WWII POW’S UNIFORM RETURNED TO FAMILY 70 YEARS LATER Military historian and former naval officer, Bruce Campbell recognized an old army jacket while he was looking over the racks of a thrift store in Spokane, Washington. […]

THE WAR TO SAVE LIVES – Today’s Medicine Miracles Bring New Hope; Death Rate Only Half That of the Last War From Stars and Stripes On a clear October day, 1943, an Army plane glided in […]

GENERAL EISENHOWER CITES ENEMY’S CONFUSION IN NAZI ARMY GROUP SURRENDER From the May 6, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes Gen. Eisenhower issued the following statement yesterday at the surrender of German Army Group G: Today […]

LIBERATED YANK FLIERS TELL OF JAPANESE ‘SPECIAL TREATMENT’ From the May 7, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes CALCUTTA, May 6 (UP)—The first group of American war prisoners liberated in Burma, mostly from the Air Forces, […]

THE TRAGIC STORY OF COL HARRY R. MELTON JR. by Henry Sakaida PART I You know the old saying: “One thing leads to another…” Back in 1980, I met a very nice gentleman in Tokyo named […]

wwii afrika korps uniforms


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UNIFORMS FOR NAZIS MADE BY THE WAR DEPARTMENT Dear YANK: During the cold weather I read in the Stars and Stripes that all frontline soldiers would receive “arctic tested” clothing. No such clothing came. I was […]

A MAJOR AND A PRIVATE DESCRIBE THEIR TWO DAYS ON AN ITALIAN PRISON SHIP IN TUNIS HARBOR By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin Yank Field Correspondent TUNISIA—When the British Eighth Army drove toward Tunis, there were 691 […]

BANKERS HOURS All the Japanese could draw was a slight draft on lead when GIs took over the Manila branch of New York’s National City Bank By Sgt. Ozzie St. George YANK Staff Correspondent MANILA—The National […]

TAIL GUNNER ON “ACES AND ATES” A B-17 WITH THE 384TH BOMB GROUP By Edward McDonald During World War II I was a tail gunner on a B-17 named Aces and Ates. I crashed twice before […]

ROBERT STAHLHUT – A B-17 TOP TURRET GUNNER’S FATEFUL MISSION Robert Stahlhut was a flight engineer and top turret gunner on a B-17 in the 8th  Air Force’s 384th Bomb Group. In September of 1943, the 8th  Air Force was […]

U.S. CASUALTIES BEING FLOWN BACK TO STATES FROM THE ETO From the September 25, 1944 issue of Stars and Stripes U.S. AIR TRANSPORT COMMAND BASE, Britain, Sept. 24 (AP) – Home is only 24 hours away for […]

1ST RANGER BATTALION RAIDS AN ITALIAN OUTPOST IN TUNISIA American Commandos, who first saw action with the Canadians at Dieppe, run a show of their own and score a clean knockout blow. By Sgt. Ralph G. […]

Japanese interrogation report


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CAPTURED JAPANESE INTERROGATION REPORT By Henry Sakaida This report was long buried in the National Archives, and I happened upon it by mere chance. I did not know the identity of the American pilot then, and […]

THIRD ARMY BEATS OFF BIG ATTACKS – BRITISH FORCES PUSH TO ARNHEM From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes German soil, already entered by American soldiers, has been invaded by the British. A flash […]

THE EIGHTH AIR FORCE BATTLES THE LUFTWAFFE IN DAYLIGHT RAIDS Showing the skeptics that Europe can be bombed in daylight with no fighter protection, our flyers in Britain have made a big contribution to the war. […]

WHO WAS THAT CAPTURED JAPANESE PILOT I MET IN 1942? By Henry Sakaida “I didn’t know his name, I don’t know where he was from, I don’t know what happened to him…but I sure would  like […]

PVT. JIM MCQUIRE, E. CO. – PRISONER OF WAR – NAZI SLAVE A rifleman from the 34th Division, who was captured near the Faid Pass in Tunisia, talks about his two years and three months as […]

WITH THE CANADIAN FORCES IN FRANCE – YANK MAGAZINE By Pvt. Ben Frazier YANK Staff Correspondent WITH THE CANADIAN FORCES IN FRANCE—It was the week of the big squeeze play to crush and annihilate the German Seventh […]

64,000 U.S. POWS SENT HOME, REMAINING 20,000 AWAITING SHIPS From the June 6, 1945 edition of Stars and Stripes Except for a few stragglers, all of the 84,000 U.S. prisoners-of-war taken by the Germans have been […]

HIROSHIMA SURVIVOR REMEMBERS U.S. POW’S WHO DIED IN ATOMIC BOMBING With Saturday being the 71st anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, atomic bomb survivor and historian Shigeaki Mori, now 79, prayed the […]

LIEUTENANT WELLMAN HUEY WAS NOT FORGOTTEN By Henry Sakaida This story goes way back to 1989. Actually, it began in 1981 when I journeyed to Japan to visit Zero pilot veterans. One of them was Kenji […]

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