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From YANK Magazine

It was an accident, but the results were as bad as if the Japanese had caused it. YANK’S Sgt. Lon Wilson took these pictures as it happened. The aircraft carrier had been making strikes against Indo-China, China and Formosa a few months ago when one of its planes, a TBM Avenger, landed on the flight deck. As it taxied along, the bomb bay door opened and a 500-pound bomb fell out, exploding on the deck. When the fire was controlled 51 men were dead and an unannounced number wounded.

wwii aircraft carrier accident

This picture was taken directly after the explosion. Flames and smoke are shooting high over the aircraft carrier and shrapnel and debris are flying through the air. The man lying at the edge of the deck is hit; he died a few minutes later. The two men who are standing at the right are wounded and about to fall.

wwii aircraft carrier accident

A few seconds after the blast, fire-fighters got to work, dragging their hose around the wounded who were treated by medical aid men where they fell.

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