A WEEK OF WAR – CHURCHILL, ROOSEVELT, CASABLANCA, GUADALCANAL AND THE EASTERN FRONT Hitler’s little situation just gets worse and worse all the time, fortunately. The two men who had been taking all the plane trips […]

REDS SEIZE VILNA RAIL STATION, AIRDROME, CLEAR PATH INTO PLAINS OF LITHUANIA Russians Driving Ahead On Front of 500 Miles; Reach Latvia Line From the July 11, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes A Berlin military […]

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT – U.S. MILITARY MISSION TO IRAN By Cpl. Ray McGovern YANK Staff Correspondent IRAN—The four GIs who make up the total EM strength of the U.S. Military Mission with the Iranian Army probably would […]

russian navy


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RUSSIAN NAVY IS SHELLING FOE ON THE ESTONIAN COAST From the September 25, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes While Russian ground forces began mopping up last German pockets of resistance along the Estonian coast, units […]

SOVIET ACE VIKTOR LOZOVSKI RAMMED A GERMAN ME-109 By Henry Sakaida Intentionally ramming an enemy aircraft in a dogfight took nerves of steel, skill, and a lot of luck. Soviet pilots exhibited extreme hatred toward their […]

RED ARMY IS LIKE THIS–SKETCHES FROM THE AMERICAN AND SOVIET LINKUP AT TORGAU From the May 6, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes When infantry patrols of the 273rd Infantry, 69th Div., met Soviet Army patrols […]

NEW YANK-RED LINKUPS BY U.S. FIRST ARMY AND NINTH ARMY–Junctions Shut 85-miles Trap on Foe From the May 1, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes Two new junctions with the Red Army by U.S. Ninth and […]

83rd INFANTRY DIVISION RADIOS TO RUSSIANS EAST OF THE ELBE By Wade Jones Stars and Stripes Staff Writer From the April 26, 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes WITH 83rd INFANTRY DIVISION EAST OF ELBE. April […]

BOBRUISK FALLS, REDS DRIVE ON FOR MINSK – PUSH COSTS FOE 20,000 MEN A DAY 110-Mi. Thrust in 6-days Takes Russians Third of Way to Reich From the July 1, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes […]

RUSSIANS CRUSH DNIESTER ATTACK – Moscow Reports Artillery Smashes 60 of 100 Tanks Assaulting Bridgehead From the May 13, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes Heavy German losses in a large-scale tank and infantry assault against […]

THIRD ESTATE, PURGED – AMERICANS REOPEN THE NEWSPAPER IN AACHEN, GERMANY From YANK Magazine AACHEN, GERMANY—Aachen, the first large German city occupied by our forces, is also the first to have its own newspaper reopened under […]

SOVIET “MEDALS OF HONOR” FIND THEIR WAY BACK TO THEIR FAMILIES BY HENRY SAKAIDA I’m sure that many of you have lost something very dear to you…perhaps a family ring, a special souvenir or keepsake, a […]

WHEN YOU MEET THE RUSSIANS – US ARMY GUIDE TO SOVIET UNIFORMS AND RANK From YANK Magazine The first Russian soldier you will meet will come from one of the 16 countries in the USSR and he […]

LYDIA LITVYAK SOVIET FEMALE ACE DIDN’T DIE IN COMBAT By Henry Sakaida Blonde, bold, and brave. Lydia Vladimirovna Litvyak was one of only two female fighter aces in history. She disappeared during aerial combat in August […]

THREE YEARS OF LEND-LEASE Excerpts from President Roosevelt’s report on the economic operations that have given our allies the things they need to beat the enemy Since the beginning of the lend-lease program on Mar. 11, […]

ITEMS THAT REQUIRE NO EDITORIAL COMMENT – NEWS FROM THE RUSSIAN FRONT From YANK Magazine Those Last 10 Kilometers When the Red Army broke the siege of Leningrad the German Underground Radio reminded Hitler that as […]

RIGA IS GOAL; EAST PRUSSIA DRIVE GAINS Soviets 35 Mi. From Line; Threaten to Outflank Kaunas in Lithuania From the July 14, 1944 Edition of Stars and Stripes A new Soviet offensive aimed at Riga from […]

ISKANDER GALIEV BRINGS THE AFGHANISTAN WAR TO THE RUSSIAN AUDIENCE By Henry Sakaida Proxy wars usually don’t go well. Major international players intervene in a foreign country’s civil war, only to incur massive casualties and financial […]

CAPTURED JAPANESE OFFICERS DIED TO PROTECT THEIR HONOR AT KHALKIN-GOL By Henry Sakaida Honor and saving face is an integral part of Japanese culture, and this was especially true during wars.  The story here happened 77 […]

THE SOLDIER SPEAKS: SHOULD THE U.S. GET MIXED UP WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD AFTER THE WAR? Opinions From GIs From All Over the World “Isolationist Way Failed” – Sgt. James Keeley, South Pacific I […]

P-63 kingcobra


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POWERFUL P-63 KINGCOBRA REPLACING P-39 AIRACOBRA Stars and Stripes U.S. Bureau WASHINGTON, Aug. 3, 1944—The P-39 Airacobra, one of the Army’s most heavily armed fighter planes, now is being replaced in action by a heavier, faster […]

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