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The box score on enemy and US plane shot down in 1942 reads pretty well for our side. In that year we lost 309 planes of all types in combat compared to 987 enemy planes shot down plus 362 probable’s*. The figures include American planes shot down by antiaircraft fire, but not enemy planes shot down by our antiaircraft gunners.

*Editors note: This number was reached by totaling kill claims made by American pilots in 1942 and is not an accurate estimate of actual enemy losses.

f4f wildcat navy usmc us plane

The F4F Wildcat was the standard fighter of the US Navy and USMC early in WWII. In 1942 Wildcats saw action in the battles for Wake Island, the Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal.

b17E-flying fortress us plane bomber

Color photo of a B-17E Flying Fortress.  In 1942, B-17E crews fought the Axis over the Southwest Pacific, occupied France and North Africa.

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