Dear YANK:

I disagree with these learned professors who say we should share the secret of the atomic bomb with other nations.

I remember how not so long ago we were selling scrap iron to Japan only to have it used against our own boys. The atomic bomb is such a terrible weapon of war that it would be a disaster if it got into the wrong hands.

Who holds the atomic bomb holds the destiny of the world, and while I have full confidence in all Allied nations, I think they should in return have sufficient confidence in us to let the U.S. keep the secret of the bomb.

—Pfc. Flavius Morris


Dear YANK:

It seems to me that the surest way to bring peace is to give the secret of the atomic bomb to all nations, except, of course, Germany and Japan.

This bomb is so deadly that no country would ever dare to declare war if it knew the other countries were also equipped with atomic bombs. In other words, a nation would be afraid to declare war, knowing the horrible results both sides would suffer.

If we don’t share the secret o the bomb, each nation will start a race to develop a super-atomic bomb, with the result that the country that does make such a bomb could rule the world. If all countries had the bomb, no one country would ever be all-powerful.

—Cpl. Harris Coburn


atomic bomb test bikini island operation crossroads

Nuclear explosion “Baker” during Operation Crossroads, on Bikini Island on July 25, 1946.

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