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Cupid’s Little Helpers in the Pentagon

Stars and Stripes U.S. Bureau

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 1944—The War Department, in the role of fatherly adviser, has taken steps to brief soldiers overseas who may return from the war to face a “woman” problem. It has published a special booklet on “Do You Want Your Wife to Work After the War?”

The booklet is evidently the result of an extensive survey, but it is revealing no secret when it says: “All women are not alike.”

wac woman 15th aaf

WACs show off their new 15th AAF patches

It is mainly concerned with the question of whether a woman’s place is in the home, office, or both, and while shying away from taking sides, it tells the soldiers a few straight facts about women.

For instance, if you didn’t know it before you have it on solid War Department authority that “women are not created only for having babies,” and that “a woman may have the mind of a moron or the genius of Mme. Curie.”

The booklet may be a good Christmas present from a GI to his missus, because it points out suggestions on how a woman may keep house all the time without having economic worries. If the soldier’s ball and chain can’t be talked out of business life, the booklet shows how marriage and career may be combined to the happiness of all.

If the booklet falls into the hands of wives, and if they adopt some of the pointers, dogfaces had better volunteer for KP experience, because the booklet suggests that a working wife would not be handicapped if the husband shares the housework.

The author of the booklet raises himself to the status of a model husband saying, “There seems to be no answerable reason why men could not share in among every task in the house.”

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