatest fighter ace; he shot down over a hundred American planes!” exclaimed Saburo Sakai, the first Japanese fighter pilot to […]



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LUZON YANKS ATTACKING LAST JAPANESE STRONGHOLD From Stars and Stripes June 6, 1945 Edition MANILA, June 5 (ANS) – U.S. infantry battled today with Japanese delaying parties along Highway Five leading into northern Luzon Cagayan Valley, last […]

MANILA MYRTLE – RADIO MANILA’S VERSION OF TOKYO ROSE – FROM YANK MAGAZINE: Manila Myrtle By Sgt. Ozzie St. George YANK Staff Correspondent MANILA—Myrtle, a kind of poor man’s Tokyo Rose, used to broadcast over Radio […]

THE KANEYOSHI MUTO FAMOUS 12 AGAINST 1   COMBAT MYTH   By Henry Sakaida  To the Japanese, a good myth is something that is embellished,  venerated, and passed along to succeeding generations. If a story is good, why […]

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