Dear YANK:

It is tragic to read a letter such as I have just read in YANK (25 Feb. 1945) in which the writer complains that he and his atheist friend are being mistreated.

You are entirely right in believing that your friend has the right to be an atheist if he so desires. But you are carrying it too far when you expect him to be treated as other soldiers. What CO is there that would promote an atheist to a position of responsibility? What man is there among us who would want to be led in battle or any other place by one who believes or claims to believe that there is no Supreme Being? Would he call upon his atheist friends to stop the claws of death that reach for every one of those boys? Would he call upon his atheist friends to protect his loved ones back home? Or would he possibly think of God?

Yes, you both have the right to your opinions but you need not expect, nor will you receive, the respect of your associates for the beliefs which you express in your recent letter.

PFC. Alton W. Sims

chaplain us army atheist

A chaplain conducts services on the beaches of France

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