THE EIGHTH AIR FORCE BATTLES THE LUFTWAFFE IN DAYLIGHT RAIDS Showing the skeptics that Europe can be bombed in daylight with no fighter protection, our flyers in Britain have made a big contribution to the war. […]

WHO WAS THAT CAPTURED JAPANESE PILOT I MET IN 1942? By Henry Sakaida “I didn’t know his name, I don’t know where he was from, I don’t know what happened to him…but I sure would  like […]

PVT. JIM MCQUIRE, E. CO. – PRISONER OF WAR – NAZI SLAVE A rifleman from the 34th Division, who was captured near the Faid Pass in Tunisia, talks about his two years and three months as […]

WITH THE CANADIAN FORCES IN FRANCE – YANK MAGAZINE By Pvt. Ben Frazier YANK Staff Correspondent WITH THE CANADIAN FORCES IN FRANCE—It was the week of the big squeeze play to crush and annihilate the German Seventh […]

64,000 U.S. POWS SENT HOME, REMAINING 20,000 AWAITING SHIPS From the June 6, 1945 edition of Stars and Stripes Except for a few stragglers, all of the 84,000 U.S. prisoners-of-war taken by the Germans have been […]

LIEUTENANT WELLMAN HUEY WAS NOT FORGOTTEN By Henry Sakaida This story goes way back to 1989. Actually, it began in 1981 when I journeyed to Japan to visit Zero pilot veterans. One of them was Kenji […]

MINORU WADA – JAPANESE OFFICER WHO BOMBED HIS OWN HEADQUARTERS: In 1945, Lieutenant Minoru Wada was part of the Japanese 100th Infantry Division fighting for its life on the Philippine island of Mindanao. Fighting on the island had […]

HOW TO CATCH A DISGUISED NAZI OFFICER – FROM YANK MAGAZINE: Nobody Here but Us Sergeants By Sgt. Ray Duncan The unmasking of Sgt. Hitzinger, by Allied G-2, was a smooth piece of military super-sleuthing. London […]


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JOSEPH LAFLEUR- CHAPLAIN, POW, HERO: Chaplain Joseph Lafleur heroically gave his life to save his fellow soldiers while he was a prisoner of the Japanese. Joseph Verbis Lafleur was born on January 24, 1912 in Ville […]

WULFE HOUND – THE FIRST B-17 CAPTURED BY THE NAZIS: On December 12, 1942, twenty B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 303rd Bomb Group took off to join other Eighth Air Force bombers in a strike against […]

Guy Gabaldon, from East Los Angeles Kid to Pied Piper of Saipan: Guy Gabaldon grew up so poor he didn’t know his family was in poverty. Living on the streets of East Los Angeles in the […]

Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors – By Brad Hoopes: For over a decade, Brad Hoopes has interviewed and recorded the experiences of over 350 WWII veterans. He now has compiled 70 of these incredible experiences into […]

Russian Soldiers Surrender in Normandy-From YANK Magazine About the Russians in Normandy By Sgt. Reg. Kenny YANK Staff Correspondent NORMANDY—Two American medics, the motor of their jeep opened wide as they approached the railroad crossing near […]

SIG’s Daring Commando Raids in North Africa In March 1942, the man who would found one of the most unusual groups of WWII, the Special Interrogation Group (SIG), staggered out of the Libyan Desert before the […]

Okinawan Civilians Rescued in “Operation Security”: On April 1, 1945, the American military invaded the Island of Okinawa. Garrisoning the island were over 100,000 Japanese troops and military conscripts. The island also had a large Okinawan civilian […]

Frederick Mayer: OSS Spy Who Captured a City Frederick Mayer, a German Jew and American Army spy was responsible for the German surrender of Innsbruck, Austria. Born Friedrich Mayer in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden, Germany on […]

Two P-38 Pilots’ Deadly Jungle Encounter with a Japanese Flyer By Henry Sakaida      I should have been a police detective, but I cannot stand the sight of blood. However, I do enjoy solving real life […]

WAS FAMOUS P-38 ACE TOM LYNCH EXECUTED? By Henry Sakaida A few months ago, I came across a report on an interrogation of a Javanese prisoner captured in New Guinea. It concerned the execution of an […]

101st is First to Get Award of President By Jules B. Grad Stars and Stripes Staff Writer 101ST AIRBORNE DIV. Mar. 15—There’s a hallowed place in the United Nations’ hall of fame today for the “Battered […]

War Paint: The Filthy Thirteen Jump into Normandy War Paint: The Filthy Thirteen Jump into Normandy by Richard Killblane and Brian Miller and published by Victory Publishing, is a beautiful and comprehensive look into the history […]


Louis Zamperini Story from YANK MAGAZINE

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Louis Zamperini from YANK MAGAZINE Durable Louis Sports By Sgt. Frank De Blois The full story of Lou Zamperini’s war with Japan probably will never be told. There were parts of it—the 47 days in an […]

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