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SOMEWHERE IN TUNISIA—The quickest way to make an American Ranger mad is to walk up to him and murmur sweetly, “Hi Ho, Silver!” It drives him nuts.

But the Rangers here got a big kick out of a V-Letter which they received recently from the president of the Boy Rangers of America. It said:

“I am very anxious to make the acquaintance of our big brother Rangers overseas. Upon receipt of this letter, please write and tell us of your experiences in France and North Africa and we will assign one of your little Ranger Brothers to tell you of our doings.”

And then the letter was signed, “Yours for Victory—Trusty Tommy.”


Soldiers of the 1st Ranger Battalion move up in North Africa. The 1st Ranger Battalion was led by Lt. Col. William O. Darby who later led the 6615th Ranger Force (Provisional) consisting of the 1st, 3rd and 4th Ranger Battalions. Darby’s Rangers saw action in North Africa, Sicily and Italy before being officially disbanded in August 1944.

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