B29 Raiders Put to Death-From Stars and Stripes

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B29 Raiders Put to Death; Fate in Store of All, Japanese Say

From July 1945 Edition of Stars and Stripes

New York, July 16—Word that several U.S. fliers who bailed out over Japan in the first Super-Fortress raid last month had been executed came from the Japanese themselves over the weekend.

b29 superfortress

B-29 Superfortress in flight

In a broadcast directed to U.S. forces in the Southwest Pacific and picked up here by Federal Communications Commission monitors, a Japanese spokesman said:

“Here is a special announcement. Several American airmen captured after the first B29 Super-Fortress raid on northern Kyushu Island last month have been executed, and you are warned that any Allied airmen who fall our bail out over Japan will be executed. This is an order of the day.”

b29 superfortress

A B-29 Superfortress is shot down over Japan

Reception of the station, which is at Singapore, was poor here and if details were given as to the number of fliers executed or the manner of their death, they could not be picked up. The announcer was heard to say, however, that Allied raiders over Japan would buy a “one-way ticket to hell” and that the B29 crews met “the same fate meted out to raiders some two years ago.”

This apparently was a reference to the execution of several members of the force led by Lt. Gen. James

Doolittle which took off from the aircraft carrier Hornet to raid Japan in April, 1942. President Roosevelt called that a “barbarous execution” and vowed that the U.S. would “hold personally responsible for these diabolical crimes all those officers of the Japanese government who participated therin and will in due course bring those officers to justice.”

Four Super-forts were lost in the June raid—two by enemy action and two by accidents. Another B29 raid on Japan a week ago, however was carried out without loss.

b29 superfortress

A Japanese Ki-46 “Dinah” fighter barely misses a B-29 Superfortress from the 29th Bomb Group

b29 superfortress

B29’s over Mt. Fuji

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One thought on “B29 Raiders Put to Death-From Stars and Stripes

  • During my time in Vietnam (1967-68) my battalion was engaged in fierce battles with North Vietnamese forces north of Dong Ha (3rdMarDiv Headquarters). We found a couple of our Marines who had been missing a day or two after one battle. They had evidently surrendered. They had been bound and summarily executed with a shot through the back of the head. It became a “take no prisoners” for a bunch of pissed-off Marines if the situation arose. Of course that “policy” wasn’t condoned by the higher-ups, but it happened on occasion.

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