By Sgt. William Tusher

YANK Field Correspondent

PANAMA CANAL ZONE—Immortalized in Irving Berlin’s “Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning,” the secret ambition of most soldiers—to murder the bugler—was accomplished at the expense of a rooster that used to wake EM on this post.

Piso, as the late bugler was named, had been purchased at a Panama City poultry market by Cpl. Agusta Rexach of Santurce, Puerto Rico, who had trouble getting out of his sack in the morning. And Piso did the job he was intended for, sounding off regularly at 0530 hours.

“It wasn’t that we minded,” said S/Sgt. Russell Goldberg of Yonkers, N.Y. “The trouble was that Piso tuned up at 0400 every day.”

When GI shoes and streams of curses failed to stop the rooster, GIs plotted to end his tyranny. He was roasted one day not long ago.

new caledonian chicken farm wwii panama

A soldier watches over his birds on an Army Chicken Farm.

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