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This is one outfit that can’t have enough chicken. The GIs who take care of them see to it that the birds stay on their nests, since they are expected to turn out 2,000 eggs a day for hospital patients, It’s one round of bed check, sick call and entry taking after another. The farm is managed by a “chicken platoon” under the command of Lt. Harold H. Stephens of Jonesboro, Ark., formerly of the Farm Security Administration. Mess sergeant for the fowls is Sgt. William Steed, head chicken medic is Sgt. Joseph Perry, and Pvts. Paris Linville Jr. and Myron Hart as permanent CQs. Of course all this chicken wasn’t in New Caledonia before the Army go there. The hens were shipped from Australia when fresh eggs were needed.

new caledonia chicken farm wwii

Sgt. Joseph Perry, of Heron Lake, Minn., takes his job as head medic seriously. He’s looking for a sick hen.

new caledonia chicken farm wwii

Pfc. John Slay of Chipley, Fla., dishes out the chow daily for the hens.

new caledonia chicken farm wwii

It’s egg gathering time for Pfc. Laurence Weeks of Barre City, Vt.

new caledonia chicken farm wwii

Sgt. Perry and Pvt. Joseph Walker of Wichita, Kans., wash down a hen’s “CC” pill.

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